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City of London, Bank of England and the Central Banking System
I'm posting here because I want to get this message out and possibly Ritchie can explore the implications of this comment on my Facebook post !

When will people wake up? Ireland is the real reason why the EU can not let Brexit happen. Why? That will be because of the Gold in the ground in Ireland, millions of tonnes of it that is or will be needed to back up or prop up the euro. Let me put this into perspective for anyone who is interested: All the Gold in the world above ground that is would fit into a 67ft cube, now the gold in the ground in Ireland is 10 x that what is in open circulation today, I am not talking out of my hat look it up for yourself ask Google "What would all the gold in the world fit into?" below is the latest information of what they estimate is in the ground in Ireland. "

His Quote refers to the following;

"Specifically,the report states that Curaghinalt should be good for measured :
1.      25000 ounces of gold,(0.03 Million tons of gold @26.99g/t gold.
2.     Indicated:    2.07 million ounces off contained gold (5.58 million tons @11.33 g/t
3.      Inferred,2.31 Million ounces (7.13 Million tonsgold  @ 10.06 of Gold  g/t"


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