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No reply to Emails

I am a new user to this forum - be gentle!

I have not used forums for a long time, generally due to the abuse that seems to come with forum usage.

Long story short - at the beginning of last month I contacted 3 people in the alternate media via email, Richie Allen being one of those people.  I had set up a standing order to Richie in the 1st week of June and had emailed him to request that he confirm the donation had been set up properly and that he was receiving them.

I received a reply to the initial email from Richie, which required further communication as it involved other information he requested from me.  I have since sent 7 emails to Richie since last month and have yet to receive a reply to any of them. I even set up a new email account and sent a message from there as well - still no reply, from any of the people in question.

This would not have made me so paranoid had the very same thing not occurred with the other people I sent emails to.  Initially I thought it was a case of these particular people being busy but now I am beginning to think it is something a LOT more sinister for reasons I may go into later. I have even suspected google of maybe tampering with and blocking my email communications, and still do to a certain extent.

Is anyone else having similar problems? Can any one suggest any help? Is Richie blocking or ignoring my emails for some reason, or simply not receiving them? This is becoming seriously frustrating to the point of paranoia and neuroses.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Richie gets a high volume of mail each and every day. Sadly there isn't always the time or capability of responding to them all. He'd love to be able to talk and respond to everyone but there simply aren't enough hours in the day.

Hi Admin! Thank you for replying to my post, even if it does read like an automated reply.

Allow me to elaborate a little and perhaps you might understand why I am a little concerned over the lack of communication I have received - and yes, before it might be said, I do come across at times as a little pedantic and can only apologise for this. That being said...

I am well aware that Richie Allen and MANY other people in the "truth community" for lack of a better word, are extremely busy.  I accept and understand that as a professional and respected journalist who speaks to a LOT of people and contributes a lot of his personal time to informing the public, that perhaps Richie might not be able to reply to a high volume of emails.  I can appreciate that, truly.

However, in order to support Richie and to keep him doing what he does, I find myself in the position to finally contribute to certain journalists, researchers etc. financially, even though it may be in small amounts, I will do what I can, when I can, because without people like Richie Allen, we would be in a worse position than we are currently. I therefore set up a standing order to Richie for a monthly amount of £10.00 which I fully intend to increase as and when I am in a position to do so.

I emailed Richie simply to ask if the donation has been set up correctly and received at his end so that I have some confirmation that the bank was doing as I asked - you will forgive me I hope for not placing any level of trust in the banking industry given what we have come to know about them! I also said that if he would like a new story to report on, I had some interesting information regarding sun cream and my daughters experience at nursery.  I received an initial reply from Richie, asking me to tell him more about my experience with the nursery as he was hearing more about what I spoke of from other people. I therefore spent a good few hours preparing a written statement for Richie and then (stupidly) sent the information to him via email. That was well over a month ago and have not since had any reply or acknowledgement from Richie or any one else I communicate with for that matter.

So, in my paranoia, I came to the conclusion that Google might have disappeared or intercepted these communications. Given that after 7 more messages I have still not received a reply, one might come to the conclusion that something is not right. I therefore decided to change my email address, because let's face it, google can't be trusted.   But even with a new email address I am still not receiving any replies from anyone I have personally contacted.

FOR THE RECORD, I do NOT view Richie in a bad light, not at all, and as far as I am concerned, the donations will continue to Richie's bank account (if he is receiving them?) for as long as I am in a position to do so. If Richie has received the information I have sent him and for some reason has chosen not to utilise it, that is also fine.  But can you at least understand my concern when I (stupidly - I admit) send personal information to Richie and a few select others that I won't name here, and then never hear from them again? Can you understand perhaps how one might become paranoid and jump to certain conclusions?

Anyway, I have said my piece and still have no idea why my emails seem to be extremely unsuccessful. Thank you for replying.
HI, it's definitely not automated just the truth Smile

I can only apologise on Richie's behalf and tell you again - in all honesty - that he would reply to each and every mail (even some of the more "specialised" ones) if he had the time. Please don't think you've been ignored for any other reason.

Thanks again for the reply Admin.

I did come across some other people on the live chat the other day who appear to have the same issue. Richie might want to look into it.

Thanks again. Speak soon.

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