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Off-Shore Tax Havens
Paradise Papers: Queen has millions invested offshore in predator firm preying on UK’s poorest ...

UK government pays millions to firms that use tax havens -

Report from thinktank Demos finds that 24 out of 35 ‘strategic suppliers’ operate in offshore jurisdictions...
A lot of “conspiracy theorists” push the story that Brexit was a genuine victory against the globalist, NWO.
I think that Brexit was orchestrated by the elite to keep Britain the money laundering paradise of the world:

I think that the Paradise Papers in itself is a “limited hangout” operation, while RT is part of the propaganda machine of Vladimir Putin, who is close to the Chabad and the British Royals.
But this doesn’t mean that the information on Queen Elizabeth’s offshore accounts isn’t interesting...

Queen Elizabeth by law is exempt from taxes. According to our dumb, deaf and blind media we have to believe that Elizabeth voluntarily pays taxes. If that is the case than why doesn’t Elizabeth have the law changed, so that she is obligated to pay taxes (as this wouldn’t really make a difference)?

The Duchy of Lancaster is a private estate that was set up in 1399 to manage land and investments for the reigning monarch. In March 2017, the Duchy was worth £519 million.
The Duchy of Lancaster has invested £10 million ($13.1 million) from Elizabeth’s private estate into offshore funds in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda. This had never before been disclosed. If Elizabeth pays taxes, like she claims, I would like to see evidence that she paid taxes over the income generated from her investments through this Cayman Islands fund.

In September 2005, the Duchy of Lancaster invested $7.5 million (£5.7 million) in Dover Street VI Cayman Fund LP.
[Image: 99638739d8424132afd7c9fc85cd85a9cc7480fb.jpg]

The US company running the fund later asked the duchy to contribute $450,000 (£344,000) – 6% of its commitment - into UK retailer BrightHouse and Threshers. The Duchy of Lancaster refused to disclose the size of its original 2007 investment in BrightHouse, which coincided with a boom in its value. The Duchy claims the BrightHouse holding now equates to £3,208.
In September 2007, when BrightHouse began the Duchy contributed $450,000 to five investments (including "Project Bertie"). This included an interest in London-based private equity firm Vision Capital that acquired 100% of BrightHouse and 75% of the Threshers off licence chain.
[Image: b458e618a1d2710e317f382c2bbc948804426cd2.jpg]

BrightHouse has since been accused of overcharging customers, and using hard sell tactics on people with mental health problems and learning disabilities.
In 2015, a UK parliamentary report concluded that BrightHouse was charging interest rates of up to 94%. One in 5 customers was in arrears and one in 10 purchases ended in repossession. In one case, a Samsung freezer cost £644 to buy but £1,716 under a five-year plan from the chain.
In October 2017, BrightHouse was ordered to pay £14.8 million in compensation to 249,000 customers for not handling in their best interest.

BrightHouse has limited its tax bill through a large loan to a Luxembourg holding company. Between 2007 and 2014, it reported £1.6 billion in revenue and made an operating profit of £191 million, but paid less than £6 million in taxes.
The Paradise Papers show only one payout from the fund to the Duchy of Lancaster in June 2008 of $361,367 over which it paid only $1,505 (0.4%) in tax.

Threshers' balance sheet was loaded with debt and it paid no corporation tax for 2 years. When the drinks retailed went bust in October 2009, almost 6,000 people lost their jobs and it owed £17.5 million in UK tax (how much did Queen Liz take?).

The Duchy of Lancaster also invested £5 million in the Jubilee Absolute Return Fund, which invests in hedge funds. At the time of the investment in June 2004, the fund was based in Bermuda. In 2006, it moved to Guernsey.
This investment ended in 2010.

According to our wonderful media, we cannot hold it against Queen Elizabeth II that her huge fortune is invested in such a dubious way:
(archived here:
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:
The Paradise Papers reveal that the Queen is the worst parasite of them all -

 While hardworking Brits have to declare every penny HRH is forgiven for being 'unaware' of where her millions are invested, says columnist Annie Brown.

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