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(06-19-2020, 04:30 PM)Firestarter Wrote: [ -> ]Another possible motive for killing him, is that Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza might have contradicted the official story on: 1) the Rwanda genocide; and 2) the plundering of the Congo.
I searched hard, but couldn’t find anything.
I’ve looked for more information. Apparently Senior advisor to the late President of Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza, Willy Nyamitwe (the brother of Burundi's Foreign Minister Alain Nyamitwe) was in a conference with none other than Keith Harmon Snow in Oslo, Norway in October 2016.
Keith Harmon Snow is one of the most prominent voices on the truth of the Rwanda genocide.

From 10 minutes to 59 minutes in the video Keith Harmon Snow speaks. He is a good talker that gives the impression that he actually knows what he’s talking about.
He not only talks about Paul Kagame and his backing from the UK, US and Israel, but also about the plundering of the Congo by Western corporations...
Better watch it fast – before it’s gone!

Here’s a court document from Spain sent to the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR), dated 6 March 2008, detailing acts of mass murder (hundreds of thousands killed) by the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF).
Quote:On the one hand, the A.P.R. took advantage of the truce period to obtain armaments which were necessary to carry out the final combat. 500 tons of weapons were concealed underground in excavations made for that purpose. This material was carried by trailer trucks from Uganda, unloaded on a hill alongside the Rwandan border, from where it was collected and concealed in various places by the soldiers of the A.P.R/F.P.R. This was carried out before the arrival of the international observers and the M.I.N.U.A.R.

As from that moment, orders from the Military High Command were given by PAUL KAGAME and JAMES KABAREBE to attack the Forces Armees Rwandaises (FAR), in pursuance of a previously designed operation, the initial operation for the final stage of seizing power, despite the fact that they were aware that their missions were not going to prevent the foreseeable massacre of the Tutsis who had not fled the country in 1999 and who would probably be murdered during the following days especially in the areas of Kibuye, Gikongoro, Gitarama, Bugeresa and Kibungo where they had gathered after the violent reactions which followed the terrorist attacks provoked by the A.P.R/F.P.R, in particular, during the two previous years.
From that moment on the previously planned killings were carried out forcing the flight of thousands of persons to neighbouring countries, especially through the borders of Cyansugu and Gisenyi heading for Zaire.

As will be seen below, witnesses who held important political and administrative positions have reported the existence of reports referring to the killing of over 30.000 Hutus by the A.P.R/F.P.R carried out at three Prefectures of the country ,during a period of just two months; and the existence of detailed nominal lists of 104.800 persons murdered by the A.P.R/F.P.R as from the date of their violent seizure of power in [sic] July I995 until July 1995 [sic] from a total figure of 312.726 persons who were known to have been selectively and deliberately murdered, despite the fact that there are not many details available regarding the same:

Capital of Kigali: 19.331 persons
Rural Kigali: 37.410 persons
Gitarama: 39.912 persons
Buttare: 33.433 persons
Gikongoro. 17.545 persons
Cyangugu: 16.360 persons
Kibuye: 23.775 persons
Gisenyi: 3.100 persons
Ruhengeri: 8.750 persons
Byumba: 73.365 persons
Kibumgo: 39.745 persons

After the killing and murdering of hundreds of thousands of persons both from the Tutsi ethnic group and the Hutu ethnic group between the months of April and June 1994, on 17 July 1994 the A.P.R/F.P.R. violently seized power and consequently hundreds of thousands of Hutus headed for shelter to the camps of internally displaced persons situated mainly in the western areas of Rwanda, whilst over a million Rwandan Hutus crossed the borders to the neighbouring countries, especially to Zaire.
In 2012, more U.S. troops were sent to U.S. proxy Uganda, reportedly as advisors to the Ugandan army.
It was of course Uganda’s President Yoweri K. Museveni that played a major part in orchestrating the Rwanda genocide using the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), while the later invasions of Zaire (that has been renamed the Congo since) included the Ugandan army...
The United States military has armed rebels (or terrorists?) and dictators, and has increase the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) presence in the African Great Lakes region (Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda).

The African Great Lakes region is rich in mineral wealth. These minerals are amongst others used in consumer electronics.
According to Dr. Vincent Magombe:
Quote:America is part of the problem of Africa right now. The Americans know very well that Kony is not the problem. Where the oil wells are, the American troops are there and the government in power. It doesn’t matter whether that government is Museveni killing his own people. It’s not democratic, but he is a friend.

Few have heard of the Acholi Genocide because it exposes how shamelessly Uganda’s dictator Yoweri Museveni has been supported since he came to power in 1986.
The 2018 documentary “A Brilliant Genocide” details the story of the “Acholi Genocide” that President Yoweri Museveni and his army committed against the Acholi from 1986 to 2006 in northern Uganda. Museveni cynically claimed that he drove nearly two million Acholi people, 90% of their population, into concentration camps to “protect them” from Kony and the LRA.
The Museveni government then failed to provide food, water, sanitation and health care, while Ugandan soldiers raped both men and women and their land was taken by Museveni and his cronies.

See U.S. Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power with the “Butcher of the Great Lakes” Paul Kagame.
[Image: d06c3c7a7c30bc3f9e0f2402372aa0c6c1e63f23.webp]

In 2005, the World Health Organization reported that almost 1000 Acholi children were dying every week of violence and disease most of them in the concentration camps (or death camps), but President George Bush praised President Yoweri Museveni for his success at “HIV prevention”.
The U.S. continued to build up the Ugandan military machine, “Despite this appalling and shocking human rights abuse”.
The Acholi death camps were finally disbanded in 2012 and the surviving Acholi returned to their land, but the land grabs, which could be called a second genocide, continue.

After the death of millions in the First and Second Congo Wars, Rwanda and Uganda continue to commit atrocities and plunder Congolese resources.
In 2016, some 60 people a month are massacred in Beni Territory in the Congo:
Not to mention that the Ugandan military is a big buyer of Russian and Chinese arms, and the US may well be using that to get a close look at military tech of these two countries (they usually only give money to foreign countries so that they buy US made weapons, but in the case of Uganda, that's different).

Still, the French never really left their colonial empire, quite the contrary: once Belgium left the Congo, Rwanda and Burundi, France rushed in to fill the power gap, expanding their influence all over French-speaking Africa.
At least, the former Belgian colonies don't use the Franc CFA, which was pegged to the French franc and is now affixed to the euro, and which is administrated directly from Paris...
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