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Media Mind-Control Operation Underway In Manchester On Anniversary Of Arena Bombing.
Comment on Media Mind-Control Operation Underway In Manchester On Anniversary Of Arena Bombing.. Post away!
This is something you won’t hear about so much in the MSM regarding the Manchester atrocity -

... Suddenly the control orders were lifted. “I was allowed to go, no questions asked,” said one LIFG member. MI5 returned their passports and counter-terrorism police at Heathrow airport were told to let them board their flights.
Manchester Arena attack: relatives want extradition facts

‘Distressed’ families plead for information about brother of suicide bomber Salman Abedi

The Manchester Atrocity -

British-based Libyan fighters were allowed to move freely between the UK and Libya even though they were members of terrorist networks like the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group which was aligned with al-Qaeda and designated a foreign terrorist organisation in 2004. Former British MI5 agent David Shayler said that MI6 collaborated with the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group in a 1996 assassination attempt on Gaddafi.

Many of these anti-Gaddafi operatives trained by the British SAS came from Manchester in the north of England and called themselves the ‘Manchester fighters’. One of them said that three quarters of the anti-Gaddafi ‘rebels’ at the start of the conflict in 2011 were from Manchester, with others from London, Sheffield and countries such as China and Japan.

Among them was Ramadan Abedi, an airport security guard, who left England as an asset of MI6 to fight against Gaddafi with British support and was allowed to come and go at will. Five years later his son, Salman Abedi, would return from Libya to Manchester where he was named as the suicide bomber that killed 22 people and injured 119, many of them children, as they left a performance by singer Ariana Grande at the Manchester Arena.

Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, condemned the attack and ordered troops on the streets to protect the public. The Home Secretary responsible for border control in the David Cameron government when Salman Abedi’s father and other British terrorists were freely allowed to move between the UK and Libya was ... Theresa May.

The hypocrisy is stunning. Former MI5 agent David Shayler has said that father Ramadan Abedi worked for MI6 under the code-name ‘Tunworth’ and was given £40,000 for the assassination attempt on Gaddafi in 1996. His son, Salman Abedi, was yet another ‘known to the security agencies’ to be named as a terrorist killer.

UK ‘counter terrorism’ agencies were warned at least five times about the danger posed by Abedi, including his stated willingness to be a suicide bomber, but did nothing. MI5 was warned by the FBI months before the attack that Abedi was part of a North African Islamic State cell in the north west of England which was planning attacks, but did nothing.

Abedi was reported to have been on a US terrorist watch list in 2016 and yet was allowed in the run up to the Manchester attack to travel unquestioned between Libya, Syria, Turkey and Britain despite visiting a convicted Libyan jihadist jailed in Liverpool near Manchester in the months before the attack.

Terrorists named for the London Bridge attacks which killed eight people shortly after Manchester continued the theme. Police, MI5 and the UK border authority were reported to have missed at least 18 opportunities to investigate and question those involved. One of them, Rachid Redouane, was another who fought in Libya during the US-UK-NATO coup against Gaddafi with a unit trained by Qatar (with UK/ US ‘liaison’ officers) known as Liwa al Ummah which moved on to Syria after Libya had been devastated and merged with the ‘Free Syrian Army’ - you know, the US/ UK/ NATO-supported ‘moderate rebels’ in Syria that we were told so much about....
According to a Libyan official, the brothers spoke on the phone about 15 minutes before the attack was carried out. On 1 November 2017, the UK requested Libya to extradite the bomber's younger brother, Hashem Abedi to return to the UK to face trial for complicity in the murder of the 22 people killed in the explosion.
Great articles thanks for sharing this awesome blogs 

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