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SIR PAUL STEPHENSON ... Crimestoppers, Nick Ross, Janner, Freuds, McCanns, Savile
What do we really know about Sir Paul Stephenson?

Crimestoppers, Nick Ross, Greville Janner, Matthew Freud, Clement Freud

Sir Paul Stephenson, the former Metropolitan Police Commissioner, is a Trustee of Crimestoppers.

Crimestoppers was founded in 1998 by LORD MICHAEL ASHCROFT, the former deputy chairman of the Conservative Party and a privy councillor. Crimestoppers was originally called the Community Action Trust; it was renamed in 1995.

Crimestoppers operates throughout the British Isles, including in the child abuse islands of Jersey and Guernsey. Jersey was at the heart of the Anglo-Irish VIP paedophile network which operated for decades.

It has been alleged that Lord Ashcroft's charity, Crimestoppers, is in fact a front operation "used to filter out reports of crimes perpetrated by the British establishment." 

Quote:Dr Sally Baker has written: "... I knew someone [circa 1993] who rang Crimestoppers Wales and reported one of the key facilitators of the paedophile ring in north Wales, giving full details of two very serious crimes. No action was taken so this person rang again. They were told that their call had been classed as a hoax and no investigation would take place."

Crimestoppers boasts of a partnership with sinister international charity SAVE THE CHILDREN.

Apart from Sir Paul Stephenson and Lord Ashcroft, other Crimestoppers trustees include:

  • NICK ROSS (Nick Ross is allegedly linked to the murder of his former BBC colleague and Crimewatch co-presenter, Jill Dando. The assassination of Dando 'shut down' her investigation into a VIP paedophile ring with tentacles at the broadcaster: reputedly including the likes of Esther Rantzen, Jimmy Savile, and Dando's good friend Cliff Richard).

Madeleine McCann, VIP child trafficking

LORD WAHEED ALLI is a former Trustee of Crimestoppers. The reason behind Alli's strange decision to quit the charity in 2015 is a complete mystery.

Alli is the business partner of Rupert Murdoch's daughter, ELISABETH MURDOCH, who is the former wife of MATTHEW FREUD, son of the late serial paedophile CLEMENT FREUD. It's a small world at the top.

Child molesting monster Clement Freud was linked to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in Portugal's Praia da Luz resort.

In an extraordinary development in 2011, which may or may not be connected to Sir Paul Stephenson's connection with Lord Waheed Alli, Sir Paul agreed to review the Metropolitan Police investigation into the disappearance of MADELEINE MCCANN.

Criticisms of this bizarre development were twofold:

  • CRITICISM 2: Sir Paul's decision amounted to his granting "unfair" and "special" attention to the McCann case at the cost of other Scotland Yard inquiries. Sir Paul was strangely unwilling to explain why he was effectively treating Madeleine's disappearance as a "special case".

Quote:Jenny Jones of the London Assembly commented: "I am just not convinced by [Sir Paul] saying that he has extra resources that he can move around so that other victims will not have unfairly lost justice as a result."

Stephen Purdew, Champney's, Sir Jimmy Savile

Sir Paul Stephenson is friends with Stephen Purdew, the managing director of Champneys health spa who was very close friends with the late SIR JIMMY SAVILE

Sir Paul accepted a gift from his friend Mr Purdew worth an astonishing £12,000 for a stay at Champneys of 20 nights. In 2011 Mr Purdew revealed that he and Sir Paul Stephenson "have been friends for about 20 years" - that is, since about 1991.

Sir Paul was compelled to resign as Metropolitan Police Commissioner after the media traced the connections linking Sir Paul, his friend Stephen Purdew of Champneys, and Neil Wallis, a former executive editor of the News of the World.

Mr Wallis was employed by Champneys as a public relations consultant at the time of Sir Paul's free holiday at the spa, and Mr Wallis had worked as a media consultant for the Metropolitan Police.

Once again, Sir Paul's relationship with Lord Waheed Alli (e.g. through Crimestoppers) may be important to understanding the former Met Commissioner's dealings with the former executive editor of News of the World.

After all, the News of the World was published by News International, the Rupert Murdoch company. As earlier noted, Lord Alli is business partners with Rupert Murdoch's daughter, Elisabeth.

When Neil Wallis was arrested on 14 July 2011 by the Metropolitan Police investigating the News of the World phone hacking scandal, the writing was on the wall for Sir Paul Stephenson. Sir Paul duly announced his resignation from the Met three days later.

The truth

So there it is. 

  • Crimestoppers, Nick Ross and Jill Dando;
  • Robert Stephen Rubin, the Holocaust Educational Trust and Greville Janner;
  • Lord Waheed Alli, Elisabeth Murdoch, the Freuds and the McCanns 
  • Champney's, Jimmy Savile, and MISSING CHILDREN at home and abroad.

Who really knows the truth about Sir Paul and his web of horrifying connections?

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