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Giant UFO and other sightings
Mysterious object from ISS, Weather Channel captures something streak across the sky, and Lead singer from Smashing Pumpkins mentions a woman who he saw shape shift
Listen: Pilot reports puzzling UFO encounter over Long Island -

A remarkable recording recently appeared online featuring a bewildered pilot reporting a UFO sighting over Long Island to an air traffic controller.

The intriguing exchange occurred a little less than a month ago, on May 26th, as a man flying a Piper Saratoga cruised at 6,000 feet over the town of Huntington, New York at around 1 PM in the afternoon ....
Leaked video footage from ISS showing UFO causing WARP distortion on Earth -
Telescopes in Hawaii pick up huge unknown Explosion in Distant Space that leaves scientists totally baffled
Is Japan hiding the truth about this rock/ asteroid?
Man watches UFO for hours from his house in Barnsley
Update on hunt for "meteorite" crash in ocean off Washington plus large object spotted in space
A Military Exercise with a difference!
Miles wide anomaly on radar over Houston plus objects caught on drones
Video shows cigar UFO over England in the daytime -

June 7th, 2018. South of Banbury in Oxfordshire, England. Dark cigar UFO object rotating and hovering in daytime sky; Possibly identified as solar balloon

A very strange video of a dim, rod or cigar-shaped object or craft moving around slowly in the daytime sky has been uploaded to YouTube. According to the witness, the UFO took off at great speed after filming:

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