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Boris Johnson: the Child Abuse allegation
Boris Johnson: the Child Abuse allegation

Boris Johnson was the Mayor of London until recently - and now a skeleton from Mr Johnson's past has resurfaced.

That skeleton's name? Russell Walters.

Conservative Party appartchik David Russell Walters was the Special Assistant for Education who worked with Mr Johnson in the Mayor of London's office.

In other words, Mr Walters and Boris Johnson worked together very closely.

What Boris Johnson has never publicly confirmed or denied is the horrifying allegation that police found Mr Walters in possession of "reams" of child pornography in 1994.

If this is true, then why did Mr Johnson not sound the alarm about his colleague?

Was Bojo the racist clown really oblivious to such a serious allegation (and one which had been nationally published)?

What does Mr Johnson have to say about his former colleague now?

The public deserves answers.

Scallywag magazine, issue 24

"Surely it can't be true that Russell Walters, formally employed to run the Scottish CCO [Conservative Central Office] ... recently had his home raided by the police.

"And what did [the police] find?

"Reams of child pornography."

Urgent questions for Mr Johnson:

  1. What is and was the nature and extent of your relationship with Russell Walters? (On what date and in what capacity did you first meet? For how many years did you work together? Did you ever socialise outside of work? Where and how often?)
  2. Did the Greater London Authority or the Mayor's office require a criminal records check on Mr Walters for employment purposes? (On what date? Or - why not?)
  3. What did Mr Walters' criminal records check reveal? 
  4. Was Mr Walters ever cautioned, arrested,  or tried in connection with child pornography or any other matter? 
  5. On what date did you first learn about the child pornography allegation?
  6. What action did you take? Whom did you notify?
  7. To your knowledge, is the allegation - or any part of it - true or partially true? (Have you asked Mr Walters directly about the allegation?)
  8. Have there been any other allegations against Mr Walters of possible criminal misconduct, substantiated or otherwise, of which you are aware?
  9. Did you ever have reason to suspect that Mr Walters was not a fit and proper person to represent the Mayor of London's Office, the Greater London Assembly, the city of London, or the Conservative party?
  10. Why have you remained silent about the matter all these years? (Do you now wish to apologise?)

As the Conservative party's putative Leader-in-Waiting, isn't it now time for some frankness, Mr Johnson?
David Russell Walters

Mr Walters is a colleague of alleged Dolphin Square paedophile Dr Julian Lewis MP

Mr Walters was Adam Afriyie MP's chief of staff

Mr Walters was a professional pimp for a VIP prostitution business

David Russell Walters on Linkedin

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