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Objective reality
Time for people to look more at objective reality. Objective reality is what it is there is no debate it just is. you can discuss objective reality but debates are for the subjective. What ever this earth is we stand on It's not a sphere objective reality will tell you this if you just look. Bodies of water don't bend and stick to the outside of shapes, the surface of water is always level and water needs to be contained so that tells you that the earth is level and some kind of container. Objective reality tells you space don't exist as a vacuum and pressure which we live in needs to be contained. vacuums next to pressure without solid separation is impossible because without solid  separation they will seek equilibrium.  Also alexander Eucid geometry that is still applied today that is based of a plane not a sphere should tell you the sphere earth is just one of the many lies we have been fed. What are the full dimensions of the earth? i would love to know but the only way to find that out would be full exploration.

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