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UFO and Alien Podcasts
From 28 March 2018, podcast with Jason Gleaves, who is becoming the “go to guy” for UFO image analysis – and Philip Mantle… top UFO investigator…
They dwell in the lightning
(05-05-2018, 11:05 AM)awakened53 Wrote: They dwell in the lightning

It seems to make perfect sense for these UFOs to use the available energy from the surrounding environment. If you listen to the Free Energy podcast on here, there is energy all around us that just needs to be harnessed!
(05-05-2018, 12:11 PM)Steve Wrote:
(05-05-2018, 11:05 AM)awakened53 Wrote: They dwell in the lightning

It seems to make perfect sense for these UFOs to use the available energy from the surrounding environment. If you listen to the Free Energy podcast on here, there is energy all around us that just needs to be harnessed!

Agreed. There has been a large number of sighting around volcanoes ands earthquakes also
Video taken over Turkey that shows possibly two beings on board

Footage from 2009
Podcast from May 15, 2018, with film-maker Dean Alioto, who without meaning to, believes he created one of the biggest UFO controversies ever… »
Podcast from May 9, 2018 with Australian Judy Carroll who believes she is descended from aliens and has a mission here on earth…
Podcast from May 24, 2018, a welcome return for Dr Lynne Kitei who saw and recorded America’s strangest and most widespread aerial events, the Phoenix Lights … »

Podcast notes

4 min -  Introduction- Dr Lynne Kitei, the Phoenix Lights revisited, the most reported worldwide 
5 min  -  UFO phenomenon.
6 min -  the size and scale of this event  along with the huge underreporting of the event in the 
7 min    msm
8 min -  on March13,1997; thousands were looking to the sky to view the Hale Bop comet
9 min  - they saw several crafts ranging from 1 mile to 8 miles wide - go to the
10 min - many events occurred over a dozen hours, seen in New Mexico, California, Las Vegas
11 min - phenomena seen by many including pilots over a several hour period
12 min - ten different craft were witnessed
13 min - not only massive craft seen, they were silent and even splitting in two or orbs observed
14 min - giant canisters of spinning energy underneath the craft seen
15 min - the first reports start to come in
16 min - air traffic controllers say six points of light seen over restricted airspace at airport
17 min - no trace of these objects on radars, they appeared to be attached to something 
18 min - the way the craft moved, any possible explanation had to be discounted 
19 min - massive mile wide triangle seen over Phoenix, also witnessed by actor Kurt Russell
20 min - people are coming forward many years after the phenomena to share their story
21 min - mass sightings that affected so many people at a deep level
22 min - the possible reasons why some waited so long before coming forward
23 min - six months before the mass sighting, the Independence Day movie came out - with kids 23 min  - comparing the Phoenix Lights to the movie!
25 min  - guest herself has had a history of close encounters, we need to accept what happened
26 min  - the incident in 1995
27 min  - 3 amber orbs in a pyramid formation just above the desert floor
28 min  - a description of these orbs, and the nature of the lights
29 min  - a picture was taken of two of these orbs
30 min  - caught on 35 mm film at the point where one seems to shrink
32 min  - same type of orbs seen 2 years later, appearing out of a mountain 
33 min  - mountain ranges intersection is where these orbs are frequently seen
34 min  - the native Americans call them sky people or light beings, and have been seen for 
34 min   - centuries 
35 min  -  also, these orbs have been seen worldwide, details of the other mass sighting 
36 min  -  native indigenous cultures are very open to the idea of other worldly possibilities 
37 min  -  in Feb 1997, the exact same phenomena is seen over St Petersburg in Russia
38 min  -  video footage in St Petersburg, Russia matches that seen in Phoenix, Arizona 
39 min  -  new information on Phoenix Lights is still surfacing and remains consistent 
40 min  -  some wish to remain anonymous 
41 min  -  so many are corroborating the same information 
42 min  -  rooftop level UFOs seen, but took months for mass sightings to surface in the msm 
43 min  -  a mockery was initially made of the whole phenomena by the establishment 
44 min  -  a month later, an explanation is eventually given by the military and put down to flares
46 min  -  the obvious inconsistency in the official version of events
47 min  -  the challenge to the establishment to launch an official investigation 
48 min  -  discredit tactics employed by the media, and a refusal to re enact the flares explanation 
49 min  -  a pathetic and disingenuous attempt by the authorities to prove their theories 
50 min  -  flares can’t keep to a formation, and are subject to wind effect, like fireworks-fake news
51 min  -  people are still buying the official flare explanation today - flares with no smoke trail?
52 min  -  other countries far more open to the phenomena, the collating of 250 pages of data
53 min  -  the requests to do a documentary due to much respect/appreciation of the work
54 min  -  the success of the Phoenix Lights documentary 
55 min  -  thought of as other worldly by an elected official who previously discredited the story
56 min  -  due to the weight of evidence presented, it couldn’t just be brushed off by media etc
57 min  -  the data speaks for itself
58 min  -  the boomerang videos that were taken from different locations N,S,E and West
59 min  -  please check the website, the book, the picture...
60 min  -  see the 21 page report on the website about the missing time anomaly 
61 min  -  the link to near death experiences in a number of witnesses, are the lights linked?
62 min  -  the skeptics 
63 min  -  I am not doing this for the money
64 min  -  why would the government and media want to surpress this information?
65 min  -  some in the US don’t want this information to come out
66 min  -  are the military trying to cover up something?
67 min  -  why did the Military go to defcon 3?
68 min  -  astronaut Edgar Mitchell’s contribution supporting the Phoenix Lights phenomena 
69 min  -  website details and FB page etc
70 min  -  keep looking up!
UFO Hunters that Disappeared
Norio Hayakawa on underground bases, Phil Schneider, Bill Cooper and more

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