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Roswell and other UFO crashes
Roswell crash site debris may be confiscated by BLM, says researcher -

A researcher who discovered peculiar material at the site where many believe an alien spacecraft crashed is saying the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) may be confiscating the material next week. He says he is on the brink of proving the material is of extraterrestrial origins and is seeking help to keep the BLM from stopping his research ....

Marcel family shares never-before-seen artifacts...

Treasure trove for UFO researchers, historians will shine light on Roswell Incident
A treasure trove of never-before-seen historic documents, military records, photos and a personal journal by intelligence officer Maj. Jesse Marcel were recently uncovered by members of the Marcel family, long considered to be the first family of the Roswell Incident....
Podcast from March 19, 2016 - the grandson of the man at the centre of the Roswell case – on three generations of fighting for truth… »
The UFO crash at Megas Platanos, Greece -

In September 1990, a troubled UFO would plummet to the ground in Greece. Several locals witnessed the incident. As well as the apparent retrieval of the ruins by the extraterrestrials themselves. The site of the activity was further investigated by multiple residents in the immediate hours after the encounter before Greek authorities would seal the area off and announce there was nothing of consequence to report. Those that were there, however, believe they know otherwise.....
Spain: UFO crash in La Graña (Galicia)

In 1966, the Spanish Navy obtained the remains of a saucer-shaped aircraft that had flown over several military facilities in El Ferrol (A Coruña)

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