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The Free Thought Project
The Free Thought Project -

About - to foster the creation and expansion of liberty minded solutions to modern day tyrannical oppression. They feel the internet has given way to a revolution of consciousness by providing for the massive and instantaneous exchange of information across the globe. The Free Thought Project feels that the internet is a place that can either ruin or expand the minds of individuals and that choice is up to you. Hateful and obstinate ideologies cloud the web and often the minds of those who can’t see through them. They want to change this paradigm by providing a beacon of truth amongst all the lies.
Ever Google Yourself? Do a “Deep Search” Instead, but brace yourself for the results
US Gov’t Accidentally Reveals They’re Charging Julian Assange, Paving the Way for Persecution of All Journalists -
Noam Chomsky Exposes Border Crisis: ‘People are Fleeing Misery and Horrors for Which We Are Responsible’

Russia Claims White Helmets Made Fake ‘Chemical Attack’ Videos With Kids to Justify US Attack on Syria -

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