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The Richie Allen Show Archive - How Do I Access It?
Comment on The Richie Allen Show Archive - How Do I Access It?. Post away!
Well Richie said it was possible to send him a message on here but I'm not sure where I do that so I'll just put it on here and hope for the best. I don't use twitter or FB or have a Google account so can't use those.

I agree with Richie on many things but a couple where we differ are some environmental issues and over-population. I actually agreed with every word David Attenborough said in the clip. I've been involved in the environmental movement since I was 15, I'm in my 60s now, although I have lost faith in the Green Party in some ways despite having previously been a member for about 20 years. They are now pro EU which they weren't before and also very into identity politics which I loathe. Also I strongly believe that over-population is currently the biggest problem facing mankind. I would like Richie to have someone on the show who feels about over-population as I do then Richie could debate with them. Also the same about environmental issues.

There is a Thomas Sheridan on YouTube and, not the Scottish one this one is Irish lives in Donegal I believe, and I'd love for Richie to have him on. He worked on Wall St for 11 years and describes it as evil. He is now a musician, enviromentalist and very into the esoteric. Think he and Richie would have ideas in common.
Don't know if anyone will see this who can communicate with Richie but if they do please wish him and Caroline a speedy recovery.

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