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George Orwell
1984 Audiobook by George Orwell -
1984 complete dramatised audiobook -
‘Animal Farm‘ by George Orwell (full audiobook)
You probably didn’t read the most telling part of Orwell’s “1984”—the appendix
George Orwell warned us of the most dangerous type of censorship – and it’s happening now -

The big tech companies are now openly censoring popular viewpoints and deleting select social media pages who supposedly ‘violate community guidelines.’
There is, of course, never a detailed explanation of why companies like You Tube and Facebook delete user generated pages (our You Tube page was deleted in 2017 for no apparent reason and our Facebook page has been throttled down to almost no reach), and there is never a reasonable way to appeal for the reinstitution of these pages.
The end result of this type of censorship, however, quite likely will not bring about the feared Soviet style clampdown on ideas that challenge the establishment. It’s more reasonable to expect that these companies have fallen pray to monopolistic hubris and will soon see massive declines in viewership, collapsing stock prices and the revolt of angry shareholders. In other words, these companies are shooting themselves in the feet.

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