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Alternative News and Media Outlets
They work to manufacture consent because they need it -
... so don’t give it to them
Inside WikiLeaks: working with the publisher that changed the world -
Best ways to get your news without relying on Facebook -

In Brief
  • The Facts:
    The way people get news these days is changing. Facebook is no longer a viable option to learn about current events and news, as publishers have been shut out of the newsfeed.

  • Reflect On:
    Have your habits been to get all of your news from Facebook? If so, switch it up and subscribe to mailing lists. Or better yet, go to websites directly to get your news.
YouTube down site wide, a blessing in plain view -

 – list of alternatives
FB purge: project launched to save the alternative media by gaining followers on the street -

A project has just been launched to gain followers the old fashioned way for alternative media outlets affected by the massive wave of censorship.

This weeks HABBENINGS in a Nutshell??
W/C 28/3/22 (PART 1 of 3)

Election Fraud?
-Trump talks about Wisconsin: “Look at Wisconsin what’s going on. I think they may decertify their election.” 
-AZ State Senator Sonny Borrelli: Unmonitored Dropboxes Revealed Over 733,000 Unaccounted for Ballots in Maricopa County’s 2020 Election
Putin vs Deepstate?
-President Trump calling on Putin to release info on Hunter Biden’s dealings with Russian oligarchs. 
-Putin tells French President Macron ‘nationalists’ in Mariupol must lay down arms
-Vladimir Putin announces to the government, Central Bank and Gazprom to implement measures to switch to ruble payments for gas for unfriendly countries by March 31.
-Powerful Cyber Attack hits Ukraine Telecommunications company Ukrtelecom
-China says it will use the military to support the goverment of Pakistan in the US intervenes in the country
-India looking at ways to keep trade open with Russia through rupee ruble payments channel an alternative to Swift
 -Putin: "Unfriendly countries" must pay for Russian gas in rubles from April 1. Russia will halt gas contracts if buyers don't pay in rubles.
-Europe facing a major crisis.  France and Germany refuse to switch to paying for gas in rubles.
-Russian Stock market flying
-Russia suspends it gas flow to Germany through the Yamal Europe pipeline.
-Russia says UK is escalating war and threatens to strike arms shipments
-BlackRock CEO says Russia-Ukraine war to trigger new world order
-Pentagon spokesperson says Russian counterparts not taking calls from US officials

Biden Biden Biden?
-Cheney wants Scavino to testify about his interactions with an online forum “the Donald” and with Qanon
-Sen. Grassley Discusses Investigation Into Biden Family Foreign Financial Entanglements
-Trump asks Putin to hand over dirt on Hunter Biden: Ex-President claims Russian leader 'knows' why 'the mayor of Moscow's wife gave Joe's son $3.5million' 
-Prosecutors Advance Tax Probe of Hunter Biden
-Hunter Biden laptop material entered into Congressional Record
-Washington Post reporting - The truth about Hunter Biden and the Ukrainian ‘bio labs’
-CNN is no longer calling Hunter Biden’s laptop “Russian disinformation.
-Jim Jordan: "How do you trust DOJ to protect us from cyberattacks when they've been spying on presidential campaigns, spying on parents, telling us Hunter Biden was Russian disinformation and releasing the most notorious Russian cybercriminal we've ever had?"
-Kayleigh McEnany RIPS OPEN Hunter Biden’s laptop from HELL Live on AIR to show America the crimes of the Biden Family
-CNN admits Hunter Biden was trading on his father's name to make a lot of money
-FEC Fines DNC and Hillary Clinton For Lying About Funding of Debunked Russia Dossier
-House Republicans Open Investigation into Twitter, Facebook Suppressing Hunter Biden Laptop Story
-Senators release bank record identifying payments to Hunter Biden from China

Prince Andrew Scandals and NHS cover ups and Scandals? 
-Prince Andrew 'was paid £750,000 by Turkish millionairess for assistance with her passport but then repaid the cash after she said she had been hoodwinked by crooked middleman', High Court hears
-Prince Andrew named in £40m international fraud case as Duke handed £1m by ‘fraudster’
PRINCE ANDREW and Sarah Ferguson were allegedly given fover £1 million from a £40 million international fraud, the High Court has heard.
-NHS Shrewsbury cover up- Full horror of baby scandal will be revealed as report is set to show that THREE HUNDRED babies died or were left brain damaged at hospital trust
-NHS trust 'asking men if they're pregnant' before having X-rays and MRI scans
-Health fears amid warnings that 400,000 patients 'may not get their cancers spotted early for the next TEN years' because of NHS shortages
-Public satisfaction with NHS sinks to lowest level since 1997


This weeks HABBENINGS in a Nutshell??

W/C 28/3/22 (PART 2 of 3)

Financial World and Gold?

-Barclays shares fall after investor sells £900m stake

-Barclays to Book $591 Million Loss Due to Debt-Sale Snafu

-HSBC Working with IBM to Accelerate Quantum Computing Readiness

-London Power Outage Disrupts Citi, HSBC Canary Wharf Offices

-Demand for gold from Russians gives Polymetal boost

-Gold and silver trade higher ahead of the European open

Geo Political and World News?

-PostNL Belgium CEO arrested after human trafficking, forgery scheme investigation 

-Marina Abramovic’s Bank Accounts Frozen after Accusations of Satanic Spirit Cooking

-Jamie Wallis: Conservative politician comes out as UK’s first openly trans MP

-Ikea to close one of its biggest stores in London

-'UK Disneyland' plans due to open in London in 2025 withdrawn

-Woke Disney execs working to remove gendered greetings from theme parks ‘Don’t say Gay’

-Disney Stock plummeting 

-Heineken and Carlsberg say they are leaving Russia 

-Jeweller Pandora cuts ties with leading industry body over Russia

-Inflation in Germany jumped to 7.3% in March, the highest level since 1981.

-Haiti protesters burn plane belonging to U.S. missionary group

-PUTIN'S army hits a Red Cross building in Mariupol

-Chyna Biden received second Covid booster shot

-Arizona Governor Doug Ducey:

Signed the abortion ban after 15 weeks.

Signed legislation protecting female sports.

Signed a bill banning genital mutilation of minors.

Signed a bill requiring proof of citizenship on voter registration forms.

-Jamaica, Barbados and now belize remove Queen Elizabeth as their head of state

-British judges withdrawn from Hong Kong’s top court over new security law

-Ghislaine Maxwell's sex trafficking conviction upheld as US judge refuses retrial

-Ghislaine Maxwell to Expose Names of 8 VIP Pedophiles Linked to Epstein’s Crimes

-Tech firm part-owned by Rishi Sunak's millionaire wife will close its Russian office

-MP David Warburton is being investigated after images, videos, audio recordings and messages emerged 

-London blackout- Thousands of Londoners spend a night without power after substation fire and cable failure hit supplies across 37 postcodes and brought transport links to a halt

-Sun erupts with 17 flares from single sunspot, sending solar storms toward Earth

-Will smiths CGI fake slap at the Satanic Oscars. It was also recorded in 2020!

-Queen has a Vril eye at the pre-recorded memorial service of Lizard Phil. And Normies are angry the fact Pedo Prince Andrew escorts Lizard Queen in the service. 

-Brazil President Bolsonaro taken to hospital after feeling unwell

-Lara Logan redpilling the masses. Pizzagate, January 6, “moron” Zelensky, and aliens etc….

-Kash Patel replying to Q drops on Truth Social

-A load of 11.3 Markers in news articles


This Weeks HABBENINGS in a nutshell??

W/C 28/3/22 (PART 3 of 3) final part. 

EARTHQUAKES and Lockdowns?

-China announced its biggest city-wide lockdown of 25 million people - clearing out Biolabs and DUMBS

-A Swarm Of 12,000 Earthquakes Rattles Azores Island

-6.0 magnitude earthquake in Ecuador 10km Depth

-2x Earthquakes 10km depth hits  (Norwegian sea and North Sea) off the Shetland islands Scotland 

-6.7 magnitude earthquake hits just east of Australia 10 kilometres depth

-Magnitude 7.0 quake hits New Caledonia 10km depth

-Earthquake of 3.7 hits Amazonas 10km Depth

Tested positive for Convid,Deaths and step downs ?

-"Boosted" CIA Director Burns infected with COVID-19.

-Dan Andrews tests positive for COVID-19 

-Israeli Prime Minister Bennett Tests Positive For Covid-19 

-Czech Prime Minister Fiala tests positive for COVID-19

-White House principal deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tests positive for Covid-19

-Dawn French tests positive for Covid-19

-Vermont Lt. Gov. Molly Gray tests positive for COVID-19

-Red Velvet’s Seulgi tests positive for COVID-19

-BTS member Jungkook tests positive for COVID-19

-Real Madrid boss tests positive for coronavirus

-John Swinney tests positive for covid

-Gov. Murphy tests positive for COVID-19

-Miley Cyrus tests positive for COVID-19 

-Daniel Craig tests positive for COVID-19 

-Lord Nash quits as lead Whitehall director after less than two years

-Cressida Dick to leave Met police earlier than planned

-Fauci Admits Natural Immunity, Says He’s Stepping Down Soon, Braces For Investigations

-SNP MP David Linden steps down from party's Westminster front bench

-FedEx Founder CEO steps down

-Laurie Nordquist, Wells Fargo Minnesota's CEO, stepping down

-Racing Australia CEO Foreman Stepping Down

-Telstra CEO Andy Penn is stepping down

-Long-running Amazon Games boss Mike Frazzini is stepping down

-Covid vaccination chief Patricia Donnelly steps down

-Tom Parker dies aged 33 The Wanted star tragically dies after brain cancer battle

-Former Leicestershire police chief, 55, who led taskforce helping officers on mental health is found dead at home in 'suspected suicide' just two weeks after retiring from the force

-Ossie Ostrich creator Ernie Carroll dies

-Veteran Hollywood star Susan Lucci's producer husband Helmut Huber dies aged 8

-Porn star Raven Alexis dies at 35 from 'complications from an infection'

-Adriana Hoffmann, Botanist Who Fought for Chile’s Forests, Dies at 82

-Patrick Demarchelier, Fashion And Portrait Photographer, Has Died Aged 78

-AJ Crimson, celebrity makeup artist and entrepreneur, has died

-Paul Herman who played and starred in host of gangster films including Goodfellas and The Irishman dies on his 76th Birthday

-Actress Estelle Harris, who famously played George Costanza's mother on Seinfeld and voiced Toy Story's Mrs. Potato Head, dies aged 93

-Barrie Youngfellow dies aged 75

-C.W. McCall Dies: No. 1 Hit ‘Convoy’ Singer And Songwriter Was 93

-Bruce Willis, 67, is diagnosed with degenerative brain condition and will step away from acting 

-Jim Carrey planning to retire from acting after Sonic The Hedgehog 2

-Craig Melvin confirms MSNBC departure 

-Psaki to leave Biden Admin for MSNBC amid collapsing approval rating, policy disasters, criminal investigation of President's son

-This Morning's Gino D'Acampo announces it's his last show before going to Italy and temporarily leaving the show

-Aljaž Škorjanec leaves Strictly Come Dancing

Selling properties?

-Rebel Wilson selling 5m House

-Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Sell Hidden Valley Retreat In Beverly Hills

-Katy Perry wants $26 million for her Beverly Hills mansion

-RHOBH’ Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi’s $8M mansion goes into foreclosure 

Scientists Think Solar Storms Will Knock Out Internet And Electrical Systems:
NATO gets dissolved. So does CIA, 5eyes, 9 eyes, 14 eyes, Mossad and Private Intelligence companies. Only Mil intel to stay.

Ukraine: the Real Battle Between Good and Evil: Operation Disclosure Intelligence Alert (Full Report) — March 30, 2022 | Operation Disclosure Officia

Quantum Financial System Breakthrough, Charlie Ward & MarkZ: Kat Update: Thrilling QFS Breakthrough with Charlie Ward and MarkZ | Operation Disclosure Official

Latest Updates, Lewis Herms, Nicholas Veniamin: Trump uses RICO Act (allows criminal charges and law suits) to take down Cabal.

Tasmania: Peter Gutwein quits politics leaving Tasmanian Liberals to pick new Premier – ABC News:

Pakistan: Imran Khan officially removed as Prime Minister of Pakistan with immediate effect, per notification of the Cabinet Division of the Islamic Republic.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban declared victory over six enemies in his speech: 1) The “left” at home 2) The “international left” abroad 3) The Brussels bureaucrats 4) George Soros 5) The international media 6) Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Lebanon’s Deputy Prime Minister Saadeh al-Shami said in a televised interview that “the state and the Banque du Liban are bankrupt.”
The world was very dependent on China for virtually everything – from Aluminium, to food, to Goods, almost everything plastic and boxes that covered food and packaging for industries, electronic companies depended on wires, to computer parts, to chips – and China was about to pull the plug! Price controls that China launched was going to affect everything in worldwide markets and would stall millions of companies, including shipping.

Combine that with the potential for banks shutting down for a period and it was strongly advised to have at least 2-3 weeks worth of cash, water, fuel, food and essential goods on hand.

Foreign controlled corporations have infiltrated the US, White Hats:

Expose the Pedos, end the Cabal:

Global Elites have long ago been arrested by Military and charged for the CIA, Vatican, UK, Soros, Rothschilds funded corporations that helped with the Joe Biden and China foreign occupation of the three branches of U.S. Gov.

Top elite Hollywood companies and agencies were working with the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

In July 2010, the National Council of Statewide Interoperability Coordinators (NCSWIC) was established by the Department of Homeland Security who are currently protecting important assets, movie stars, musicals (Britney Spears) ect.. whom were all used in the human trafficking of Hollywood/CIA/CCP paid owned companies.

These important witnesses have firsthand accounts and evidence of pedophilia, Satanic rituals, Adrenochrome, drugs, industry sales and information on Hollywood’s 120 year reign on human trafficking and connections to FBI’s full involvement in the century long Dark Operation into the Satanic cults connected to Bohemian Grove Rockefellers/ Rothchilds worldwide operations.

The Plan was much larger than any person could imagine and has its roots to JFK JR. who created The Military Special Forces created to protect the U.S. citizens in case the U.S. Gov.(Central Banks) tried creating a totalitarian state!
Mon. 4 April Whiplash347:

Next thing – Project Odin, then QFS
Queen Death three days everything stops. (It was rumored that even though the Queen has been dead for a couple of years, her death would be announced this Friday 8th).
To do the QFS transfer all World Banks need to close for three days. They have between 3 to 5 days to do this.  By Law no longer than 5 days is allowed. It does make most sense across a weekend.
You will need some cash out as ATM’s/EFTPOS machines will go down.
Followed by 10 days of mourning. “Bay Of Pigs” Scenario. All Bank’s & Stock Markets will close as per 70 yr Queen article.
It’s now 13 days ‘til Easter Sunday. Is it Geronimo time?


Judy Note:

MarkZ Mon. Evening 4 April: “I am getting a lot from military contacts that expect the RV to move this week –before the week is out, but also to be prepared as they are expecting a lot of turmoil during this process. When you suddenly have a lot of rats hearing that their money is worthless….and others like us have money…..well…just be prepared for a great deal of turmoil during this period.  That is what I was told today.”

On the Bond Side: “I am still hearing Tuesday evening or Wed. Morning early 5,6 April based on the time zone…moving from East to West.”

Iraq was still expecting a rate change this week.

Bond and CMKX Holders were expecting to have full access to their monies by Tues. 5 April.

Iraq was given a deadline to announce their new rate by Wed. 6 April.

Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) could be notified at any time to set redemption/ exchange appointments at the higher special rates.

Your Currency Exchange/ Zim Redemption Appointment:

*You needed two forms of ID, preferably picture IDs, a utility bill to prove your correct address, receipts for your currency/Zim Bonds (only if you have them), your currency and/or Zim Bonds, a 1-3 page Humanitarian Project Business Plan that included your background showing you were qualified to do your project.

*For most, Redemption Centers were likely within 50 miles of your home.

* Tier 4B would have ten days to make their appointments in order to receive special rates. After that, you would need to go to a bank to exchange where you would receive the lower international rate.

Headlines for Mon. 4 April 2022:

Agenda 21: It’s Been Their Plan All Along!

Elon Musk buys $3 billion stake (9.2%) in Twitter and is now the platform’s largest shareholder. He now owns 4x as much equity in Twitter as former CEO Jack Dorsey. That same Mon. 4 April Trump’s once-censored Twitter Account became active.

Obama to Make Public Return to White House:

Judy Note: My question was which White House was Obama returning to? The one on the Hollywood set in California where part of the Biden inauguration was filmed? Or, would it be the new White House they constructed in Georgia where most of Biden’s photo ops were taken by the Mainstream Media? It couldn’t be the White House in Washington DC – that one’s been vacant since Biden’s Inauguration.

By the way, Biden Resignation Was Expected At Any Time over the Hunter Biden Laptop revelations that placed Joe Biden smack dab in the middle of a lifetime of Treasonous Acts against the American People.

This Cabal was about to release those deadly pathogens upon the general population in connection with their Depopulation Agenda.

Bill Gates plans to collect information from human bodies and promote a new technology of electronic tattoos. The priority task is to collect information about the human body for medical monitoring. Gates wants to achieve even more in the medium term and possibly replace today’s smart phones with this technology. Judy Note: I’m not too worried about this since it was my understanding that Gates has been under indictment by the International Court of Justice for some time now and resided at GITMO. And, like everyone else in this movie, was now a puppet of the White Hats.

There has been a MSM sudden switch of their narrative as they get ready for a Biden exit. NBC just threw the Bidens under the bus and exposed Hunter’s shady business dealings.

We await a Black Swan Event – a Global Financial Catastrophe.

Project Odin and release of the Starlink Quantum Internet appeared imminent, all part of the Emergency Broadcast System – meaning a shutdown of everything during a switch from the old Fiat Dollar SWIFT Financial System to gold/asset-backed currencies across the globe, Tesla Free Energy and a Quantum Internet.

The Greatest Re-distribution of Wealth that Mankind has Ever Known
Was Scheduled to Happen this Easter Weekend
Though, it comes at a price, for soon certain Events were expected:
Biden Resignation, False Flags, Cyber-Attacks, Global Catastrophic Financial Events
Prepare for Martial Law and Release of the Emergency Broadcast System

Seven Presidential messages will be sent to all phones, and then the phones will be disabled.
Everything will be taken down. Only Signal App. will work as connected to Military Satellites.
Be prepared. Download Signal App. and store 2-3 weeks of food, fuel, cash and goods.

Judy Note:

It has been said by “Those in the Know” that, “This Easter Weekend will be the greatest re-distribution of wealth mankind has ever known,” – a believed reference to NESARA/GESARA being implemented in some form.

It was believed that we were close to some kind of a Black Swan Event that would bring in the Emergency Broadcast System and Martial Law worldwide.

That Event could be the resignation of Joe Biden over the Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal. According to Fleming, the Chinese Elders will not allow GESARA/NESARA to be announced while Biden was in office.

US VP John F. Kennedy Jr. warns to be prepared for activation of the Emergency Broadcast System and Martial Law.

We were still fighting Mass Media Mind Control: For instance, the damage from Covid-19, the vaccines and Remdesivir Treatment all correlated to the damage done from Cobra Snake Venom, and thousands have died not from CV-19, but from heart problems related to the poisonous vaccines that were still being pushed on the public.

The real inflation rate in the US was close to 12%.

The US conducted inhuman experiments on psychiatric patients in Bio-weapon labs.

Deep State Leaders were being arrested.

Schedule of Events:

Sat. 16 April: Freedom Day and Anniversary of when Abe Lincoln signed the Compensated Emancipation ACT ending Slavery.

Sun. 17 April: Easter Sunday and Anniversary of when JFK led the Bay of Pigs in a Three Day War.

Mon. 18 April: Patriots Day Scare Event

Tues. 19 April Anniversary of when George Washington led the 1st American Revolution. Lexington & Concord.

Wed. 20 April 151st Anniversary of 1871 Act Of England

Thurs. 21 April Taurus Bull Market

Fri. 15 April Fleming on the Global Currency Reset:

They want the exchanges/redemption completed by the end of April 2022.

18 countries declared bankruptcy and couldn’t pay their bills.

No leverage payout unless you want one.

You need two forms of picture ID.

We’re waiting for one event.

Look for what happens with Hunter Biden – none of this will happen until Joe Biden steps down.

Nothing is going to happen until Monday.

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