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Is the beginning of Islam historically correct?
One of Richie's guests who is a Muslim was asked about the Islamic view of the 'end of days'.
In recent times I have been communicating with a Muslim about the Quran and the Bible. I asked the same question, her reply was that Jesus would return to defeat the anti christ. So then my next question was were does Mohammed fit into the story?
Considering the earth has a large Islamic population you may find this you tube video interesting. It is about Islams historical origins.

As far as the Bible is concerned the new Jerusalem that descends down from heaven after Jesus returns is.
1500 miles in length and the same width and is 600,000 stories high.
After that there are massive changes to the earths geography. 
There are requirements to enter this city, I have my ticket by the way.
The Islamic ticket won't work though, as many other religious tickets won't enter the gates either.
I went to a weekend convention on esoteric spirituality a couple of weeks ago. I don't believe in any religion but I do believe there is a spiritual dimension to life. The speaker, a man named William Meader, said that he believes that all religions have a bit of the truth but none of them have all of it and that seems to make sense to me. He also feels, as I do, that all religions have become corrupted and about power and control rather than spirituality.

What we need is not multiple religions that divide people but a universal spirituality with no rules laid down, just a belief that we need to care for each other, other species and nature. If we don't look to something like that but carry on as we are I believe we as a species are headed for big trouble.
The guy you mentioned, William Meader has the right to his opinion,as we all do. I would be interested to know what evidence he has to draw his conclusion.
My personal experience came from being filled with Gods Holy Spirit and speaking in other tongues. After that conversion some 29years ago I have witnessed many miracles and signs in my life and the life of others. I went from having no understanding of God,to a personal relationship in a second. I also went from no understanding, to a complete understanding, of who gave us life and why we are here. That I guess is the evidence I personally needed to come to the conclusion I have.
What I am speaking of is not a religion,as it's origin is not from mans ideas but a direct connection from the creator. The Christians I call brethren, world wide are peaceful people, that live and work together. They are people from every race and every walk of life. We all have a common experience and a common understanding.
I too am not a big fan of religion's. The Bible speaks of a bloody conclusion to mans reign on earth. Thanks mostly to Satan and his followers but the hope is God intervenes and restores peace via Jesus the prince of peace.
This is my hope and my personal conclusion.

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