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Close Encounters
Germany has no plan if aliens land -

Should aliens ever invade the planet, Germany may turn out to be one of the first places that they conquer as the country's government recently revealed that they have no response plan in place in the event that ETs make contact .....
Frightening UFO / humanoid encounters -

I recently received a very interesting telephone call from an eyewitness 'WA' in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This is in reference to an incident that occurred in 1973 in Douglasville, Georgia, as well as continued UFO encounters...culminating to present day 'humanoid' sightings in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl ....
Mortician recalls 'alien body' -

The following report was posted today at the MUFON CMS:
The Gundiah Mackay incident – The abduction of Amy Rylance 

The apparent alien abduction of Amy Rylance from Queensland, Australia, is one of the most fascinating close encounter cases of the twenty-first century, and arguably in all of UFO history. The events of October 2001 are also intriguing as they were largely viewed, examined and investigated almost immediately following the encounter ....
Man abducted by ETs has photos of aliens from planet Clarion -

There are many reports of alien abductions across the globe. People often take them with reservations; however, others sound more intriguing and convincing. In particular, this one, where an Italian man claims aliens from planet Clarion abducted him, sounds rather intriguing ......
Best and most intriguing UFO and alien encounters of 2018 – a case study

While there is evidence from some quarters that UFO encounters are not at their highest levels and haven’t been for several years, sightings and reports continue to pour in every single day. Indeed, 2018 alone has seen several UFO stories creep into the mainstream news networks, many of which had commercial airline pilots as the main witnesses....
5 creepy encounters with the Men in Black ...

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