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Close Encounters
An alien message to mankind: “Do you wish that we show up?”
In Brief

  • The Facts:
    An alleged message has come through from an ET being to humanity via a man named 'Eric'. It has a number of powerful reflection points to consider regarding our role as humans.

  • Reflect On:
    Are we alone in the universe? How would you react if you knew for certain we were not? When it comes to ET beings, we have yet to have them come down en masse because mass consciousness is not ready. How are you making yourself ready for this?

A Groundbreaking Documentary Exposing The Biggest Cover-Up In Human History Is Now On Netflix

The 1996 Fife UFO incident -

While making an impromptu visit to the shops one evening in September 1996 in Fife, a mother, her son, and her friend would find themselves in the middle of an incident so bizarre its legend still lives on today. Not only did the bemused and frightened trio witness a strange craft overhead, but also what they claimed were “figures” conducting unknown activities on the ground......

 'field full of greys'

Close encounters with UFOs are getting harder to find?

UFO sightings are in a slump!

Longtime researchers have known that there is a six- to seven-year up-and-down UFO sighting cycle. During this cycle the UFO sightings seem to rise incrementally from a baseline number, hit a peak, then decline back toward the baseline. Then the process typically starts all over again...
The secret network of UFO research bases under Rudloe Manor -

Allegations of underground bases housing UFO technology, even aliens, are not new to the majority of people. While most of us, perhaps due to the Hollywood conditioning effect, will think of these bases to be somewhere in the deserts of the United States (which some undoubtedly are) they are, if you believe the claims, all over the world. Some of the most intriguing, it would seem, reside within the United Kingdom.....

New film tells the story of George Van Tassel and his UFO-inspired “Integratron”  -

In the 1950s, the Mojave Desert was mecca for believers in extraterrestrial visitors.
Are we witnessing a renewal of interest in unidentified flying objects? Recent revelations about a secret Defense Department project for studying UFOs continue to draw media attention, while reports of unusual aircraft sightings show up regularly in the news.......
Remarks on UFO activity in Brazil, 1997 -

A Tangled Web of Abductions ....

Observers from another dimension -

It has been theorized that aliens – and perhaps ghosts and shadow people as well – are actually beings from a dimension of time and space beyond our own. For their own mysterious reasons, they sometimes pay a visit to our plane of existence. They may appear as fleeting shadows, vaporo .....
Meet the original little green men: The Hopkinsville Goblins -

When the modern UFO era began after Kenneth Arnold’s 1947 sighting of objects near Mount Rainier, Washington sightings of flying saucers began to be reported from all over the world. Not long after these sightings people also began to report seeing the occupants of the disks. People from all different walks of life were apparently sighting a myriad of strange creatures. In South America little hairy dwarves were sighted, while in other parts of the world the sightings of 9 foot tall monstrosities were reported ......

The 1951 Salzburg alien abduction incident -

Although the identity of the United States soldier at the center of the 1951 abduction case in Salzburg, Austria remains unknown, his account is largely considered to be credible. When he first spoke of the incident to a British Columbia newspaper reporter, six years after the encounter in December 1957, all attempts to discreetly trick the soldier into revealing his account to be false would fail. .....
Argentina: the spaceships of Lara -

There are times when those of us who have spent years researching the UFOs, having covered thousands of kilometers in search of the phenomenon, having heard countless stories of all sorts, formulated dozens of hypotheses and evidenced over a thousand imprints of alleged landings in our fields, can still be surprised. Every so often there is a case that shatters the constants of the subject and this is what happened when we were told the story of Lara...
New audio reveals spooky new details of the day in 1966 when 300 school pupils... 

...witnessed saucer-shaped UFO flying over their playing fields in Australia's largest mass sighting
  • At least one 'flying saucer' was seen near Westall High School in Clayton
  • It was described as a 'round humped' grey or silver-grey object with a flat base 
  • A teacher at that time spoke with American physicist, Dr James E. McDonald

The Emtza Train Station UFO encounter -

In November 1989, two experienced long-haul truck drivers would encounter an otherworldly vehicle while on their way to Moscow. One of them would also encounter the apparent intelligence behind it. As well as going on board and given a wealth of information literally as fast as he could ask it ...

The Contra Costa County UFO landing -

In the summer of 1977 in West Pittsburg, in the Contra Costa County area of California, three teenage boys would claim to witness a “flying saucer” land. Their account garnered enough interest to eventually earn itself a place in the 2nd April 1978 edition of the Oakland Tribune. And their story wasn’t told with a mocking tone, with all three of the boys still suffering nightmares over the incident .....
Alien / Contactee podcasts -

From September 20, 2013. Lifelong “contactee” and UFO photographer Wilbur Allen talks to Howard… »

From March 14, 2014. This time, Simon Parkes – the Councillor in Yorkshire who says he’s from a long line of contactees/abductees… »

From April 8, 2014. Claire and Nick, two ordinary people using CSETI techniques to make extraordinary “contact”… »
Sex, drugs, and UFOs -

Stories of alien entities engaged in sexual soirées with human abductees and consorts have been recounted from the beginning of the UFO phenomenon, and perhaps since time immemorial ....
The man who lived with extraterrestrials for ten days -

Alec Newald went missing for 10 days when he was taken to an alien planet. In this video, he recounts his life-changing experience and describes extremely advanced organic technology which also allows you to “grow” your house as well as its environment ....

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