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Bronfman, NXIVM, Epstein, Zionism and paedophilia
Dubin, Vekselberg, Blavatnik, Bronfman

Virginia Roberts Giuffre has also accused Glenn Dubin of being part of Epstein’s sex-trafficking ring.
Glenn and Eva Dubin have denied “the allegations in the unsealed court records”. The Dubins claim to have evidence that disprove that “any such events occurred”.

Eva Andersson-Dubin was in medical school when she met Epstein, and after she married Glenn Dubin they remained and became friends of Epstein.

In July 2012, Epstein issued a press release about his donation to the Dubin Breast Center at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City.
Epstein´s Gratitude America also donated $10,000 to the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai, where Celina Dubin is a medical student:

See Ghislaine Maxwell and Eva Anderson Dubin at Bette Midler's 60th Birthday Celebration, 31 October 2005, New York.
[Image: ef9e27d1a662dfd3ed0dc1b21b45124481a3f43d]

Here are all the 2024 pages from the Virginia Robert Giuffre - Ghislaine Maxwell lawsuit:

Ghislaine Maxwell was also a guest at a party hosted by Christine and Stephen Schwarzman.
See billionaire David Koch (recently died), Ghislaine Maxwell, Aby Rosen,16 September 2013.
[Image: 3fda76bed19f4b5266878523043afba855c5ae27.jpg]

In 2014, Jeffrey Epstein invested $1.5 million in SUM with Barak. In 2015, that money went into Carbyne.
Barak became the front-man for Carbyne.

In September 2017, Russian oligarchs Viktor Vekselberg and Andrew Intrater bought 24% of Carbyne’s Class A-1 shares through Intrater’s Columbus Nova Technology Partners (CNTP). Vekselberg and Intrater, who are close to Trump, are under US sanctions.

Here´s a short overview of the involved criminals in Carbyne.
[Image: 9bb14a6b58f10257a078cd12b49023a1376e9baa]

Carbyne also has ties to China through co-founder and shareholder Lital Leshem.
Leshem now works at Frontier Resources Group (FRG) of Erik Prince (the brother of Trump’s Education Secretary Betsy DeVos):
(archived here:

For more on Carbyne investor Viktor Vekselberg:

There are a handful of (other) “Russian” billionaires with ties to the same elite that control Donald Drumpf and Clinton, including the long-time partner in crime of Vekselberg, Jewish-Ukrainian-Russian-British-American multibillionaire “Sir” Leonard Blavatnik.
Len Blavatnik owned Hollywood financing company RatPac-Dune with Goldman Sachs, Bonesman Steve Mnuchin. Mnuchin sold his stake before becoming Treasury Secretary without disclosing to whom.
In June 2017, Blavatnik was knighted by Queen Elizabeth:
Quote:For over a decade [he] has built a record of outstanding personal philanthropy in the UK to education, cultural and charitable causes including a commitment in 2010 of £75 million to Oxford University to establish the Blavatnik School of Government.

There are some obvious ties between Blavatnik and Edgar Bronfman Jr.
In 2007, Len Blavatnik bought Edgar Jr’s Manhattan townhouse for $50 million.
In May, 2011, CEO Edgar Bronfman announced that the Warner Music Group had been sold to Blavatnik’s Access Industries for $3.3 billion cash, less than half the price for what it had gone public. Warner's biggest record labels are Warner Bros. records and Atlantic.

In reality Blavatnik paid only $1.3 billion and the media concluded $3.3 billion by adding Warner Music's $2 billion debt load.
Blavatnik had already been a business partner of Bronfman as a member of Warner's board of directors and he retained a large stake even after leaving the board.
Bronfman remained Warner’s chairman, until he resigned:

In November 2016, Blavatnik, Edgar Bronfman Jr and Ynon Kreiz offered $1.8 billion for Time Inc ($18 a share).
At that time shares Time Inc were valued lower than $14. The shares quickly rose…
Kreiz has been CEO of Fox Kids Europe, Endemol (from the Netherlands) and Maker Studios (that was acquired by Disney for $670 million in March 2014).

The offer by Blavatnik, Bronfman and Kreiz was rejected by Time Inc., whose shares rose further to $18.65 (maybe that was the whole objective...).
Meredith also pursuit acquiring Time Inc. In March 2017, the group led by Blavatnik, Bronfman dropped their offer (Meredith with the Koch brothers later closed the deal though):

See “Sir” Len Blavatnik and “Baron” Jacob Rothschild
[Image: blavatnik%2Brothschild.jpg]
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:

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