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How can it ever stop?
It appears to me that the world is mainly controlled by either several shadow groups or one huge network of shadow groups. More than 99% of the population haven’t the slightest idea of the existence or role of these groups.

If the goal is to remove these groups and to have a "legit" society which is transparent and actually answerable to the people, how could this be done? It seems to me the only possible way is the awakening and unification of the public. Anything else would only ever be trimming the top, with the root too firmly entrenched, and it will regrow.

Obviously these groups have set everything up so that such an event is as unlikely as possible. I've possibly partially woken up about 2 or 3 people at best. I’ve lost many friends in the process, despite very polite and non-pressuring approaches. People are programmed to respond with hostility, unknowingly defending their current beliefs at all costs.

I have so many thoughts and questions about this, I’ll just drop a few. As always I’m interested in comments.

1) How could we ever know that all the shadow groups have truly been removed from power, and we're not just being conned into thinking so?

2) How could we stop them simply re-emerging in some form?

3) If there somehow was a full-scale revolt, would they just start killing us and/or putting us in camps?

4) Has "civilised" society ever truly run without these groups? 

5) Would such complex societies function properly without these groups rigging the game? Could us inmates run the asylum on our own?

6) If there's mainly one network of shadow groups, as I feel is most likely, what is ultimately behind it all? Does it stop at humans, or go beyond that? The reason I question this is the extremely long-term nature of the agendas. They go way beyond what any individual could experience in their life. Or is this just due to a kind of religious fanaticism among the elite to pursue these agendas?

Thanks for reading. I feel like the probability of awakening enough people in time to be able to do anything is almost nil. Once 5G is locked in, time is basically up I think. There is good resistance which I’m happy to see, but most of the public are so clueless that they can probably still roll it out regardless.

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