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Alternative Web Tools
Just thought people may be interested in using an alternative to the mainstream internet web browsers and search engines that are commonly used. 

A good alternative internet web browser is Brave. Has some good security features and is easy to use.

And for web searching give duckduckgo a try, you may never use goggle (sic) search again.

Would be interested to hear peoples thoughts on these great alternatives.
I haven't heard of Brave (currently on Firefox, TOR for PC & Firefox Focus for Android running with Orbot), but will have a look.
With regards to DuckDuckGo (DDG): i like it. It's my default search engine. It has some strange results sometimes and i think is best used with another engine (other than Google of course) if performing deeper searches. Also, the better security features of DDG can be further improved with a couple of simple browser add-ons (I use HTTPS Everywhere, uBlock Origin amonst others).
I've not settled on a .onion/Deep web search engine yet, but the TOR browser itself is a cool anonymity tool.
How do you start a web page/site and how do you know who to choose as a template?!
I’d like my own so I can come off faceache & twatter like Richie was suggesting but I am literally technologically challenged!
Charlotte, the easiest thing for me to say is have a couple hours searching & researching web sites & hosts. There is also the option of running a blog type page like blogger or wordpress, rather than a website.
For smaller sites (eg. your not adding big videos everyday) the free options should be fine, and the blog sites mentioned have free options too.
Think about the type of content you wish to provide, as this should guide you to a suitable template. There's no point having a template for a business, say, if your'e not selling anything. Feel free to PM me if needed- I'm no expert though!
Good luck with the site- let us all know the address when it's live


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