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Nick Ross and co. are on (our) CrimeWatch
Nick Ross and co. are on (our) CrimeWatch

- Procurement and prostitution of minors -
- Child trafficking -

- Assault and battery -
- Organised VIP paedophilia -

- Victim and witness intimidation -
- Revenge attacks and homicide -

- Business, charity  and accounting fraud -
- Money laundering -

- Bribery and blackmail -
- Obstruction of justice -

 Criminal conspiracy 
Which UK luminaries may be part of a Crime Syndicate with provable links to Britain’s VIP paedophilia network?

Nick Ross ... Derek Sawyer ... Stephen Twigg ... Keith Vaz ... Alex Carlile and Lord John Stevens have all been past directors of the Crime Concern Trust Limited.

According to the dictionary, "concern" (noun) can refer to a cause of anxiety; or a matter of interest or importance to someone.
However, alternative synonyms for "concern" (noun) include: a BUSINESS or SYNDICATE.
Oh dear.
Now we’re confused.
Hey, Honest Nick, Dodgy Derek, Islington Steve, Drugrunner Jimmy, Baron Shady and Johnny Whitewash, can you clear something up for us?

RE your 'Crime Concern Trust Limited' ...
Are you preventing the crime?
Or actually running it?


The Crime Concern Trust Limited

1.      Nick Ross (director at the Crime Concern Trust 24 Jan. 1992 – 2 Nov. 1999)
-         Nick Ross resigned from the board of the Crime Concern Trust on 2 November 1999, i.e. a mere six months after the murder of his erstwhile BBC Crimewatch colleague, Jill Dando.
-         That shocking murder on 26 April 1999 had brought to an abrupt end Jill Dando's personally-instigated enquiries into the VIP-Westminster paedophile network with tentacles at the BBC. Nick Ross and his wife Sarah Caplin, Dame Esther Rantzen (Sarah Caplin's cousin), Dr Alan Farthing (subsequently the Queen's gynaecologist) and Cliff Richard (Jill's fiance and Jill's showbusiness friend, respectively) knew all about the elite paedophile network and the reason for Dando's murder, or so the circumstantial facts suggest.
-         But was theirs a conspiracy of silence and nothing more (of standing back, and passively allowing events and protagonists of which they had knowledge to unfold and destroy)?
-         Or were the Ross-Caplin-Rantzen-Farthing-Richard quintet involved in operations more evil still?
-         And why did Nick Ross resign from the Crime Concern Trust on 2 November 1999, just six months after the murder of his erstwhile colleague Jill Dando? Well, here's a thought. Perhaps Honest Nick severed his ties with this particular 'Crime Concern' to lessen the possibility of an investigating journalist or copper chancing upon this most dubious directorship, and asking the BBC man difficult questions.
-         After all, Nick Ross’s colleagues on the board of the murky Crime Concern Trust Limited included some of the most disreputable names in British public life.
-         Nick Ross’s colleagues on the board of the Crime Concern Trust have included:

2.      Stephen Twigg MP (director at the Crime Concern Trust 17 Jul. 1997 – 2 Nov. 1999)
-         Who should resign his directorship at the Crime Concern Trust on the exact same day as his colleague on the board of directors, Nick Ross, did the same? It was none other than Stephen Twigg MP, of Islington Child Abuse Scandal infamy.
-         Stephen Twigg has a long history with fellow Labour cronies Derek Sawyer (who has also served on the Crime Concern Trust) and Margaret Hodge. Their shared history stretches back to Islington Borough Council in the 1990s.
-         Stephen Twigg became an Islington councillor in 1992 and served until 1997 ... 1997 also being the year he became a director of the Crime Concern Trust with Nick Ross.
-         Stephen Twigg, in common with his Labour party colleague Derek Sawyer, was elected to Islington Borough Council in the same year that Margaret Hodge's leading role in the Islington Child Abuse Scandal was exposed in the media. Prior to that media firestorm, survivor and whistle blower Demetrious Panton had vigorously lobbied Twigg about the evidence of widespread sexual abuse in the borough's children’s homes - just as he had also lobbied Margaret Hodge - but to no avail. The Blairite pair had been utterly dismissive - with consequences predictably catastrophic for the affected children of Islington.
-         A quarter of a century later, Stephen Twigg would court the media spotlight in 2012 to demand that media organisations do more to protect children from paedophiles. Was this a wretched token attempt on Twigg's part to 'patch up' his abysmal record of failing society's most vulnerable? If only the conscience of Twiggy had been functioning some twenty-five earlier, minors in Islington might not have been raped and murdered while Stephen and his Islington Labour cronies did precisely nothing to stop the carnage.
-         Stephen Twigg has served on the Council of the Holocaust Educational Trust whose chairman was the late serial paedophile Greville Janner. As he is a devoted Zionist like Margaret Hodge, Twigg is also the former chairman of Labour Friends of Israel, and continues to belong to that group whose other members include …
  • Margaret Hodge, queen of denial and cover up:
  • Alleged serial paedophile Paul Boateng; and
  • Alleged serial paedophile Keith Vaz.
... all of them members of the same Blairite clique whose representatives rose to power in 1990s London local government.
(Just like his Labour cronies Stephen Twigg and Derek Sawyer, Keith Vaz is a director of the Crime Concern Trust. And just like Twigg, Sawyer and Hodge, 'Vaz the Laundry Man' was at Islington Borough Council: he served as the borough's solicitor from 1982 to 1985.)
-         Stephen Twigg is the former chairman and now honorary president of Progress, the Blairite think tank/networking space on whose Strategy Board sits Peter Mandelson. Interestingly, Progress' previous honorary president, Alan Milburn, resigned abruptly from government in June 2003, a mere few months after a list of suspected paedophiles assembled by Operation Ore had been leaked to the press. Speculation that Milburn and/or Mandelson were identified by that police operation is mostly unsubstantiated. However, in 2015 it was revealed that multiple listings for Mandelson appear in the contacts book produced by convicted serial paedophile and international child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

3.      Derek Sawyer (director at the Crime Concern Trust 17 April 2002 - 1 July 2008)
-         Who was serving as a director at the Crime Concern Trust in the same period as his cronies Stephen Twigg and Nick Ross? None other than 'dodgy' Derek Sawyer, another Labour loyalist who, like Twigg, like Margaret Hodge, and like Keith Vaz, spent formative political years at Islington Borough Council while the Islington Child Abuse raged all around him, claiming childhoods and young lives.
-         Derek Sawyer?
-         Derek Musta Saw-a-lot, more like.
-         Derek Sawyer was elected to Islington Borough Council in 1982, the same year his Labour party colleague Margaret Hodge became the Leader of the Council. After ten years during which they both represented Islington simultaneously (1982-1992), Derek Sawyer succeeded Margaret Hodge to the post of Council Leader for the next two years, 1992-1994.
-         Also in 1992, the year of the 'Sawyer-to-Hodge succession' at Islington Borough Council, it was revealed that all 12 of the Local Authority's children’s homes had long been overrun by a web of paedophiles, pimps and child pornographers, which we now know was part of a larger network spanning the British Isles: including North Wales, Jersey, Northern Ireland and the capital/southern England. The monumental Islington Child Abuse Scandal had happened on the watch of Council Leader Margaret Hodge.
-         Children in the care of Islington, whose safety and welfare should have been one of the primary raisons d’etre for Derek Sawyer, Ms Hodge and the rest of the Council, had been found dead from causes such as suicide and apparent foul play; scores more had been sexually abused. Hodge's Islington Labour colleague, Derek Sawyer, had been the councillor for St George's ward throughout the relevant period; now, in 1992, he was tasked with handling the fallout of the media firestorm and ordering an investigation. (We should also note that Jeremy Corbyn has been the Islington North MP for a very long time and Derek Sawyer, until 2010, was Corbyn's election agent. We shall have more questions to ask of Mr Corbyn on another occasion).
-         As we search for possible reasons why Derek Sawyer turned a deaf ear to child abuse victim Demetrious Panton - and thereby helped then Council Leader Margaret Hodge to enable one of the worst child abuse scandals in Britain's modern history - perhaps we should turn for clues to Mr Sawyer's earlier history.
-         For you see, since no later than 1977, Derek Sawyer was a lifelong friend and business partner of the career paedophile, reputed paedophile ring member, identity fraudster, and brutal sadist Derek Slade, a relentless child predator finally sentenced in 2010 to a 21-year prison sentence. Mr Slade died in HMP Norwich in 2016, so it was reported.
-         In 1977, some five years before Derek Sawyer was elected to Islington Borough Council, he and his friend Derek Slade had set up a company called Anglemoss to operate a boarding school called St George's. Derek Slade became its headmaster. During Slade's ensuing five-year "reign of terror" at St George's he would savagely beat and sexually assault the young boys, who, being boarders, were easy targets for the Sadist in Charge.
-         Sawyer's mate Slade quit his job as headteacher at St George's in 1983... but by then Slade's career as a serial paedophile still had decades to run. The continual support of his close, politically-connected friend Derek Sawyer through the ensuing decades would positively guarantee that.
-         Crisscrossing Britain and parts of the developing world for the next 27 years, paedophile Slade would simply go from one school to another, physically and sexually abusing at each one, resigning each post when word of his brutality got out, and then moving on to a new target. Throughout this career of terror, Derek Sawyer, Mr Slade's ever loyal friend and business partner (later Nick Ross's colleague on the board of the Crime Concern Trust Limited) continued to collude with Slade, helping to keep his friend out of prison and in the employment of a succession of schools.
-         In 1986, while Derek Sawyer was an Islington councillor with neither eyes to see nor ears to hear about the crimes against children being perpetrated throughout his Council's properties, he (Sawyer) gave character evidence for buddy Derek Slade when the career paedophile was convicted of beating a boy at a prep school in Sussex. And some nine years later, in 1995, the pair co-founded a non profit called International British Educational Projects (IBEP). The glowing CV and documents that Derek Sawyer/IBEP supplied Slade with provided just the 'cover' Slade required to sexually abuse more boys – now in Africa and India.
-         Without the cover provided by Derek Sawyer, Slade’s career of paedophilia might have stalled much sooner. And was Sawyer really so blind and deaf that the constant swirl of allegations which had followed Slade around Britain had entirely escaped his notice? Selective blindness and deafness seems to characterise Derek's Sawyer's biography, in terms of his remarkable 'obliviousness' to the child abuse which seems always to have followed him around.
-         After succeeding Margaret Hodge as Council Leader at Islington Borough Council, Derek Sawyer commissioned the White Report into the borough's sexual abuse scandal. Given all we now know about Sawyer effectively facilitating the career of terror of his close friend Slade from 1977 to 2010, we question whether Sawyer was fully open and forthcoming in the evidence he gave or didn't give to Islington investigators. Had Sawyer heard but ignored accounts of what was happening in Islington's children's homes long before 1992 and the media firestorm?
4.      Keith Vaz (director at the Crime Concern Trust 6 Nov. 1991 – 17 Sep. 1993)
-         Another Labour loyalist who worked for Islington Borough Council while Margaret Hodge had oversight of the borough's children's homes, and Derek Sawyer was a councillor for St George's ward, and Stephen Twigg was a councillor for Sussex ward, is the slippery washing machine salesman and notoriously corrupt MP, Keith Vaz. And – you guessed it – Vaz served on the board of directors of the Crime Concern Trust Limited at the same time as Nick Ross, the BBC man who cried crocodile tears for Jill Dando even as his wife and his wife's cousin were casting their Child-line for young victims of the VIP paedophile network to come forward.
-         Keith Vaz, now the MP for Leicester East when he isn't misusing (fake) charity funds to pay his sex workers, was senior solicitor for Islington Borough Council between 1982 and 1985. Mr Vaz has been linked to serial paedophilia in information received by MPs - who in turn called in police, according to the well-informed Westminster insider, Paul Staines.
-         Perhaps Nick Ross, being peculiarly unobservant like Stephen Twigg and Derek Sawyer, simply had no idea in the 1990s or subsequently that his then colleague on the Crime Concern Trust Limited, Keith Vaz, is reportedly:
"A paedophile who preys on young boys"
Much more about Keith Vaz here:
5.      Lord Alex Carlile (director at the Crime Concern Trust 17 Jul. 1997 – 23 Mar. 1999)
-         Oh, Lordy.
-         It's bad enough that your colleagues Nick Ross, Stephen Twigg, Derek Sawyer and Keith Vaz have a longstanding 'interest in crime', shall we say… But a baron and QC like yourself, Alex?
-         You were a director of the infamous Crime Concern Trust at the same time as Nick Ross and Stephen Twigg, yet – quite amazingly - you resigned that office a mere matter of weeks before Jill Dando was shot dead at point blank range, leaving your crony Nick crying crocodile tears.
-         Confronted with your entanglement in such an incriminating web of colleagues and dates, Lord Alex Carlile, what might a cynical barrister conclude?
-         Before forming conclusions, let us examine your past history and associations, to see what kind of person you were before your interests in criminality led you to join Honest Nick and Twiggy at the Crime Concern Trust.
-         Lord Alex Carlile, you were a very vocal supporter of the late serial paedophile Greville Janner. Do you remember? In a separate article, we highlighted the following information:


"Carlile should have known Janner fairly well," notes former ambassador Craig Murray. "They were both MPs, both QCs, 
both members of Friends of Israelboth patrons of UK lawyers for Israel. They appear still to both be patrons of the Friends of Israel Educational Foundation ... Still, Carlile's stalwart defence of his friend is understandable. You can't expect him to have picked up on Janner's secret life. Nor that of Cyril Smith. Carlile shared a small Commons office with Cyril Smith for many years. Oh dear. He really isn't good at noticing things, is he?"

Lord Carlile's second and current wife, Alison Levistt QC, has previously been employed as a partner at Mishcon de Reya, whose infamous clients have included Leon Brittan, Leon Brittan's surviving wife Diana, and the late Max Clifford. Prior to Ms Levitt joining Mishcon de Reya she was principal legal adviser to the then Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders. DPP Alison Saunders was responsible for the catastrophic and sinister decision not to prosecute Greville Janner during his lifetime. Thus, of all the women in the world whom Greville Janner's friend, Lord Carlile, might have chosen to take as his second wife, quite remarkably he chose Alison Levitt - the lawyer associated with the extraordinary decision not to prosecute his paedophilic buddy."

Like the late Sir Jimmy Savile, Lord Alex Carlisle has been a member of the Athaeneum Club. 

Well, networking is important.

6.      Lord John Stevens (director at the Crime Concern Trust 24 Apr. 1997 – 2 Nov. 1999)
-         Now then, now then. What’s this? Nick Ross and his colleague Lord John Stevens resigned their directorships of the Crime Concern Trust on precisely the same date in 1999, a mere six months after the targeted killing of Jill Dando to cover up the paedophile network linked to Jimmy Savile and other media men and women who'd been operating not so very far from where Jill once faced the TV cameras with Nick Ross at her side…
-         How smashing for Lord John Stevens, Nick Ross, Stephen Twigg and Alex Carlile that in the late 1990s they were all serving simultaneously on the board of the Crime Concern Trust. Like rotting peas in a pod, one might say. (Or felons in a crime syndicate, as a cynic might unkindly speculate).
-         Lord John Stevens is one of the Queen's Deputy Lieutenants - a very special group of establishment figures indeed. Despite the Queen's husband, her daughter in law, her two eldest sons, her first cousin, many of her close friends, and many members of her household staff fraternising with individuals strongly linked to VIP paedophile rings, we all know that Elizabeth II is whiter than white. Therefore, it is an absolutely bloody mystery why an astonishing number of the Queen's Deputy Lieutenants are also linked to organised VIP paedophilia operations (and in many cases to each other). 

The Queen's Deputy Lieutenants have included:

  • Westminster City councillors Dame Shirley Porter and Robert Davis, both linked by Scallywag magazine to knowledge of organised VIP 'paedophile parties' at Westminster City Council-owned (at the time) Dolphin Square
  • Lord David Steel who previously lived in Westminster City Council-owned (at the time) Dolphin Square, including, at one time, with his adopted son Billy; David Steel was linked by Scallywag magazine to alleged child sexual abuse and alleged fraternising with an alleged child sex trafficker, Derek Laud
  • Sir Reginald Sheffield, who is friends with alleged child sex trafficker Derek Laud (see previous entry)
  • Lord Edwin Bramall, who allegedly visited Dolphin Square and has been linked by Carl Beech to alleged child sexual abuse
  • Sir Frank Edward Kitson, former director of the infamous Stowe School - "He was also educated there before joining the military and rising to Commander-in-Chief UK Land Forces, a rank also held by alleged paedophile Edwin Bramall (see previous entry)
  • Lord Richard Dannatt, patron of Street Child, a charity closely linked to Ghislaine Maxwell and the infamous Stowe School (Maxwell's spokesman, Ross Gow, is a Supporter and the chair is Stowe's headmaster Dr Anthony Wallersteiner, whose father was Robert Maxwell's business partner). Richard Dannatt's son, Tom, is Street Child's CEO & Founder - Tom's wife is a Street Child director 
  • Sir Richard Denby, the uncle of (Peter) Jonathan Denby; Jonathan Denby is a close friend of, and former counsel to, convicted sex offender and alleged serial paedophile Harvey Proctor (whose friend and former employer, the Duke of Rutland, sends his son to Stowe School and was accused by The People of a relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell); Jonathan Denby was also an aide to the paedophile MP Enoch Powell 
  • Deeply corrupt Westminster coroner Dr Paul Knapman;
  • Former Lord Mayor of London, Dame Fiona Woolf, who was chosen as a safe pair of hands to head the UK's 'Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse', before stepping down due to her social links with the late serial paedophile, Lord Leon Brittan
  • Lady Gillian Shephard
  • Sir Cyril Smith, the serial paedophile in respect of whose predations Gillian Shephard (see above) can't recall receiving warning
  • Lady Virginia Bottomley: She who believes that the ritual abuse of children is mythical. Ginny, have you asked your husband, Sir Peter, why his name appears on the Elm Guest House List? The abuse of children in that de facto child brothel wasn't 'mythical', it was monstrous. 
  • Edward Guinness 4th Earl of Iveagh: Multi-billionaire heir to the Guinness fortune whose wife, Lady Clare Hazell-Iveagh, procured children for Ghislaine Maxwell, according to survivor Maria Farmer's testimony.

-         In common with his crony on the board of the Crime Concern Trust, Alex Carlile, Lord John Stevens was friends with serial paedophile Greville Janner. Another coincidence, no doubt.
-         Mates John Stevens and Greville Janner reportedly served together on the advisory committee of the shady organisation 'Community Security Trust' (alongside convicted criminal Gerald Ronson). In 2005 Stevens reportedly became chairman of an organisation called Quest alongside a former director of Mossad and a former director of the CIA.
-         Stevens headed the Metropolitan Police inquiry into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. Before the car crash that almost killed her, Diana had for many years, through her charity work, befriended young homeless people. One of the men with whom Diana forged a longstanding bond had confided in her that he'd been abused at the Elm Guest House from age 10... while ostensibly in the care of Grafton Close children’s home (don't worry, Virginia Bottomley, he surely imagined it).
-         After Princess Diana's death, this man told the Mirror's Keir Mudie the Princess had "kept in touch" with him after she'd helped him back on his feet. It would therefore seem likely that in the 1990s the Princess of Wales knew or suspected something about Britain's VIP paedophile network... particularly since her husband, Prince Charles, was good friends with network high-up Jimmy Savile.
-         No secret to Savile was Charles's adulterous relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles. Parker Bowles, in turn, was close friends with alleged Dolphin Square paedophile, trafficker and pimp Derek Laud (the unlikely pair have been on holiday together, as the press reported). Parker Bowles now does charity work with Esther Rantzen, the BBC personality who ensured that victims' warnings about Savile were effectively dismissed so that Jim 'the Fixer' Savile could continue with his evil work. Perhaps these facts help us understand what knowledge Princess Diana may have stumbled on that informed her prediction she'd be murdered in a car crash.
-         Lord John Stevens – a crony through the Crime Concern Trust of Nick Ross, Stephen Twigg and Alex Carlile; a former colleague of Lord Janner; one of the Queen's Deputy Lieutenants – what a very wise choice he was to head Operation Paget: that establishment whitewash into the cause of death of a royal 'busy body' whose fate it was to be encircled and finally murdered by Britain's paedophilic mafia.
7.      Dame Martina Milburn (director at the Crime Concern Trust 4 Oct. 2004 – 1 Apr. 2008)
-         Dame Martina Milburn, who is former chief executive of The Prince's Trust, was a director at the Crime Concern Trust at the same time as Derek Sawyer. The 'Prince' in the title refers to the Prince of Wales: he of multitudinous links to the VIP paedophile network and other sex attackers through his second wife Parker Bowles; his late friends Savile, (allegedly) Michael Colvin MP and Sir Laurens Van der Post; his childhood mentor Louis Mountbatten; his former valet-cum-alleged-rapist Michael Fawcett; his brother Andrew, Duke of York, the friend of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell; and his erstwhile spiritual confidantes the late Bishop Peter Ball and the late Ted Hughes. Oh dear. Dame Martina Milburn's involvement with the rogues at Crime Concern may be only an unfortunate coincidence. But, given the similarities between her background and theirs, it seems quite unlikely.
-         Dame Martina Milburn was succeeded as chief executive of The Prince's Trust by another of Charles's favourites: Michael Fawcett - the alleged rapist who is the Prince's former valet. (The rape allegation was made by George Smith, who said he was Michael Fawcett's victim). The Prince's Trust had been created in 1977 through the exertions of the late Sir Harold Haywood, Prince Charles's "most trusted charity aide" who would then spend some 11 years as a director of the Trust (i.e. until 1988). Sir Harold Haywood, when not driving the expansion of The Prince's Trust, spent his career strenuously advocating and campaigning for the 'rights' of paedophiles - collaborating with activists from bodies like the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE). Moreover, through Sir Harold's patronage of the National Association of Youth Clubs, he was especially close to Jimmy Savile.
-         One programming strand of the Prince's Trust is Fairbridge; today officially 'The Prince’s Trust Fairbridge Programme’. Before Fairbridge amalgamated with The Prince's Trust it had been a standalone charity - one with strong connections to royalty that had grown out of the Fairbridge Society established in 1909.
-         Dame Martina Milburn had served since 2011 on the board of directors of Fairbridge, and of Fairbirdge Cymru and Fairbridge in Scotland. In another of those coincidences that surprise no one familiar with the names involved, the Patron of Fairbridge was none other than Jimmy Savile's special friend and collaborator Princess Alexandra, Lady Ogilvy, first cousin of the Queen.
-         As well as being linked to Crime Concern crony Dame Martina Milburn, alleged rapist Michael Fawcett, and the late Jimmy Savile's special friends Prince Charles and Princess Alexandra, Fairbridge has also linked been linked to the infamous McAlpine clan. The late Sir William McAlpine served as a director of Fairbridge from 1992-1994 and of Fairbridge in Scotland from 1991-1995. Scallywag magazine reported that Sir William McAlpine's brother, the late Lord Alistair McAlpine, was a veritable linchpin of the North Wales-to-Westminster paedophilia and child sex trafficking operation, which systematically funnelled boys from John Allen's empire in North Wales and elsewhere to venues in England where they were sexually abused again by establishment figure including politicians. The operation was reputedly also linked to Prince Charles's late friend Michael Colvin MP, deceased paedophilic PR man Ian Greer, and Camilla Parker Bowles' friend Derek Laud, the alleged brutal child rapist and trafficker.
8.      Lord Michael Hastings (director at the Crime Concern Trust 6 Nov. 1991 – 31 Mar. 2008)
-         Former BBC journalist Lord Michael Hastings was a director at the Crime Concern Trust for a long time. Moreover, in common with his erstwhile Crime Concern colleague Dame Martina Milburn, Lord Michael Hastings has also served on the board of Fairbridge (in Hasting's case from 1992 -1999). Lord Hastings and Dame Martina Milburn served on the board of Fairbridge alongside fellow director Sir William McAlpine, brother of the paedophile network linchpin, Alistair of Scallywag magazine infamy.
-         Lord Michael Hastings is also an ambassador of the Tearfund charity in common with Bear Grylls, Britain's most famous scoutmaster. Bear Grylls' late father, Sir Michael, was involved in the unethical lobbying practices of Ian Greer's company, which were in turn connected by Scallywag magazine to collaboration with the national VIP child trafficking operation and paedophile parties in Dolphin Square (the 'carrot' of 'boys for questions' being combined with the 'stick' of political blackmail). Moreover, Sir Michael Grylls was one of two politicians who sexually assaulted child abuse victim Ben Fellows (Kenneth Clarke MP being another), according to Ben's later testimony.
-         Lord Michael Hastings is a regular participant in the annual One Young World summit for children's causes... and indeed introduced the 2018 event. The summit receives sponsorship from Unilever which was linked to the late Zionist paedophile and master of the political cover up, Leon Brittan (Unilever also employed Margaret Hodge from 1966-1973). Other regular speakers at the annual One Young World summits include perennial campaigners with snake-eyes for self enrichment, Bob Geldof and Sir Richard Branson.

9.      Gerald Ratner (director at the Crime Concern Trust 6 Nov. 1991 – 28 Sep. 1992)
-         Gerald Ratner was a director at the Crime Concern Trust at the same time as Nick Ross, and alleged serial paedophile Keith Vaz MP, and former Fairbridge director Lord Michael Hastings . Why Gerald Ratner quit the Crime Concern Trust after less than a year in post is a complete bloody mystery.
-         Gerald Ratner is today best known for his disgusting address to the Institute of Directors in 1991, in which he fairly boasted of the "crap" essence of his jewellery lines. Ratner had 'benefited' from coaching in public speaking from Greville Janner's consultancy in preparation for that nasty oration.
-         Gerald Ratner has had a second interesting business relationship, for he previously retained the services of the deceased serial paedophile Max Clifford. Clifford specialised in keeping sex scandals involving the rich and famous out of the newspapers and off television screens. Whether Gerald Ratner was plagued by any such issue - or indeed shared any private criminal behaviours in common with his business associates Greville Janner and Max Clifford - is unknown.

10.  Rt Hon Alun Michael (director at the Crime Concern Trust 14 Oct. 1993 – 11 May 1995)

-         Sketchy Alun Michael was a director at the Crime Concern Trust at the same time as Nick Ross and Lord Michael Hastings, both of whom we discussed above. Prior to being elected to represent the Cardiff South & Penarth constituency in Westminster in 1987, at age 43, Alun Michael had spent some 16 years as a youth worker in Cardiff's less affluent parts.
-         The North Wales child abuse and trafficking operation was a component part of the wider Westminster-VIP paedophile network that operated across the British Isles. Boys from John Allen's empire of North Wales children's homes and English halfway houses were assaulted and trafficked to other destinations, including to Dolphin Square in Westminster. Despite the nationwide sphere of operation of the Westminster-VIP paedophile network, the Waterhouse Inquiry overlooked or disregarded the links between the abuses in North Wales, and abuses of children from and in Northern Ireland (Kincora boys' home), Brighton, Lambeth, Richmond-upon-Thames, Westminster, Islington and Jersey.
-         The Waterhouse Inquiry finished taking evidence in May 1998; despite this, even as the sex assaults, crimes and deaths continued to mount, High Court Judge Sir Ronald Waterhouse took a very long time indeed to write the Waterhouse Report: it wasn't published until October 1999 despite the then escalating emergency of children turning up abused or dead.
-         In a remarkable overlap with this period of write up, Alun Michael was the Secretary of States for Wales from October 1998 (when he was appointed to the Queen's Privy Council) until July 1999 - and then the First Secretary of Wales from May 1999 until February 2000. A coincidence, or something else?
-         Alun Michael and Sir Ronald Waterhouse have both been members of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Mr Michael still takes part in the Society as a Vice President. Another Vice President is Prince Philip, and Cymmrodorion's Patron is the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles. The royal father and son were both very close to Jimmy Savile. Moreover, Prince Charles' wife Camilla Parker Bowles had a very close friend in alleged North Wales-Dolphin Square paedophile and trafficker, Derek Laud. According to a national newspaper, Parker Bowles, Penny Mortimer and Derek Laud once enjoyed a holiday in the Tuscan hills... just the three of them.

Crime Concern Trust Limited has now merged with the former charity Rainer Foundation to form an organisation called Catch22.

The Crime Concern Trust served a time limited purpose and so is no longer needed?


... are the hidden functions that the Crime Concern Trust once performed - whatever those were - nowadays performed by successor charity Catch22 ... or by other organisations entirely?

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