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Brexit is never going to happen.
More rubbish scaremongering....

No-deal Brexit will be 'catastrophe' for NHS and increase risk from deadly pandemics, BMA warns
(08-17-2018, 08:18 AM)awakened53 Wrote: More rubbish scaremongering....

No-deal Brexit will be 'catastrophe' for NHS and increase risk from deadly pandemics, BMA warns

Well obviously if a proper Brexit happens everyone will probably starve to death from lack of food so perhaps a deadly disease will come as a blessed relief to put people out of their misery. It's a good job there exists such a fair and balanced media without a trace of bias to warn about all these dreadful things that will happen so everyone can prepare for the end.
I've just been listening to Richie's Wednesday show and I was incensed to hear a BBC presenter say that people who supported Brexit want an increase in military spending. I don't and neither does anyone I know who voted to leave. She presented no evidence but just said it as if it was fact. I think we need a whole new approach to politics and we need to get away from representative democracy to direct democracy which is of course something that the yellow vests in France are asking for. Representative democracy is a throwback to the days when few people could read or write and education was the preserve of the rich, that is no longer the case.

Who are all these far right they are talking about? Do they just mean people who are concerned about excessive immigration? If you look at demographics and birthrates in European countries absolutely they are being taken over. In France for example the average number of children being born to an indigenous French couple is 1.3, to a couple of the Muslim religion it is 8.1.

Do they mean people who are concerned about EU control? I'm a Brit who has lived in Ireland for some years and here the EU is in pretty much total control and unlike the government in Italy our pathetic government will not stand up to them. We have already been paying billions of euros to the EU army for weapons and weapons research for some months now. The EU army isn't a future plan it's already here. We also have the worse housing crisis in the country's history and our services are in a mess. This is down to the EU because they don't believe in public provision of services so it is all down to the private sector who only care about profit. I wonder if a lot of people who voted for Remain realise that the EU is a totally corporate entity.

So perhaps I'll be getting a knock on the door and be considered as dangerous for just pointing out actual facts.
Brexit won't happen but hopefully it gets more people to see the system for what it is.

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