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Hi all,
I have been tidying up a few Forum bits and bobs today, mainly from the General Discussion topic.
It had close to 300 threads in it, and I have moved some of the threads to a slightly more relevant topic, ie, threads about UFOs to Ufology, Climate Change to Geoengineering, anything about skripals to Russia etc etc. Nothing has been deleted...
Hope this is all ok with you..
I have also asked admin if we could add a few new topics so we can group together some of the many General Discussion threads together, eg, Coronavirus, NWO, and Big Pharma/Medicine
If there are any other bits of maintenance you would like done, please feel free to reply
Best Regards
 Last night Richie mentioned Vernon Coleman's website and the inability to pass links on from it. Well there is a way: instead of left clicking the link, right click and choose 'open in new tab' that then opens the actual article with the direct link to it in the address bar. Please could you pass that info on to Richie.

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