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Sir Evelyn de Rothschild

does serve or has served as a director, partner, associate, advisor, member, or trustee of these UNITED KINGDOM companies and organizations:
  1. Accepting Houses Committee (AHC) and its successor institution: the British Merchant Banking and Securities Houses Association
  2. Ascott Farms Ltd
  3. Ascott Properties Ltd
  4. The Atlantic Education Project  [d/b/a Atlantic Partnership]
  5. Atlantic Institute for International Affairs  [*unverified source]
  6. Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild SA
  7. Barnard & Hill Ltd
  8. Beaverbrook Newspapers Ltd
  9. Bilderberg Meeting [participant]
  10. Bletchley Park Trust Ltd
  11. Cambridge Business School Appeal
  12. Advisory Board of Cambridge Judge Business School
  13. Centaurs [the Patron/sponsor]
  14. Charter Consolidated Ltd
  15. Continuation Investments Ltd
  16. The Daily Telegraph Plc
  17. Telegraph Media Group Ltd
  18. De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd
  19. Eagle Star Holdings Ltd
  20. Eagle Star Insurance Co Ltd
  21. The Economist Group Trustee Co Ltd
  22. The Economist Newspaper Ltd
  23. EL Rothschild LLC/Ltd
  24. Epsom Downs Racecourse Ltd
  25. Epsom Grand Stand Association Ltd
  26. Eranda Herd Ltd
  27. Eranda Property Co Ltd
  28. Eranda Rothschild Foundation
  29. Evelina Children's Hospital Appeal
  30. FirstMark Communications Ltd
  31. FirstMark Communications Europe SA
  32. The Fund for Inclusive Prosperity
  33. Advisory Board of Global Strategy Forum
  34. Goodtimes Enterprises Ltd
  35. Advisory Board of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment
  36. Henry Sotheran Ltd
  37. Henry Sotheran Holdings Ltd
  38. IBM United Kingdom Holdings Ltd
  39. Imperial College London
  40. Index on Censorship [Member of the Council/Member of the Company/Advisory Board]. Founded as the Writers and Scholars Educational Trust
  41. Industrial Dwellings Society
  42. Insight Investment Management (Global) Ltd
  43. Interfaith Foundation
  44. Interfaith Declaration: A Code of Ethics on International Business for Christians, Muslims & Jews [co-founder]
  45. International Institute of Strategic Studies  [representative]
  46. Elected Member of The Jockey Club
  47. JP Morgan Europe Ltd  [preceded by Manufacturers Hanover Ltd]
  48. Kempton Park Holding Co Ltd
  49. Kempton Park Racecourse Co Ltd
  50. Kempton Racecourse Investments Ltd
  51. Liberal Jewish Synagogue - St John's Wood
  52. Court of Governors of the London School of Economics and Political Science
  53. London Weekend Television
  54. Lullaby Trust Ltd
  55. Metropix Ltd
  56. Metropix UK Limited Liability Partnership
  57. Millennium Library Trust Co
  58. Milton Keynes Community Foundation Ltd [d/b/a MK Community Foundation]
  59. Milton Keynes Development Corp
  60. Motability
  61. National Aids Trust
  62. Nearlead Ltd
  63. New Court Property Services
  64. New Court Securities Ltd
  65. NM Rothschild & Sons [partner] / NM Rothschild & Sons Ltd [from 1970]
  66. Norwood and Ravenswood Children’s Charity  [honorary life president]
  67. Policy Network and Communications Ltd  [Evelyn supplied funding; wife is on the board]
  68. Prince of Wales's Institute of Architecture  [since renamed The Prince's Foundation]
  69. Princess Royal Trust for Carers
  70. Racecourse Holdings Trust Ltd
  71. United Racecourses Ltd
  72. R Chocolate Ltd
  73. Rothschild & Co Continuation Ltd
  74. Rothschilds Continuation Ltd
  75. Rothschild & Co Holdings Ltd
  76. Rothschild & Co Nominees Ltd
  77. Rothschild Employee Trustees Ltd
  78. Rothschild Investment Trust Ltd
  79. The Council of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA)
  80. Trustees of the Royal Academy Trust (Royal Academy of Arts)
  81. Sandown Park Ltd
  82. Second Continuation Ltd
  83. Shakespeare Globe Trust
  84. Shield Trust Ltd
  85. Snowdon Trust
  86. South African Business Initiative
  87. Southcourt Stud Co Ltd
  88. The Delegacy of St Mary's Hospital Medical School
  89. Sun Alliance and London Insurance Plc
  90. Prime Minister Tony Blair's UK Business Delegation to Latin America (2001)
  91. United Racecourses
  92. Visual Programme Systems Ltd
  93. Weinreb Architectural Books Ltd
  94. Wellbeing of Women

does serve or has served as a director, partner, associate, advisor, member, or trustee of these UNITED STATES & INTERNATIONAL companies and organizations:

  1. BT Funds Management No.2 Ltd - Australia / plus branch in New Zealand
  2. La Centrale Finanziaria - Italy
  3. Clinton Global Initiative
  4. Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism
  5. de Rothschild Frères  [in 1967 de Rothschild Frères became Banque Rothschild, before being nationalized as Compagnie Européenne de Banque]
  6. Banque Rothschild  [see above]
  7. Rothschild & Cie Banque  [successor company to Banque Rothschild/de Rothschild Frères]
  8. The Elephant Family
  9. Board of Patrons of the European Association for Banking History e.V. ('eabh') - Germany
  10. FirstMark Holdings LLC
  11. International Advisory Board of Hollinger International
  12. Howard Florey Institute of Experimental Physiology and Medicine - Australia
  13. IMG
  14. McCain Institute for International Leadership [chairman of the Kissinger Fellowship]
  15. ::: Sedona Forum 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 [McCain Institute] [participant]
  16. International Board of Governors of the Peres Center for Peace & Innovation - Israel
  17. NM Rothschild Australia Holdings Pty Limited
  18. NM Rothschild & Sons (Australia) Limited
  19. NM Rothschild China Holding AG
  20. NM Rothschild & Sons (Hong Kong) Limited
  21. River House Co-op (River House Realty Co Inc) [shareholder/resident only. From May 2000–Feb 2019]
  22. Rothschild Bank AG (Zurich)
  23. Rothschild & Co Holding AG  [formerly Rothschild Holding AG] - Switzerland
  24. Rothschild Concordia AG - Switzerland
  25. Rothschild Continuation Holdings AG - Switzerland
  26. Rothschild North America Inc
  27. Rothschild Private Trust Holdings AG - Switzerland
  28. Advisory Board of the Vijay Amritraj Foundation
  29. Weather Central, LP
  30. Weizmann Institute of Science

Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild

does serve or has served as a director, partner, associate, advisor, member, or trustee of these UNITED KINGDOM & IRELAND companies and organizations:

  1. Ascott Farms Ltd
  2. International Advisory Council of Asia House
  3. Broadband Ltd
  4. Democrats Abroad UK
  5. Dueldrama Ltd
  6. The Economist Newspaper Ltd
  7. EL Rothschild LLC/Ltd
  8. ELR Holdings Ltd
  9. Eranda Rothschild Foundation
  10. FirstMark Communications Ltd
  11. FirstMark Communications Ireland Ltd
  12. FirstMark Communications Services Europe Ltd
  13. Fund for Inclusive Prosperity
  14. International Institute for Strategic Studies
  15. Liberal Jewish Synagogue - St John's Wood
  16. Old Vic Theatre Trust 2000
  17. Outward Bound Global
  18. The Outward Bound Trust
  19. Policy Network and Communications Ltd  [Lynn on the board; husband supplied funding]
  20. R Chocolate Ltd
  21. Royal Institute for International Affairs (Chatham House)
  22. Tate Foundation  [also - as seen below - Tate Americas Foundation]

does serve or has served as a director, partner, associate, advisor, member, or trustee of these UNITED STATES & INTERNATIONAL companies and organizations: 

  1. Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation
  2. American Bar Association
  3. Board of Advisors of Americans Elect 2012
  4. aSmallWorld [club member. the club's parent company was JCR ACW Holdings, LLC]
  5. Asphalt Green
  6. Association of the Bar in New York State
  7. Baker Tilly Investment Advisors > which became Bronfman EL Rothschild LP
  8. Benake LP
  9. FieldFresh Foods Pvt Ltd  [formerly known as Bharti Del Monte India Pvt Ltd]
  10. Bilderberg Meeting  [participant]
  11. The National Board of Advisors of The Children's Scholarship Fund
  12. Campaign for America's Children  [an offshoot of The Children's Scholarship Fund]
  13. Celcor Inc
  14. Advisory Board, Americas, of Christie's International Plc
  15. Clinton Global Initiative
  16. Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism U.S. Inc  [cofounder]
  17. Council for Inclusive Capitalism  [founder]
  18. International Advisory Board of Columbia University School of Law
  19. The Clinton Administration's Corporate Commission on Educational Technology
  20. The Council on Foreign Relations [member] | CFR Corporate Affairs and Development Committee | CFR Task Force on Public Diplomacy
  21. The Democratic National Committee's Platform Committee, 2008
  22. The Alfred Herrhausen Society for International Dialogue of Deutsche Bank
  23. The Global Commercial Microfinance Consortium Advisory Board of Deutsche Bank
  24. Tony Elumelu Foundation - Africa
  25. Emerging Link Conferences 1990, 1991  [representative]
  26. Estée Lauder Companies Inc
  27. Advisory Board of FCLTGlobal
  28. The Financial Access Initiative Advisors Group
  29. FirstMark Communications Europe SA - Luxembourg previously FirstMark Communications Europe S.C.A.
  30. FirstMark Communications International LLC
  31. FirstMark Communications International II LLC [?]
  32. FirstMark Communications Latin America LLC [?]
  33. FirstMark Fiber Holdings LLC [?]
  34. FirstMark Holdings Inc / FirstMark Holdings LLC
  35. The Foreign Policy Association
  36. Friends of FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano)
  37. General Instrument Corp  [formerly known as GI Corp / GI Delaware and NextLevel Systems Inc]
  38. Gender Equality Roundtable at the UN General Assembly [co-chair]
  39. Gulfstream Aerospace Corp
  40. Hand in Hand International
  41. Henry Jackson Initiative on Inclusive Capitalism
  42. Inclusive Capital Partners LP / Inclusive Capital Partners Spring Fund LP ('In-Cap')
  43. The ITU Regional Development Conference 1992  [representative]
  44. Lauder (Estee) Cosmetics Inc
  45. LNG Holdings SA
  46. Board of Trustees of the McCain Institute for International Leadership
  47. ::: Sedona Forum 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 [McCain Institute] [participant]
  48. Mobile Satellite Corp
  49. Corporate Advisory Board of The National Commission on Children
  50. President Clinton's US Advisory Council on the National Information Infrastructure
  51. The 1992 Clinton Campaign's Telecommunications Advisory Committee
  52. New York City Scholarship Fund
  53. New York City Outward Bound Center
  54. Next Level Communications Inc
  55. Peterson Institute for International Economics
  56. River House Co-op (River House Realty Co Inc) [shareholder/resident only. From May 2000–Feb 2019]
  57. US Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson's Secretary of Energy Advisory Board (SEAB)
  58. Simpson Thacher and Bartlett LLP  [an 'Associate' from 1980-1984]
  59. The Sister City Program of the City of New York, Inc
  60. Starwood Property Trust Inc
  61. Tate Americas Foundation, formerly American Patrons of Tate  [also - as seen above - Tate Foundation UK]
  62. Together Foundation
  63. TPI Communications International, Inc.
  64. United Nations Advisors Group on Inclusive Financial Sectors
  65. Weather Central, LP

* FirstMark Communications Europe S.C.A. has been associated with the following subsidiaries:

  1. Direct Telecom SA - Luxembourg
  2. FirstMark Communications Ltd - UK
  3. FirstMark Communications Austria GmBH
  4. FirstMark Communications Belgium, Sprl
  5. FirstMark Communications Denmark A/S
  6. FirstMark Communications Deutschland GmbH a/k/a FirstMark Germany
  7. FirstMark Communications Deutschland Holdings GmbH
  8. FirstMark Communicaciones Espana S.L. a/k/a FirstMark Communications Spain SL
  9. FirstMark Communications Finland Oy
  10. FirstMark Communications France Sarl
  11. FirstMark Communications Hungary
  12. FirstMark Communications Ireland Ltd
  13. FirstMark Communications Italy Srl
  14. FirstMark Communications Luxembourg Sarl
  15. FirstMark Communications Netherlands BV
  16. FirstMark Communications Netz GmbH - Germany
  17. FirstMark CD GmBH
  18. FirstMark Communications Norway
  19. FirstMark Communications Poland
  20. FirstMark Communications Portugal
  21. FirstMark Communications Services Europe Ltd
  22. FirstMark Communications Switzerland GmbH
  23. LambdaNet Communications France SAS
  24. LambdaNet Communications Deutschland GmbH
  25. Teleweb Comunicacoes Interactivas SA - Portugal

 FirstMark Communications Latin America LLC has been associated with the following subsidiaries:

  1. FirstMark Communications Colombia SA
  2. FirstMark Communications El Salvador SA
  3. FirstMark Holding Do Brasil
  4. FirstMark Holdings Peru SRL
  5. FMCLA Marketing & Distribution LLC
  6. FMCLA Online LLC
  7. FMCLA Strategic Planning LLC
  8. FMCLA Technical Services LLC

* FirstMark Holdings LLC. FirstMark Holdings LLC has an advisory board. Its members are Vernon Jordan; Dr Henry Kissinger; Dr Nathan Myhrvold; Bert Roberts; Sir Evelyn de Rothschild; and Bernard Smedley.

Nat Rothschild  (Nathaniel Philip Victor James Rothschild)

does serve or has served as a director, partner, associate, advisor, member, or trustee of these UNITED KINGDOM companies and organizations:

  1. 18 London Place Ltd
  2. Asia Resource Minerals Ltd
  3. Attara UK Services Ltd
  4. Atticus UK Services Ltd
  5. Bumi Plc
  6. International Growth & Value Fund (formerly Value Realisation Trust Ltd)
  7. JNR (UK) Ltd
  8. London & Russia Holdings Plc
  9. Messagelabs Group Ltd
  10. Nameco Alternate 1 Ltd
  11. Nameco Alternate 2 Ltd
  12. RIT Capital Partners Plc
  13. Spark Advisory Partners Ltd
  14. St James's Place 1990 Ltd
  15. St James's Place Partnership Ltd
  16. Volex Plc
  17. Yad Hanadiv

does serve or has served as a director, partner, associate, advisor, member, or trustee of these UNITED STATES & INTERNATIONAL companies and organizations: 

  1. Atticus Capital LLC
  2. Barrick Gold Corp
  3. Berma Foundation - Switzerland
  4. International Advisory Council of The Brookings Institute
  5. Champps Entertainment Inc
  6. EN+ Group Ltd - Russia
  7. Genel Energy Plc
  8. Group Andre SA
  9. The Belfer Center's International Council at John F Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University
  10. Vivarte SA - France

Lord Jacob Rothschild

does serve of has served as a director, partner, associate, advisor, fellow, member, or trustee of these UNITED KINGDOM, IRELAND & CHANNEL ISLANDS companies and organizations:

  1. Agricultural Research Council
  2. The Advisory Board of the Arcadia Fund
  3. Alternative Investment Partnerships Ltd
  4. Arrow Charitable Trust  [trustee]
  5. The Board of Management of the Arts & Humanities Research Board  ['AHRB']
  6. Visitors Committee of the Ashmolean Museum
  7. Auction Ads Ltd
  8. Beder Trust Ltd
  9. International Advisory Board of the Blackstone Group  [Lord Jacob has also served on the board of directors of Blackstone Group Management LLC - see below]
  10. British Sky Broadcasting Group Plc  [BSkyB Group Plc]
  11. Butrint Foundation Ltd  [UK registered, operates in Albania]
  12. Cambridge Associates  ['Client Investor']
  13. C A Participation Ventures Ltd
  14. Cirenco Ltd
  15. Clifton Nurseries Ltd
  16. Clifton Nurseries (Holdings) Ltd
  17. The Club of Three  [participant]
  18. Colefax Group Plc
  19. Crocus.co.uk Ltd
  20. Courtauld Institute of Art
  21. The Council of the Duchy of Cornwall
  22. European Economic Round Table at Waddesdon Manor  [co-host & participant] 
  23. Five Arrows Ltd
  24. Five Arrows Investments Ltd
  25. Future of Russia Foundation
  26. Gilbert Collection Trust
  27. Gilbert Trust for the Arts  [formerly the Heather Trust for the Arts]
  28. Global Asset Management Ltd
  29. Hampton Site Co
  30. The Main Committee of the Honours Selection Committees
  31. The Arts and Media Committee (Honours Selection Committees)
  32. Icarsan Ltd
  33. Institute for Jewish Policy Research
  34. International Growth & Value Fund  [formerly Value Realisation Trust Ltd]
  35. International Investment Trust Company of Jersey
  36. It's Fashion  [2001 fundraiser. Lord Jacob was one of three or four chairs]
  37. Jacob Rothschild & Partners Ltd
  38. JNR (UK) Ltd
  39. J Rothschild Capital Management Ltd
  40. J Rothschild & Co Ltd
  41. J Rothschild Group (Guernsey) Ltd  [Lord Jacob is the listed Beneficiary]
  42. J Rothschild Investments Ltd
  43. The J Rothschild Name Co Ltd
  44. J Rothschild Services Ltd
  45. J Rothschild, Wolfensohn & Co
  46. JRRC LLP
  47. Kanonas Ltd
  48. Leslie and Godwin (Holdings)
  49. Lord Rothschild and Family Ltd
  50. Lower Blackgrove Farm Ltd
  51. Metropolitan Estate and Property Corp
  52. Nameco Alternate 1 Ltd
  53. Nameco Alternate 2 Ltd
  54. The Board of Trustees of the National Gallery, London
  55. National Heritage Memorial Fund
  56. Heritage Lottery Fund  [has the same trustees as the Memorial Fund]
  57. NM Rothschild & Sons [partner] / NM Rothschild & Sons Ltd [from 1970 (Lord Jacob resigned in 1980)]
  58. Old Timeload Ltd  [formerly Old Scoot Ltd; Old Loot Ltd; LootLab Ltd; Loot Ltd]
  59. Portland Capital LLP
  60. Prince of Wales's Charitable Foundation
  61. Renshaw Bay (UK) Ltd
  62. RIT Capital Partners Plc  [formerly Rothschild Investment Trust]
  63. Rothschild Foundation
  64. Rothschild Foundation (Hanadiv) Europe
  65. Rothschild Waddesdon Ltd
  66. SJPC 2 Ltd
  67. SJPC Corporate Investments Ltd
  68. SJPC Trust Corp Ltd
  69. Sky Ltd
  70. Spencer House Ltd
  71. Spencer House Capital Management LLP
  72. Spencer House Partners LLP  [founder partner then chair of its advisory board]
  73. St James's Place Plc, 'The St James's Place Group'  [formerly known as J Rothschild Assurance Group]
  74. St James's Place 1990 Ltd
  75. St James's Place International Assurance Group Ltd
  76. St James's Place International Plc [registered in Ireland]
  77. St James's Place Partnership Ltd
  78. St James's Place UK Plc
  79. St James's Place Wealth Management Group Ltd
  80. Taube Hodson Stonex Partners (UK) Ltd
  81. Timeload Holdings Ltd
  82. TV-am
  83. Value Realisation Trust Plc
  84. Waddesdon Estates LLP
  85. Waddesdon Nominees Ltd
  86. Waddesdon Trust  [no longer extant - amalgamated]
  87. Weizmann UK  [Jacob Rothschild has been a Vice Pres. See also Weizmann Israel, below]
  88. Windmill Hill Asset Management Ltd

does serve or has served as a director, partner, associate, advisor, member, or trustee of these UNITED STATES & INTERNATIONAL companies and organizations:

  1. Golden Plate Awards Council of the Academy of Achievement
  2. Amraninc.com, Corp - USA
  3. Berma Foundation - Switzerland
  4. Blackstone Group Management LLC - USA
  5. Campagnie Financière Saint-Honoré [the holding company of Edmond de Rothschild Group. Lord Jacob is hon vice chair]
  6. De Beers Centenary AG - Switzerland
  7. Edmond J Safra Philanthropic Foundation - Liechtenstein
  8. Gam Francval Inc - Panama
  9. Strategic Advisory Board of Genie Oil and Gas  [Genie Oil and Gas is a subsidiary of Genie Energy Ltd]
  10. International Advisory Board of Gulfstream Aerospace Corp
  11. Selection committee of the Henry R Kravis Prize in Nonprofit Leadership
  12. Israel Museum endowment campaign  [int'l Honorary Co-chair]
  13. J Rothschild Creat Partners Ltd - China
  14. Advisory Board of the Libyan Investment Authority
  15. Magnum Fund Ltd - Canada
  16. The Global Forum of the National Library of Israel
  17. Board of Trustees of the Open Russia Foundation
  18. Advisory Board of Our Common Destiny - USA
  19. Jury of the Pritzker Architecture Prize - Spain
  20. Board of Trustees of Qatar Museums Authority  [includes the flagship Museum of Islamic Art]
  21. RHJ International SA - Belgium
  22. Rockefeller Financial Services Inc - USA
  23. S.B.S.A. - Panama
  24. Board of Trustees of the State Hermitage Museum of St Petersburg
  25. ::: Hermitage Development Trust
  26. Weizmann Institute of Science - Israel  [see also Weizmann UK, above]
  27. Worple SA - Panama  [Lord Jacob was the company president]
  28. Xander Advisors India Private Ltd / The Xander Group Inc  [Lord Jacob was a founding partner]
  29. Yad Hanadiv Bermuda
  30. Yad Hanadiv - Israel

In some cases (for example, when the number of individuals might otherwise run into hundreds), only those directors, board members, trustees, council members (etc) whom we believe to have served contemporaneously with the applicable member of the Rothschild clan are listed.

So, for example, if Mr. X Rothschild was on the board of Company Z from 20002005, the individuals listed might be exclusively those who were at Company Z on the same board at some point during the same period that Mr. X Rothschild served (i.e. in this case, 2000–2005).

In some cases, when it has been possible to include board members whose period of service preceded or came after that of a member of the Rothschild clan, we have included those individuals, too, for informational purposes.

So, before drawing a conclusion about whether a given individual served at an organization at the same time as a member of the Rothschild clan, you will need to verify the applicable dates of tenure to confirm whether (or not) they do indeed coincide / overlap.

Other points:

- To reiterate: What follows is not a directory of Rothschild employees, but rather a directory of men and women who served on the same corporate or NGO Board(s) of Directors, Trustees, or similar as the applicable Rothschild.

- If you notice from searching these listings that a certain individual is associated with one member of the Rothschild clan, make sure to look at listings for all the other members of the Rothschild clan, as well. Because it may well be the case that the individual in question is associated with more than one member of the extended Rothschild clan.

- The number of commercial companies, NGOs, trusts, foundations, and other institutions that have Rothschild board representation extends to hundreds. They are sited all over the world, and some may not be known to us. Certain countries only reveal the names of company directors upon application and payment of a significant fee.

- Moreover, the composition of boards can frequently change.

 As such, we cannot guarantee that no Rothschild associates will be missing from the directory.

If you discover that a name is missing, be assured that this is unintentional.

Keep in mind that we are exclusively focused on the following members of the dynasty at this time: Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild; Sir Evelyn de Rothschild; Lord Jacob Rothschild; and Nat Rothschild.

- With respect to Lynn Forester de Rothschild's membership of the Council on Foreign Relations, it has not been possible to include all members of that organization in this directory. Simply, there are too many members. Instead, we have sought to include the names of the most 'interesting' and 'influential' CFR members — most especially those CFR members known to also have other, additional professional associations with Lynn de Rothschild or other members of the Rothschild clan.

We apologize if the name(s) of any CFR member(s) relevant to the Rothschilds have been inadvertently omitted.
Associations of possible particular interest:

We were particularly perturbed by the appearance of the names below. But they are not the only names of interest by any means. Further details in the listings that begin on page 2.

Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild has been associated with:

  • Gerry Adams
  • UK royal family cabalPrince Philip, Prince Andrew, Tine Ward [Duchess of York's former P.A.], Ben Elliot [Camilla Parker Bowles' nephew]
  • Lord Conrad Black
  • The Mandelson-Blair cabalLord Peter Mandelson, Tony Blair, Alan Milburn, Lord Andrew Adonis, Lord Michael Levy, Prof Lord Anthony Giddens, Liam Byrne, Lord Jonathan Mendelsohn, David Miliband, Patricia Hewitt, Tessa Jowell
  • Barbara Bush
  • Arki Busson
  • The Clinton cabalBill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Doug Band, James Rubin, George Stephanopoulos
  • The Jeffrey Epstein-Maxwell-Bronfman-Lauder cabalJeffrey Epstein, Mark Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Anshu Jain, Dr Lawrence Summers, David Tang, Steve Bing; Clare Bronfman, Edgar Bronfman, Sara Bronfman, Matthew Bronfman, Stephen Bronfman; Aerin Lauder, Jane Lauder, Leonard Lauder, Richard Lauder, Ronald Lauder, William Lauder
  • Prince Alexander von Fürstenberg
  • Boris Johnson
  • John Podesta
  • The Rothschild cabal: Sir Evelyn, Lord Jacob, Simon Sebag Montefiore, Santa Montefiore, Amschel Rothschild, Anthony James de Rothschild, Baroness Ariane de Rothschild, David de Rothschild, Jessica de Rothschild, Lady Victoria Lou de Rothschild; George Osborne
  • The Sir Jimmy Savile cabal: Sir Jimmy Savile, Lord Michael Grade, Dame Esther Rantzen, Sir Simon Jenkins, Lady Ffion Hague
  • The Dolphin Square/RAINS List/abuse cover-up cabal: Lady Virginia Bottomley, Lord Leon Brittan, Sir Dominic Cadbury [his younger brother, Jocelyn Cadbury, reportedly visited the Elm Guest House de facto child brothel], Lord John Sainsbury, Lady Anya Sainsbury, Sir Timothy Sainsbury, Harvey Weinstein
  • The Old Vic-Freud-Murdoch cabal: Kevin Spacey, Matthew Freud, Elisebath Murdoch, Rupert Murdoch, Elton John
  • Victoria Starmer
  • The Wachtmeister-s: Erick Wachtmeister, Louise Wachtmeister
  • The 9/11-Project for a New American Century (PNAC) Cabal: Henry Kissinger, Nancy Kissinger, Dick Cheney, I Lewis 'Scooter' Libby, General David Petraeus, Richard Perle, Gen Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, George Tenet, Paul Wolfowitz, Michael Bloomberg, Sir Jeremy Greenstock, Sir Jeremy Heywood

Details about the connecting institutions on page 2
Associations of possible particular interest:

We were particularly perturbed by the appearance of the names below. But they are not the only names of interest by any means. Further details in the listings that begin on page 3.

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild (husband of Lynn Forester) has been associated with:

  • Gerry Adams
  • UK royal family cabal: Prince Philip, Tine Ward [former PA to the Duchess of York], Ben Elliot [nephew of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall]; Brig Andrew Parker Bowles [former husband of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall], Lord Victor Mishcon [solicitor to Diana, Princess of Wales]
  • The Astor-s: David Astor, Gavin Astor
  • Lord Conrad Black
  • George HW Bush
  • The Cadbury-s: Sir Adrian Cadbury, Sir Dominic Cadbury
  • The Clinton cabal: Doug Band, James Rubin, George Stephanopoulos
  • The Jeffrey Epstein-Maxwell-Bronfman-Lauder cabal: Steve Bing, Charles Bronfman, Clare Bronfman, Edgar Bronfman, Sara Bronfman, Arki Busson, Johan Eliasch, Mark Epstein, Lady Lynn Forester, Henry Kissinger, Nancy Kissinger, Ronald Lauder, Lord Peter Mandelson, Ghislaine Maxwell, Isabel Maxwell, Dr Lawrence Summers, Sir David Tang, Sir Mark Weinberg
  • Stephen Fry
  • The Mandelson-Blair cabal: Tony Blair, Cherie Blair, Lord Paul Boateng, Patricia Hewitt, Lord Peter Mandelson, Alan Milburn
  • Rupert Murdoch
  • Lord Gus O'Donnell
  • The Rothschild-s & de Rothchild-s cabal: including Lynn Forester [wife], Simon Sebag Montefiore, Santa Montefiore, George Osborne, Frances Osborne
  • The Sir Jimmy Savile cabalLord Michael Grade, Adam Greenbury [the son of Lady Gabrielle Greenbury. Lady Gabrielle was Savile's co-director at the Jimmy Savile Stoke Mandeville Hospital Trust], Prof Ephraim Katzir [the former president of Israel received Jimmy Savile during Savile's 10-day visit to that country], Theodor 'Teddy' Kollek [the former of Jerusalem met with Jimmy Savile during Savile's 10-day tour of that country], Sir Peter Parker, Dame Esther Rantzen
  • The Dolphin Square/RAINS List/abuse cover-up cabalLady Virginia Bottomley, Sir Chris Chataway, Lord Daniel Finkelstein, Sir David Frost, Loyd Grossman, Sir Max Hastings, Sir Edwin McAlpine, Sir Robin McAlpine, Sir Malcolm Rifkind, Lord John Sainsbury, Lady Margaret Thatcher
  • Victoria Starmer
  • The 9/11-Project for a New American Century (PNAC) Cabal: Sir John Chilcot, Lord Charles Falconer, Lady Suzanne Heywood, Lord Michael Levy, Sir David Manning, John Negroponte, Gen David Petraeus, Richard Perle, Donald Rumsfeld, Admiral Lord Alan West, Jack Straw, Sir John Scarlett

Details about the connecting institution begin on page 3
Associations of possible particular interest:

We were particularly perturbed by the appearance of the names below. But they are not the only names of interest by any means. Further details in the listings that begin on page 3.

Lord Jacob Rothschild (cousin of Sir Evelyn de Rothschild) has been associated with:

  • UK royal family cabal: Lord Robert Fellows [Princess Diana's brother-in-law]; Hon Rosa Monckton [Princess Diana's close friend]; Prince Charles and Sir Michael Peat [Prince Charles' PPS]
  • Jonathan Aitken
  • The Blair cabal: Tony Blair, Lady Helena Kennedy, Martin Paisner
  • The Dangoor-s: David Dangoor and Dr Judy Dangoor
  • Jeffrey Epstein-Maxwell-Bronfman-Lauder cabal: Ehud Barak, Andrea Bronfman, Charles Bronfman, Edgar Bronfman, Bill Clinton, Nicholas Coleridge, Sir Colin Lucas [in Ghislaine Maxwell's 'Black Book'. He is Boris Johnson's godfather], Tamara Mellon
  • Bill Gates
  • Daphne Guinness
  • Elle Macpherson
  • The Murdoch-s: Elisabeth Murdoch, James Murdoch, Rupert Murdoch, Jerry Hall
  • The Rockefeller-s: David Rockefeller Sr, David Rockefeller Jr, Mark F Rockefeller, Michael S Rockefeller
  • The Rothschild-s and de Rothschild-sincluding his cousin Sir Evelyn, Lady Lynn, and Sir Mark Weinberg [top Rothschild lieutenant who has been heavily involved with the NSPCC]
  • The Sir Jimmy Savile cabal: Greg Dyke, Sir Simon Jenkins
  • The Bryn Alyn/Dolphin Square/Haut de la Garenne/Kincora/RAINS List/abuse cover-up cabal: Lord Daniel Finkelstein, Sir David Frost, Paul Hewson ('Bono'), Lord Greville Janner, Lord Kenyon (Lloyd Tyrell-Kenyon), Rabbi Lady Julia Neuberger, Senator Wilfred Krichefski [Jersey Island senator linked to child sexual abuse], Lord John Sainsbury, Sir Timothy Sainsbury
  • The 9/11-Project for a New American Century (PNAC) Cabal: Dr Henry Kissinger, Donald Rumsfeld, Laura Bush, Dick Cheney, General David Petraeus, General Colin Powell, General Brent Scowcroft, George J Tenet

Details about the connecting institution begin on page 5
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