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Simon Dudley Mr. Empathy Friend to the [Image: 810594465515970560].. #homeless #society #sociopaths #world
The Social Security system in the UK

The Bullingdon Club rich-kids in Britain (Cameron, Osborne, Johnson etc) have attacked and demonised the poorest and most vulnerable, the jobless, homeless and disabled year after year, into ever more extreme levels of depravation and fear while they and the elite banker parasites they serve are allowed to do what they like.

British journalist Sonia Paulton, one of the tragically few worthy of the name, wrote an excellent demolition of the welfare cuts that have brought great depravation and suffering to sick and disabled people in the UK:

So these cuts will now become law and, as a nation weeps, the details are sorrowful when applied to reality. Here’s an example -

Any disabled or sick person who has been given more than six months to live and is unable to financially support themselves, will be sent out to work. If they refuse, or back out of a scheme, then they will be subject to benefit sanctions. Next up in the reforms will be an increase in multiple testing of patients, including those with Alzheimer’s and Multiple Sclerosis, to see if they are fit for work. They will be tested repeatedly. It will cost a great deal of money to administer and it will wear already sick people to a pulp. And as for children who dare to be born disabled, well that assistance previously available to them has been wiped out in The Tories Armageddon on the poor.

Bloody disgusting!!!

Bullingdon Club initiation ceremony claim: New members of David Cameron's old club 'burn £50 note in front of beggar'
Too true Steve
The Tories have a hatred of the disabled and the poor
They are treated like second class citizens.
It is an absolute disgrace
Can you spare some change to pay my fine? Up there with marching young troughs to a cash machine to pay for anti--social behaviour.

I was briefly homeless myself and I don't recall ever having a spare £100.
Well we as citizens let them get away with it! I’m not sitting here professing to bang on no10’s door every day but if we just read the news and go “oh no that’s terrible” then they continue their reign of evil!

The people of this country need to stand up to it! I’m not even sure the govt. listen, care or notice (judging by 60,000+ marchers in London last week & barely a muttering in the news) but we have to do something!

Every time they make a new law or policy the people suffer & they benefit! They are screwing this country up so much! I’m even tempted to vote labour lol lol lol
There is a terrible problem of homelessness here in Ireland and the government here seems not to give a damn. The government has been promising to do something about the poor state of public services for several years now. They have just announced something called Project for Ireland which is basically the old promises in new packaging with a nice bow on the top. I'm probably just being cynical and now it has a new name all of it will be carried out and everything will be wonderful.

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