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Sacred Israe, Holy Cow.
Knesset Council bans bill to define Israel as a State for "all" its Citizens

US Envoy to Reporters.... Keep your mouths shut on criticising Israel on Gaza

Israel's intensive cover up of crimes against Palestinians
Complicity of Western Media
Al Jazeera's film exposing the Israel lobby was nixed due to National Security fears
Far right Israeli Regime Intelligence Minister proposes Military Coalition against Iran
US ambassador to Israel slams media that wasn’t supportive of Gaza deaths -

Massive death tolls from months of Israeli crackdowns in the Gaza Strip have been sparsely covered by the media, particularly in the US. But even where US media outlets have found fault with the killings, US Ambassador David Friedman is expressing anger, saying it’s “not reporting” to cover the killings critically....
All Gazan casualties  are intentional not accidental

Palestinian Activist threatened with death for Exposing Israeli War Crimes
Protest against Netanyahu shuts down Champs Elysees
Israeli Army frame slain medic as Hamas Human Shield
The Israeli army released an edited video of slain Palestinian medic Razan al-Najjar which misleadingly showed her stating she was a "human shield".

But here is what she really said
Michael Howard confronts Netanyahu over Gaza deaths -

Tory peer subjects Israeli PM to sharp, unexpected questioning over killing of protesters
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