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Deputy Lieutenants :::: (Rothschild-Maxwell-Dolphin Square-pedo Cabal)
The following 'highly dangerous' individuals currently serve as, or have previously served as, Deputy Lords-Lieutenant for H.M. the Queen:

1.    Sir Cyril Smith DL

2.    Lord Derby (Edward Stanley) DL, very close friend of Ghislaine Maxwell, and has been a top NSPCC organiser when the NSPCC and its membership was being heavily influenced - or steered - by Peter Mandelson and Sir Evelyn de Rothschild's chief lieutenant, Sir Mark Weinberg

The Dolphin Square Cabal:

3.    Lord David Steel DL (accused by a Third Party of having been the subject of overheard conversations at work that he - David Steel - sexually abused his young adopted son when the father-and-son pair shared a weekday apartment in Dolphin Square. Steel hosted his close friend, Dolphin Square ringleader Derek Laud, in the same flat. Moreover, David Steel shielded career paedophile Sir Cyril Smith from discovery)

4.    General Sir Hugh Beach DL  (accused of taking part in child sexual abuse in Dolphin Square by his alleged victim)

5.    Lord Edwin Bramall DL  (accused of taking part in child sexual abuse in Dolphin Square by his alleged victim)

6.    Sir Roland Gibbs DL  (accused of taking part in child sexual abuse in Dolphin Square by his alleged victim)

7.    Councillor Robert Davis DL  (intimated by Scallywag magazine that he had probable participation in the Dolphin Square VIP paedophile ring)

8.    Dr Paul Knapman DL  (accused of falsifying autopsy reports for individuals with knowledge of the Dolphin Square paedophile ring who died in Dolphin Square in suspicious circumstances)

9.    Dame Shirley Porter DL  (the then Leader of Westminster Council - at that time the ultimate landlord of the Dolphin Square estate. Her powerful son, John R. Porter, has strong links to the Israeli Military establishment, according to investigative journalist and former Scallywag researcher Pete Sawyer)

10.   Sir Rodney Brooke DL  (Director of The Dolphin Square Trust from 1987-2001 and also a trustee of the Dolphin Square Charitable Foundation for the latter part of that period. Rodney Brooke is also a former Chief Executive of Westminster City Council from 1984-1989 when Dame Shirley Porter was Leader of Westminster City Council. It was in the period of Sir Rodney-and-Shirley-Porter's-leadership that Dolphin Square was the site of paedophile abuse gatherings of military and political VIPs)

11.   Sir Reginald Sheffield DL  (reportedly a close friend of the notorious Dolphin Square paedophile-gatherings ringleader, Derek Laud)

12.   Captain Peter Stephen Montgomery DL  (Kincora boys home in Northern Ireland from which boys trafficked to Dolphin Square)


13.   Lady Virginia Bottomley DL  (innumerable professional associations and collaborations with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell's very close friends, Lord Peter Mandelson, and Sir Evelyn and Lynn Forester de Rothschild)


14.  Baroness Gillian Shephard DL  (Knowl View cover-up allegations)

15.  Lord Melvyn Bragg DL  (the subject of a non specific and unsubstantiated allegation of his historical involvement in child sexual abuse)

16.  Sir Paul Condon DL

17.  Lord John Stevens DL

18.  Dame Fiona Woolf DL

19.  Dame Alison Fettes Richard DL
What the hell kind of State grants its highest honours and privileges to *alleged* serial paedophiles, child traffickers and paedophile cover-up merchants with such baffling frequency and predictability?

The Queen is complicit.
What are the Lord Lieutenants?

According to Wikipedia:

"The title Lord Lieutenant is given to the British monarch's personal representatives in the United Kingdom, usually in a county or similar circumscription, with varying tasks throughout history. Usually a retired local notable, senior military officer, peer or business person is given the post honorarily ...

Lord-lieutenants are the monarch's representatives in their lieutenancy. It is their foremost duty to uphold the dignity of the Crown, and in so doing they seek to promote a spirit of co-operation and good atmosphere by the time they give to voluntary and benevolent organisations and by the interest they take in the business and social life of their counties.

The lord-lieutenant is supported by a vice lord-lieutenant and deputy lieutenants."

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