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Why Trump's Iran Isolation plan may Backfire
Has EU agreed non US Dollar trade deal with Iran?
Does the Trump Regime have a plot to topple the Iran Government ?
Rohani to US: choose mother of all peace or mother of all wars -

Sunday was an agitated day for international relations, the Iranian Government and Washington have exchanged threats ....
Iran: Another US War of Aggression?
The madness that is gripping Washington -

Iran is the hottest of all hot spots in the American view.
The United States and Israel have been threatening Iran for something like twenty years, using the pretext that it was developing a nuclear weapon initially, but also more recently declaring that Tehran has become a threat to the entire Middle East. Both contentions are essentially lies ....
Americans overwhelmingly reject going to war with Iran -

... new poll finds
Plans for Attack

US plan for Striking Iran
US prepared to attack Iran, with Saudi Forces doing the bulk of fighting -

Is the United States preparing to attack Iran? On Friday, Defense Secretary James Mattis dismissed this idea as “fiction,” back when the sources were in the Australian military. Yet other US officials have since been quoted as saying the attack is still being considered....
An Iran war would destroy the United States -

The establishment of a military force to go abroad and overthrow governments does not appear anywhere in the Constitution of the United States, nor does calling for destruction of countries that do not themselves threaten America appear anywhere in Article 2, which describes the responsibilities of the President .....

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