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Mark Devlin- Musical Truth
Really getting into this guys work.. fascinating stuff!
(04-01-2018, 06:15 PM)steveio Wrote:
Really getting into this guys work.. fascinating stuff!

Great stuff. Thanks for sharing
It has all been spoken of before, here below,

If you like the lecture you will enjoy those who first controlled the muses too,
Mark Devlin on Midnight in the Desert Show, Jan 2020 -
That's not only music. That's history and art.

Mark Devlin FB -

This is a paragraph I've been using to truth-bomb the FB chat threads of brainwashed normies. I feel it would also be good to drop into the comments/ chat sections of mainsream media sites and YouTube videos. Anyone is welcome to cut-and-paste and use this for such means. Please do!

# "Viruses' cannot be spread from person to person. Look up any recent interview by Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Rashid Buttar, Dr. Mohammed Adil, or Dawn Lester and David Parker, authors of 'What Really Makes You Ill.' 

# Research Event 201, the Bill Gates-sponsored "exercise" in October 2019 that so conveniently "predicted" the outbreak of a "worldwide pandemic." Look up Bill Gates' connection to Planned Parenthood, the eugenics (population reduction) operation, and ask yourself why he's consistently front and centre of this whole affair.

# "Social distancing" is completely pointless and useless. The inhumane lockdowns have caused untold suffering and death, and have done way more damage than good. None of this is "conspiracy theory." All is fact. The government and the mainstream media are LYING on a MONUMENTAL scale! 

# There IS no "coronavirus." It's a massive scam designed to take away the natural rights and freedoms of everyone on Earth, and the ONLY reason it's succeeding is because most people STILL haven't figured out that governments and the mainstream media lie to them ALL the time and ARE NOT there to 'keep them safe' and protect their interests. 

# You've been brainwashed and mind-controlled by criminals and liars. If you truly care about the future for yourself, your children and your grandkids, you owe it to yourself to get clued-up on what's REALLY happening here pretty damn quick, and to stop complying with the tyranny. More and more people are realising this every day, and when enough of us unite we will be able to beat this and take back the freedoms we deserve.
Martin Brown : The `Dark Side of the Floyd -

Event 202 - Mark Devlin -
There’s been much discussion of the problems and dangers we all face over the past few weeks; these are very easy to identify. What’s not so straightforward is coming up with effective ways of pushing back.

With this in mind, a friend of mine devised the following 13-point plan, offering an array of strategies by which we can get ourselves back in the driving seat and assert our true powers.

It’s a long read, but there are some real nuggets in here. Many of us seeing this will doubtless be applying these in our lives already, in which case, this stands as a very useful resource for those just starting to wake up, unplug from the system, and get themselves on the path of Truth and Freedom.

Feel free to share far and wide.


'You want solutions – put your money where your mouth is...'

For a long time I have been aware of the New World Order global conspiracy, Agenda 21/2030 and the technocratic fascist agenda.  For a very long time I have felt completely helpless, I, as most of you, asked, what the hell can I do about it? I am just one in billions. Then it dawned on me... the solutions, for the most part, are so simplistic that literally EVERYONE can do it. So, people, you want solutions, here they are.

First, you need to turn inwards to your integrity and conscience, assuming that you are not a narcissist, a sociopath, a psychopath, a sycophant or a wilfully ignorant and fully compliant brain-dead idiot. Ask your conscience, are you actually willing to do what I am about to suggest to save your future, your children’s future and the world at large. Or, would you rather sit back, wait it out and hope for the best? If you are one of these people who would rather sit back and blindly trust those who intend you the most severe harm, then piss off – you and your kind do not speak for me and people like me, you do not represent me or people like me and I do not consent to your actions and behaviours – and when you find yourself being in a society that is more akin to an open-air fascist prison, with no rights and no freedoms, remember – YOU are to blame!


Mainstream media is a propaganda factory, by watching it, subscribing to it, listening to it, purchasing it, YOU are funding it, your acquiescence and silence is consent and so long as you continue to support such tyrannical, fascist institutions – YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

First, STOP watching the mainstream media – you are supporting your own destruction. STOP, turn it off, all of it, BBC, CNN, FOX, SKY, C-SPAN whatever it is, turn it off, leave it off. YOU are being brainwashed by watching these propaganda pushers, which means YOU are responsible for your own brainwashing and enslavement. These news networks are proven liars and are proven to be following and pushing an agenda that does not have your best interests at heart. If you use a set top box or Smart TV, scramble the signal to that particular channel or network, un-programme it.  Better still, disconnect the box, service or smart device from mainstream news apps and internet supply.  I cannot promise the propaganda will stop, but I can promise that after about 30 days, your mood will improve because you are no longer subjecting yourself to brainwashing, mind control and fear porn. Turn it off, leave it off. There are other sources of reliable, truthful news and information.


Same principle as above, so long as you continue to finance these news organisations and agenda pushers with your money, YOU are consenting to THEIR actions. STOP IT. Stop buying the newspapers, stop subscribing to online news papers.  END your subscriptions and when asked why you cancelled your payments and subscriptions, tell them, bluntly and honestly – YOU WANT THE ACTUAL VARIFIABLE TRUTH and nothing less.  Tell them in their surveys that until such time as journalism regains it’s integrity, you will no longer be a party to lies, deception and propaganda. Simple as that.


That’s right, I’m talking about all the related apps that come with your SMART device. I’m talking about BBC iplayer and any equivalent TV service apps.  Do you also really need access to sky, Netflix, Prime TV, NOW TV, Disney+? Really... you can watch all of that content,  because you have that much spare time on your hands? Choose your favourite TV subscription and ditch the rest – they are unnecessary.


If you are in Britain, you may think that you have to pay a licence – you don’t – by all means check the terms of a licence fee, but I would suggest that under the circumstances – EVERYONE listening or reading these solutions STOP paying the licence – you are supporting an agenda based, mind control operation that both lies and deceives in equal measure – as well as the fact that it seems to support paedophiles – look into the amount of people working for BBC TV and Radio who are either associated with, have been convicted as or have at least known about Paedophilia within it’s own employment ranks.  When the asshole BBC/TV licensing idiots inevitably contact you and issue threats – tell them you don’t support fake news, political propaganda, criminal insanity or paedophilia.  Trust that, if enough of us stop paying the licence on mass – they will capitulate – they can’t arrest everyone, they haven’t got enough goons for one thing.  Better still, inform them in advance that you are going to cancel payments legally by not using any of their services and that you no longer wish to watch or record live TV.


So, if you are not quite ready to take any of the actions above, how about instead, TRUTH SPAM THE MSM. It’s not like they don’t do it to the alternative media – they even have paid shills, trolls and let’s not forget – 77th Brigade. What’s good for the goose...


Since the bloody ridiculous Phoney19 Virus scamdemic, your supermarkets have become more akin to NAZI  Concentration camps that food suppliers. They restrict the amount of people in the shop at any one time, demand you stand in a very long ridiculous queue at two meters apart from the person in front of you, shame you into spraying your trolly/basket/hands etc. with harmful chemicals, sorry I mean... sanitiser, tell you which direction to move in, tell you not to browse in the aisle, insist that you get your shopping done asap, refuse to take cash payments, refuse to serve you without a plastic shield separating you from them and some even insist you wear a mask.

Now they are installing traffic light systems and facial recognition systems before allowing you to enter one of these ridiculous buildings and that’s before insisting that you breach your own data by using a ‘health passport’.  FOR FUCK SAKE people, get some bloody dignity and self respect.  You enter these establishments, abide by their ridiculous draconian fascist systems, whilst being treat like a diseased criminal for committing no crime whatsoever, are shamed or embarrassed for simply ‘stepping out of bounds’ and then looking at you with scorn, all the while being very happy to take your money. SNAP OUT OF IT FFS.  If they treat you like this, simply, turn round, walk away and find an alternative that is at the very least – not as bad.

But when doing so, state that you do not consent to this kind of treatment as we all saw this play out in Nazi Germany. Further, send the local and central offices of that particular supermarket a personal letter expressing your disgust at their system, method and insanity – but do so in a manner of respect so as not to bring yourself down to their level.  If enough people swamp such organisations with letters and emails or disgust and complaint, they might actually consider what they have become. YOUR SILENCE AND acquiescence is CONSENT to their actions. 

Further to this, go onto their social media pages and publicly express your disgust, you may find that the more you complain publicly, more people like you and I will do likewise.


That’s right, whilst the world economy is being irreparably damaged; people are losing their income, employment, stability, common sense and ever resorting to suicide because the world has gone full fascist at light speed, YOU, with what remains of your spending ability, plough it all towards AMAZON – supporting poor working conditions, crappy wages, terrible customer service (despite their claims to the contrary), ever increasing prices and a complete takeover of the consumer market.  While the economy is deliberately being destroyed because of a lie to finalise a fascist agenda, YOU are making corporate executives at amazon RICHER by the second.

I am not suggesting that you completely boycott the place, but I would suggest that as far as food is concerned – go else where, support local markets, farmers markets, farms and food venders etc. – who actually NEED your money to stay in business. STOP buying DVD’s and blu-rays from this place, there are other alternatives.  Stop buying books from these muppets – there are other online book shops.  Yeah, I know, its remarkably easy and convenient to get your stuff en-mass from amazon – but at the same time, YOU are allowing THEM to destroy smaller, more worthy businesses and the economy as a whole simply because of convenience.

STOP IT! Also, send them a kindly reminder that you do not approve of their lack of ethics, business practice or monopolistic take-over of the world consumer marker, nor do you approve or consent to the way they treat their employee’s whilst the owner and corporate executives become rich beyond words.


Anywhere requiring you to cover your face with a mask is (perhaps) unwittingly initiating you into compliance with a system that want you DEAD or at the very least – fully compliant and controlled. They are now demanding you give over your personal details when entering certain places, businesses etc. which is a pre-requisite to a ‘NAZI STYLE health passport’ before finally micro-chipping you, probably against your fully informed consent and then deleting what remains of any rights, freedoms and dignity you may have at the beginning of the year. SILENCE is CONSENT – Don’t do it – politely decline and walk away from such fascistic organisations and requirements and kindly inform them person demanding you wear a mask and breach your own data that you do not consent to being treat in the manner of a slave.

Again, stop ploughing money into businesses that disrespect your rights and freedoms as an individual. If they treat you like shit, do likewise and walk away – you might not get what you wanted from the premises, but at least you will have retained your dignity and self respect – others, on seeing this, might very well follow suite – guess what happens then – this ridiculous behaviour is seen for what it is, and when enough people find their self respect, this behaviour is no longer adopted.  Also, when these places make such stupid ass demands of you, once again, send them a polite letter or email of complaint expressing your explicit disapproval. Do like-wise on their social media platforms.

Solution 9: BYE FOR NOW!

If your family or alleged friends are clearly mind controlled by the mass media scamdemic of 2020, I would suggest that you first try to inform them of the actual verifiable truth of what is really going on, trying to suggest to them that this is not what it appears to be and politely point out the parallels between what your government and media is doing now as compared to NAZI Germany in the 1930’s and 1940’s – and at present – there are MANY. Failing that, if they refuse to look at alternative view points or suggestions and wish to remain fully under the spell of MSM and governmental mind control – cut contact with these people – they are inevitably leading us all into a fascist society, usually through wilful ignorance. These people do not care about their future, so why would they care about yours? Clearly, ignorance is more important than the truth or verifiable fact.


Both of these methods are associated with mass media and governmental mind control on steroids. Rainbows are a very strong indicator of mind control – look it up.  I am willing to bet that the very same people on the street every Thursday at 8pm happy clapping and zombie pan bashing are the same people who have rainbows in their windows and incidentally are also the same people who simply can’t get enough of Main stream media. Hypnosis and mind control are clearly evident here, and once you realise this, you are on the road to recovery. Again, turn off the MSM, and don’t ever turn it on again – you WILL benefit from such a decision, if not simply for your own mental health. 

You might also wish to point out to the people shaming you for not happy clapping the rainbow dance, that if the key workers are so all important, why then are they spending most of their times bored out of their skulls, choreographing dance routines, in a mostly empty hospital, probably all being required to sign non-disclosure agreements whilst at the same time being made redundant due to lack of money and work, all the while being refused a pay rise by the UK criminally insane government – adding insult to injury, the UK government don’t seem overly concerned by the prospect of taking a payrise for themselves at the same time as they collapse the economy and patently disrespect their own ‘lock down rules’! Just a thought!

Solution 11: KNOW THE LAW

I am not talking about the LAW’s issued to you by the government, I am not referring to contract, maritime admiralty law, I am talking about NATURAL LAW – That is, your inalienable rights and freedoms, such as the right to freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom from harm, the right to a happy health life, freedom from slavery, freedom of opinion, freedom of choice. If you haven’t noticed, whilst this phoney virus has been in full swing, you have not only been ‘quarantined’ for NOT BEING ILL, put on LOCK DOWN – for committing no crime and no harm, but you have also lost most of your civil liberties because you have wilfully complied with lies, deceit and ignorance. If you don’t think this is the case, and you think this will remedy itself... then why has a ‘two week lock down’ turned into a full societal economic collapse and political-technocratic restructuring? In such a short time, such changes would appear to be remarkably well organised... as though it were all planned to happen this way perhaps?????

Solution 12: KNOW THE AGENDA

At the very least, make yourself and your loved ones aware of UN AGENDA 2030 – in full. It sounds rather nice when you first familiarise yourself with UN AGENDA 2030, until you read the document in its entirety and realise the methods that are planned to enforce what can only be described as a fascism that will destroy all of your rights, freedoms and even your individual thoughts in such a method that will make HITLERS NATIONAL SOCIALISM look like a picnic.

Solution 13: NON CONSENT

Do not consent to mandated loss of freedoms and rights.  You have the right, as a sovereign individual to not consent to being harmed. This extends to mandated vaccines, branding, microchips, tattoo’s, digital tracking and tracing etc. If you think these things have a happy ending, you truly are deluded.  Again, observe the parallels between the Nazi’s and what is currently happening, YOU WILL BE ALARMED!

Next time you are accused of being a ‘conspiracy theorist’ or someone who is simply ‘misguided’ or ‘deluded’ – kindly point out to that person, that if what you are saying is false, why is it happening in real time, based on a pre-existing agenda that is resulting in the OVERT censorship of opinions that are not accepted by the mainstream or your government? Also point out this phrase...

‘Condemnation without investigation, is the height of ignorance’ – Albert Einstein.

Remind them also, that if it is ok to censor one person, then by default they are suggesting that it is acceptable to censor ALL people by the very same rhetoric.

WAKEY WAKEY! Time is running out! You are currently sleeping due to mass media induced hypnosis and mind control – however, if you don’t realise the truth of all this and wake up, fast, the nightmare truly begins.
PGVP #158 - Charlie Freak & Colleen. The Q Plan Explained -

(Please be advised that this podcast contains some material that some may find extremely distressing.)

Society & Culture#adrenochrome#conspiracy#deepstate#jfk#kennedys#q-anon#trump

Never mind Rose/ Icke, this might turn out to be the most talked-about interview of the whole ‘Coronavirus’ period, as Charlie Freak and his wife Colleen guest for almost three hours, walking us through multiple aspects of ‘The Q Plan’ which, they maintain, is being rolled out day by day under the smokescreen of the “pandemic.”

As listeners will hear, I begin the show by stating that this is far from the first time that we have been told that a secretive group is working to dismantle the Deep State from the inside and make “mass arrests” of paedophiles and murderers, and as such, I’ve been sceptical of the ‘Q’ narrative, suspecting it be just another psy-op. 

This time is different though, Charlie and Colleen state, since they have been in contact with the group which is working with both the individual known as Q, and President Donald Trump. As implausible as it may at first sound, my guests make some very compelling points and join many dots to make sense of some otherwise confusing events. They also reveal who they believe Q to be. I, and everyone else, should suspend their scepticism, they say, since the Plan has already revealed itself through some key events, and there will be many more to come in the hugely eventful weeks and months ahead.

(Please be advised that this podcast contains some material that some may find extremely distressing.)

I have always found great value in Charlie and Colleen’s material. I’ve only ever known them to be well-meaning, selfless individuals who wish to serve Creation, and I’ve only ever known them to speak empowering, eternal truths. So I was very happy to give a platform for them to say their piece. If they’re correct. humanity’s worst imaginable nightmare has just been turned into its greatest dream, and I’ll be only too delighted to admit that I’d called it all wrong!

0:00 Introductions, the Q plan
0:01  mass arrests
0:02 why we should trust this plan
0:03 twitter messages on highly classified documents
0:04 28/10/17 the first post - Trump’s tweet
0:05 the Kennedy Assasination documents release 
0:06 the truth, not conspiracy theories, Q is JFK Junior
0:07   the foundations of Q came from after the murder of Robert Kennedy in 1968
0:08 Joe Kennedy’s plan 
0:09 John F Kennedy claims - smear campaign
0:10 the left brainers mentality, reincarnation and bloodlines 

0:11 the same families and bloodlines are featured through the ages
0:12 the scriptures and interpretations
0:13 reincarnation and its characteristics - determination of how you reincarnate 
0:14 why these people do evil deeds 
0:15 the Kennedys, assassinations and accidents 
0:16 John Kennedy - short life expectation and his life’s approach 
0:17 lies about Kennedy - Monroe, honey pot, character smears
0:18 the lies, character assassinations - research says otherwise
0:19 everything is rigged to support the lies
0:20   the Ted Kennedy plane crash - Massachusetts connections 

0:21 Kennedy car accident and subsequent lies
0:22 the black hats extermination order - how History was changed 
0:23 Bob Dylan lyrics to ‘Murder Most Foul’ - inside knowledge?
0:24 selling your soul to the devil - celebrities 
0:25 Timberwolf - George Bush, Dallas subterfuge, red herrings
0:26 all the psychopaths were in Dallas on the day of Kennedy’s assasination
0:27 the CIA in Dallas - the footage manipulation in order to hide the truth
0:28 some of the ‘suicides’ of the famous were done by the white hats
0:29 Kennedy jnr plane crash in 1999
0:30 Donald Trump’s involvement 

0:31 JFKs letter to Trump dated three days after the crash
0:32 the ‘Covfefe’ tweet and subsequent messages
0:33 Hillary Clinton - a close shave at election - lucky escape
0:34 the Phoenicians rejection and their journey through the ages
0:35 the Q plan started in 1999 and is gaining momentum 
0:36 there has to be a group of people behind atrocities, the British Establishment 
0:37 - centre for paedophilia, the depth of depravity within Westminster 
0:38 a tiny group of families are in charge - they hate you and everything else
0:39 how they control everything - politics, sport, tv, music, radio all controlled 
0:40 the minions who follow their orders and hide their activities from scrutiny 

0:41 China, Mao, Stalin figurehead thugs, after WW2 in China
0:42 the overpopulation lie as cover to take children away, new law manipulation 
0:43 - one child law, boys seen as more important, the terrible fate of girls
0:44 what happened to the children? 
0:45 China’s harvesting of their children by government officials 
0:46 - handed over to the state, for the elite
0:47 Nimrod, Tower of Babel, fountain of youth, Phoenician families / cabal
0:48 Obama, the control of money, the pineal gland, adrenals what’s going on?
0:49 the Monsters Inc hideous comparison, life substances
0:50 these secretions and what it does to the body

0:51 similarities to the drug depicted in Limitless film 
0:52 google chrome, adrena processor - the mockery / the truth
0:53 what happens during torture
0:54 Gloria Vanderbilt mansion swimming pool, the grotesque podesta painting
0:55 swimming pool torture, Tom Hanks involvement 
0:56 the worst evil imaginable is simply beyond our comprehension 
0:57 Lagy Gaga and her grotesque dress, GITMO
0:58 electrified pool, Madonna, fried fish meaning
0:59 celebrities coded warning messages to each other
1:00 Stiller, Hanks, Wilson etc

1:01 getting rid of fake maritime law, name and registration, spread the knowledge 
1:02 the process in gaining your freedom - birthing, not born - needs changing 
1:03 the birthing certificate, the godly/good group
1:04 a series of events are unfolding - Federal Reserve, monetary system fraud
1:05 - Monopoly money, clues are in the Q posts
1:06 the genius of Q, studying his enemy, but why the delay in acting to save kids?
1:07 no one is to be left behind, it’s on a global scale requiring universal response 
1:08 timing is important as they will try to double down, the sailing vessel analogy
1:09 the earth wide movement, they’re all coming down, power back to the people 
1:10 CIA Psy Ops? Will take some time for those asleep to become aware

1:11 it’s a journey for us to wake up, Trump’s confusing mixed messages
1:12 - flip flops and about turns, contradictions
1:13 Trump’s actions on military, vaccines, Fed Reserve, WHO - it’s confusing 
1:14 Trump’s efforts for change, the Stockholm Syndrome 
1:15 the thin line he is treading needs a closer examination of what he is saying 
1:16 hydroxychloriquine, giving them enough rope to hang themselves
1:17 Fauci, celebs, madonna - they will take themselves down
1:18 the election, Biden, mainstream news manipulation 
1:19 thoughts about Trump
1:20 the media propaganda against Trump

1::21 Trump is a lifetime actor, the cabal’s capacity to hurt / kill us
1:22 we are already in World War III, the world wide lockdown
1:23 the 5G, Vaccine, Event 201, virus plans, the invisible waves
1:24 Tesla - we are magnetic electrical beings
1:25 we have power over this - meditation, breathing, higher frequencies 
1:26 being grounded, connected to earth, nefarious powers
1:27 what about Joe Biden? What about the mainstream media?
1:28 the coronavirus hoax, social distancing nonsense, what a virus is
1:29 the 5G Plan - blame it on a virus, V for vendetta 
1:30 the eleventh hour, coronavirus=carnivorous

1:31 working undercover of the coronavirus, the vile disgusting rats
1:32 the DUMBS, the Union Of the Snake Duran Duran 80s music video 
1:33 there are no coincidences
1:34 the elite links back to Babylonian times, Easter eggs
1:35 the Catholic Church, the Jesuits
1:36 they run Hollywood, the music, radio, tv and media industries, in plain sight
1:37 how are they achieving this? - through a virus, the final solution, punishment 
1:38 the Q Plan behind the scenes, under cover of this false flag
1:39 we don’t realise how close we came to complete tyranny, age of Aquarius 
1:40 Solomon’s temple - the pineal gland

1:41 how we attain the Christ consciousness, temporal waves
1:42 we need to turn to magnetism, eternal waves, the number 8, trump - Mag A
1:43 what would have happened under corona / 5G
1:44 the white hats plan, Wuhan adrenochrome factory shut down, left brain death
1:45 the 5G Towers will now be used for free energy, Obama the demon
1:46 5G Network = free energy, and not for sending the 5G waves
1:47 the emergency powers since 2002, state of war
1:48 the brilliant Trump - bloodline connection 
1:49 the good ones are everywhere, executive order 13818
1:50 the taking away of elite wealth, Soros - proving the links

1:51 so many well known people will be exposed, celebrities etc
1:52 the George magazine revelations 
1:53 unbelievable stuff, the February issue in 1997, clues everywhere 
1:54 - Hilary Clinton, Bill Gates Plans - vaccines
1:55 the year 2020 when George comes back
1:56 Apollo 11 hoax, 30 years later, the Kennedy plane crash hoax
1:57 the Kennedy return
1:58 the Pope, red shoe club
1:59 the right temple, third eye, live forever, the survival guide to the future 
2:00 gematria meanings and symbolism 3,5,8,45,9,35,17

2:01 trump’s age on full day in office = 777, sun cycle
2:02 777 = action of God intervention, the wall - protect the children
2:03 the 21st Jan 2017 date and its significance with 777, the queen mystery
2:04 the royal seal and crest missing from Buckingham Palace
2:05 the presidential seal is also missing - no mention on msm, bankruptcy 
2:06 1871 / US official bankruptcy , a different USA, a corporation / hijacked
2:07 the take down of all seals, phoney leaders, Trump’s heroic night time efforts 
2:08 the presidency joke, a new constitution will emerge 
2:09 Trump last president of USA, psychic Sylvia Brown’s 2020 virus prediction
2:10 President of Ireland Trump meeting - never have so few done so much...

2:11 what 5G would have done to people
2:12 the Georgia Guidestones prediction 
2:13 John Durham, the bull, it’s up to us now
2:14 the Tesla / new global economic plan - eradicating debt  / fake currencies
2:15 free energy - you will be able to do anything! It will set you free
2:16 the 5G Towers will carry this free energy
2:17 how this will all come out / to be released gradually 
2:18 there will be a period of darkness, GITMO, then we go back on line
2:19 politics will fundamentally change - from grass roots level
2:20 the dark stuff to be revealed, after November a better world for all

2:21 we have an opportunity to battle our own demons
2:22 coronavirus outcome, hydroxychloriquine
2:23 the virus is a secretion from within - not contagious, existing waves
2:24 we are all sick of the mind, stillness of the mind is key, breathing
2:25 we are powerful 
2:26 for now the coronavirus narrative will continue, the celebrities fate
2:27 GITMO expansion - the whole world will be watching the trials
2:28 an execution order, seizing of the 5G network, corporal punishment 
2:29 the executive order in 2012, false flags, seizing all streams of communication 
2:30 the seizing of wealth, communication, energy, public military tribunals 

2:31 state of emergency, no masks, free access to everything 
2:32 Q brigades working day and night to avert disasters, John McCain funeral
2:33 - a traitor / dishonourable discharge, 
2:34 the Timberwolf song, what happens next
2:35 something happened on May 5th, the child rescue operations 
2:36 the rescue of thousands from tunnels - many dead, horrific details
2:37 the dominoes start to fall - all tied to each other, Anthony Weiner’s laptop
2:38 - the horrific scene on the video will be made public
2:39 stay strong, control your breathing to maintain a higher frequency 
2:40 wrapping up

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