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Horrific moment IDF Gas canister hits Palestinian in the Face
At least 525 Palestinians wounded by Israeli troops on Gaza border -
Eva Bartlett speech at AlQuds Day Toronto -

My speech at the al Quds Day demonstration yesterday....
Truth Truthfulness and Palestine by Gilad Atzmon
Israel Branded an Illegal State by Spanish Political Party Leader for practising Apartheid
IDF videos aimed squarely at spurring arab-on-arab hate -

... and sectarianism
Israel admits that Palestinian evictions 'flawed' -
Israeli Government admits that the Justice Ministry had neglected to investigate the Benvenisti Trust, the Ottoman-era law or the condition of the buildings before issuing the deeds.

On Tuesday, Israel was forced to admit to the High Court of Justice that plans enacted to evict 700 Palestinians were not thoroughly investigated and is “flawed,” the Middle East Monitor reports.
United Nations condemns Israel for Excessive Disproportionate and Indiscriminate Force against Palestinians, but as expected Nikki Haley criticises the UN

Case Studies in Israeli Ethnic Cleansing
Imagine the outcry if Israeli's were held in an open air prison like Gaza and 120 were shot dead
Strongest response to Israel is to strike its terrorists in Syria -

... President Assad to Iranian Al-ALAM TV: Syrian-Iranian relation is strategic
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