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Lady Clare Iveagh
, the 4th Countess of Iveagh (referred to as 'Clare Hazell-Iveagh' in the Black Book),
is married to the billionaire heir to the Guinness fortune, Edward Guinness 4th Earl of Iveagh (Edward or Ned Iveagh to his friends). 
Their main home is the Elveden Estate near the Norfolk-Suffolk border, though they are also understood to have significant business assets in Ireland and Canada. 

Clare Hazell-Iveagh – now Lady Iveagh – previously worked for Ghislaine Maxwell in the US and indicated that she (Iveagh) procured children for Maxwell, says survivor Maria Farmer. Hazell-Iveagh was among Jeffrey Epstein's guests at his Zorro ranch in New Mexico where she was seen at the paedophile's side, according to a newspaper investigation.

Moreover, the same woman travelled between Epstein's home and Ohio, where Ms Farmer says she interacted with Hazell-Iveagh at the estate of Leslie Wexner (this is also where Ms Farmer was abused by Maxwell and Epstein). According to flight logs, 'Clare Hazel' (sic) also made trips with Epstein to New Mexico, Ohio and Saint Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Lady Iveagh is now President of the NSPCC's West Suffolk branch. Indeed, she and her husband host NSPCC balls in Elveden Hall and welcome an annual NSPCC-sponsored Classic Car Show to the estate grounds. The sinister couple also gave their blessing to the use of Elveden Hall as a primary filming location for the movie Eyes Wide Shut.

Reportedly, Maxwell and Lady Iveagh – a former interior designer – met in a bar. Maxwell subsequently introduced Iveagh (or 'Clare Hazell' as she then was) to Epstein.

"Lord Iveagh took on the custodianship of the Elveden Estate in 1992, the fourth generation of the Guinness family to be linked with Suffolk, and the first generation to make Suffolk their home ..."

Lord and Lady Iveagh reportedly moved onto the Elveden Estate in 2001, the year they married.

Lord Iveagh had grown up mostly in Dublin. "We [my family and I] only came for fleeting visits to Elveden when I was a child," he has said.


Edward Guinness 4th Earl of Iveagh was on the founding board of New City Initiative, a lobbying group co-founded by DEREK LAUD.

DEREK LAUD is a former Tory lobbyist and alleged child trafficker and paedophile who reportedly trafficked young boys from Bryn Alyn Community care homes in North Wales to Dolphin Square in London, where those boys were preyed on by politicians, many of whom lived in the complex itself or in the vicinity.

Mr Laud once holidayed in Tuscany with Camilla Parker Bowles and Penny Mortimer three friends brought together (or so a national newspaper reported at the time) through mutual love of fox-hunting. Whether Lord and Lady Iveagh are likewise keen fox-hunters is unclear.

Part I of Whitney Webb's interview with Maria Farmer is here; a second part will follow in due course:

In this interview, Ms Farmer also discusses Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, former US president Bill Clinton, Ivana Trump, Leslie Wexner, Eileen Guggenheim, and journalist ("press-titute") Vicky Ward, among others.

Images to follow...
Lady Iveagh, wife of the Guinness heir, is the <anonymised> subject of this Sunday Mirror investigation: 

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