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The US Election System
US voting machines had remote-access software installed -

... admission from the largest voting machine vendor in US - its systems had remote-access software installed
After denying that their voting systems came with remote-access software, the country’s largest voting machine vendor had just come clean ....
Chomsky: Russian meddling in US 'nothing compared to Israeli'

In an interview with Democracy Now's Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky accused the media of focusing "on issues which are pretty marginal." ....
Liberal hero Chomsky on the US elections -

... admits "Israeli intervention in US elections overwhelms anything Russia has done"

So to sum up - Trump's right about better relations with Russia - the fate of the world depends on it, Russia did nothing of note, Russian hacking is extremely marginal, Israel is the real meddler, US democracy no longer exists, the billionaire corporatocracy runs America.
Money talks in politics -

Recently, I came across some rather interesting information most citizens, and voters in particular, probably don’t know about, i.e., how political-party-affiliated causes and organizations are funded....

.... there’s one segment of business, industry and commerce where money not only talks, but uses megaphones; it’s the pharmaceutical—healthcare industries!

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