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U.S. Intelligence workers want the truth to be known -

Butterflies are free, but are we, the citizens of the USA?
Dark Journalist and Joseph Farrell on the Q-Anon narrative -

Deep State Trial Balloon / Marketing Op Aimed at Alternative Media?

Fake news is alive and well in the ‘conspiracy culture’ of the USA -
...riding on the backs of QAnon believers
QAnon has sprouted a following since late October of last year, now delivering millions of views on YouTube....
Dr. Wakefield talks candidly about the documentary 'VAXXED From Cover-up To Catastrophe'

Why weren’t the producers, et al, who were involved in the production and distribution of the dramatic vaccine documentary film VAXXED From Cover-up To Catastrophe, not sued in a court of law?
The man the CIA wants you to forget

Michael C. Ruppert was an ex-LAPD Narcotics Detective and whistleblower who came out against the CIA in the late 70’s .....
Researcher jailed after uncovering deadly virus delivered through human vaccines -

In Brief
  • The Facts:
    Dr. Judy A. Mikovits, PhD, was thrown in prison after she refused to discredit her own research that led to the discovery that deadly retroviruses have been transmitted to 25 million Americans through vaccines.
  • Reflect On:
    What is the role of the Awakening Community in honoring and protecting courageous whistleblowers who risk their lives and careers to stand in their truth?
Snowden: Israeli spyware used by governments

... to pursue journalists targeted for assassination

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