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David Mayer de Rothschild

does serve of has served as a director, partner, associate, advisor, fellow, member, or trustee of these UNITED KINGDOM, IRELAND & CHANNEL ISLANDS companies and organizations:

  1. 03948057 Ltd
  2. Adventure Ecology Ltd [founder]
  3. ::: Plastiki Ltd
  4. ::: Plastiki Film Co
  5. ::: Adventure Ecology: Mission 1 'Top of the World'
  6. ::: Adventure Ecology School [a program for schools]
  7. ::: Myoo Explore Ltd
  8. ::: Judging panel for the 2010 Beat Waste Startup Challenge
  9. Arts Co (UK) Ltd
  10. Ascott Properties Ltd
  11. Judging panel for the 2011 & 2012 Climate Week Awards
  12. 2001 charity party for Everyman appeal (Institute of Cancer Research) [co-hosted with brother Anthony]
  13. Greenpeace Protect the Antarctic campaign [ambassador]
  14. Henry Sotheran Ltd
  15. Horasis Global Meeting 2020, 2021 [speaker & 'Visions Community' member] [virtual only]
  16. Judging panel for the 2011 International Green Awards
  17. Ski team in the 2004 Invesco Perpetual Challenge
  18. Invisible Productions Ltd
  19. Laureus World Sports Academy [Laureus World Sports Awards Ltd] [ambassador]
  20. Law of the Land Production Ltd
  21. LDNY Foundation ['menswear brand ambassador']
  22. Myoo Agency, subsequently renamed as World Exposure
  23. ::: Mpact [Muze Corp doing business as Mpact] [chair & co-founder]
  24. Myoo Create Ltd
  25. Myoo Media Ltd and Myoo Media Inc
  26. Myoo Ventures Ltd
  27. Natural History Museum Development Trust
  28. Notnowcato [co-owner of thoroughbred racehorse with brother Anthony de Rothschild]
  29. Pants Ltd
  30. Personal Print [founder]
  31. Sculpt the Future Foundation Ltd
  32. Sculpt the Future Holdings Ltd
  33. Sculpt the Future Productions Ltd
  34. Southcourt Stud Co
  35. Voice for Nature Foundation Ltd [chair & trustee]
  36. Wrong Ltd
  37. Year of Green Action 2019 [ambassador]

does serve or has served as a director, partner, associate, advisor, member, or trustee of these UNITED STATES & INTERNATIONAL companies and organizations:

  1. 2013 Oceans Symposium of the Aspen Institute [participant]
  2. Leadership Council of Blue Sphere Foundation Inc
  3. Breitling Explorers Squad
  4. International Committee of Cinema for Peace - Germany
  5. Clean Up the World Foundation - Australia [ambassador]
  6. Clinton Global Initiative [Lead member]
  7. DLD Conference 2007, 2008, 2010 - Germany [participant]
  8. 2019 European Innovation Festival (FCEIF) of Fast Company - Italy [participant] [festival title: 'The Dawn of Superintelligence']
  9. HB Land Ltd - New Zealand
  10. Hickory Bay Ltd - New Zealand
  11. Jungle-ized Times Square Arts at the Crossroads program [collaborator]
  12. The Lodge Ltd - New Zealand
  13. The Lost Explorer Ltd and The Lost Explorer LLC
  14. ::: The Lost Explorer Mezcal [co-founder]
  15. OceanGate Inc / OceanGate LLC [see also the associated entity, OceanGate Foundation a/k/a ExploreOcean]
  16. The TerraMar Project Inc / TerraMar (UK) [David de Rothschild was a 'Founding Citizen']
  17. Ocean League campaign of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) & The Ocean Agency [supporter]
  18. 2018 Annual Conference of TIGER 21 - USA [participant]
  19. Whole World Water [ambassador & advisor]
  20. Forum of Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum Class of 2007
  21. World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) Global Summit 2013, Abu Dhabi [speaker]
  22. Xplore Inc [founder['Xplore Inc was led by Simon Wright, former president & CEO of Virgin Entertainment Group']
  23. :::

See also:

  1. publication: 'Antarctica: The Global Warning' [David de Rothschild is a contributor to this book with Zac Goldsmith Leonardo DiCaptio et al]
  2. publication: 'The Live Earth global warning survival handbook: 77 essential skills to stop climate change or live through it' [David de Rothschild is a contributor to this book with Shelley Lewis, who reportedly was Jeffrey Epstein's "girlfriend" & frequent flying companion]
  3. company: Schoeller Textil AG - Switzerland [Schoeller's environmental ambassador. "July 2015: The Lost Explorer and its founder David de Rothschild has agreed on a long-term partnership with Schoeller Textil AG that will include much collaboration"]
Hannah Mary Rothschild

does serve or has served as a director, partner, associate, advisor, member, or trustee of these UNITED KINGDOM & IRELAND companies and organizations:

  1. American Friends of the National Gallery, London [director & chair]
  2. Artists on Film Trust [co-founder]
  3. Beachendon Publications Ltd [formerly Clandestine Films Ltd, & before that, Hannah Rothschild Productions Ltd]
  4. Bloomberg Green Festival 2020 [co-convener with father Lord Jacob Rothschild & Bloomberg]
  5. Clifton Nurseries Ltd
  6. Clifton Nurseries (Holdings) Ltd
  7. Cliveden Literary Festival [2017, '18, '19 Committee all years; 2017 panelist]
  8. Creative Industries Federation
  9. East River Company Ltd
  10. Five Arrows Ltd
  11. Five Arrows Investments Ltd
  12. Hannah Rothschild and Jake Auerbach Films
  13. The Council of the Hay Festival ['a vice president']
  14. ::: 2017 Hay in London [panelist]
  15. 'Hi Society: The Wonderful World of Nicky Haslam' [written, directed & produced the documentary about Nicky Haslam, the interior designer who is very close to many of Ghislaine Maxwell's Black Book entries]
  16. ICA Enterprises Ltd
  17. The Institute of Contemporary Arts Ltd
  18. The Jazz Baroness Ltd
  19. J Rothschild Capital Management Ltd
  20. The J Rothschild Name Company Ltd
  21. L.E.T. Holdings Ltd
  22. London Films Drama Ltd
  23. Luroak Ltd
  24. 'Mandelson: The Real PM?' [directed & produced the documentary about Lord Peter Mandelson]
  25. Marlborough College - Summerfield House 1978-80 [Hannah Rothschild was a student at Marlborough College 1978-80. Ghislaine Maxwell, based on her date of birth, would similarly have been studying for her A-Levels at Marlborough College 1978-80. Ghislaine and Hannah Rothschild were classmates?]
  26. National Gallery [chair of trustees. also National Gallery's audit & finance committees. also has been the National Gallery's 'liaison trustee' with the Tate Gallery]
  27. ::: The NGT Foundation [trustee]
  28. The Real LPBM Ltd
  29. RIT Capital Partners Plc
  30. Rothschild and Daughters Ltd [n.b. Hannah Rothschild is not a non-exec. director of this company; rather, she is listed as one of its two 'ultimate beneficial owners']
  31. The Rothschild Foundation
  32. ::: Waddesdon Manor ['trading subsidiary of the Rothschild Foundation which manages Waddesdon on behalf of the National Trust'. Hannah Rothschild has sat on the Rothschild Foundation's management and academic committees]
  33. ::: Rothschild Waddesdon Ltd [a/k/a Rothschild Waddesdon Limited Group]
  34. ::: The Illuminated River Foundation [chair of trustees] [N.B. the Illuminated River Foundation is supported by The Rothschild Foundation]
  35. ::: The Jury for the Illuminated River International Design Competition
  36. The Roxburghe Club [member]
  37. 'The Scarlet Pimpernell' [Hannah Rothschild was one of the five producers of this 1999 A&E/BBC co-production made in association with her own company, London Film Productions]
  38. Tate Gallery [also has been a chair of the Tate Gallery's collection committee. also has been the Tate Gallery's 'liaison trustee' with the National Gallery]
  39. ::: Tate Britain Advisory Council
  40. Waddesdon Estates LLP
  41. Waddesdon Gardens Ltd
  42. Whitechapel Gallery [trustee]
  43. Windmill Hill Asset Management Ltd
  44. Judging panel of the 2017 Young Masters Art Prize

does serve or has served as a director, partner, associate, advisor, member, or trustee of these UNITED STATES & INTERNATIONAL companies and organizations:

  1. International Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences
  2. HKTDC Hong Kong Book Fair 2016 [panelist]
  3. Yad Hanadiv - Bermuda
  4. Yad Hanadiv - Israel [chair]
  5. Yad Hanadiv - UK [n.b. Hannah Rothschild is not listed on the board of directors of the UK registered Yad Hanadiv; however, it is assumed that Yad Hanadiv UK is part of the same Yad Hanadiv organization registered as companies in Bermuda and Israel, with Hannah Rothschild sitting on both the Bermuda and Israel boards.
Nat Rothschild  (Nathaniel Philip Victor James Rothschild)

does serve or has served as a director, partner, associate, advisor, member, or trustee of these UNITED KINGDOM companies and organizations:

  1. 18 London Place Ltd
  2. Attara UK Services Ltd
  3. Atticus UK Ltd
  4. Atticus UK Services Ltd
  5. Univ. Oxford: Bullingdon Club
  6. ::: Univ. Oxford: Piers Gaveston Society [In the summer of 1992 Nat "attended parties thrown by the Piers Gaveston Society & the Assassins"]
  7. ::: Univ. Oxford: The Assassins
  8. International Growth & Value Fund (formerly Value Realisation Trust Ltd)
  9. John McCain presidential fundraiser at Spencer House [co-hosted with his father, Lord Jacob Rothschild]
  10. JNR (UK) Ltd
  11. ::: also, JNR LLC [chair]
  12. London & Russia Holdings Plc
  13. Maaxi [co-partner & co-founder]
  14. Nameco Alternate 1 Ltd
  15. Nameco Alternate 2 Ltd
  16. New Media Investors [stylized as 'NewMedia Investors'. 'NewMedia Investors provides business opportunities to NewMedia Spark, the UK's first quoted incubator fund specialising in high technology and internet companies. Both companies are chaired by Thomas Teichman']
  17. NR Holdings Ltd
  18. NR Investments Ltd [Nat's investment companies]
  19. NR Ventures Ltd [NR Ventures Ltd - of which Nat is chairman - 'is the venture capital arm of Nat Rothschild']
  20. RIT Capital Partners Plc
  21. ::: RIT Capital Partners Plc owns the lease to Spencer House
  22. Spark Advisory Partners Ltd
  23. Star Technology Group
  24. ::: Messagelabs Group Ltd [a unit of Star Technology Group]
  25. St James's Place 1990 Ltd
  26. St James's Place Partnership Ltd
  27. Stowell Enterprises Ltd [Nat Rothschild is not a non-exec director; however, he and Michael John Allen are persons 'with significant control']
  28. Thoroughbred racehorses: Barn Owl; Bullfinch; Clay; Coconut; Elvic; Galsworthy; Glenartney; Mosey; Silver Horn; Sky Bright; Stowell; Wren [Nat Rothschild has been the listed owner of these racehorses]
  29. Vallar Plc [co-chair]
  30. ::: subsequently became Bumi Plc [co-chair]
  31. ::: subsequently became Asia Resource Minerals Ltd / Plc ['A.R.M. Ltd'] [co-chair]
  32. Vallares Plc [co-founder & non-exec director]
  33. ::: a sister company to Vallar; it subsequently merged with Genel Energy International Ltd to became Genel Energy Plc [co-founder & non-exec director]
  34. Yad Hanadiv (Foundation)
  35. Volex Ltd and J.S. Peress
  36. ::: subsequently became Volex (No.4) Ltd
  37. Volex UK Ltd and Alnery No. 1287 Ltd
  38. ::: subsequently became Volex Group Holdings Ltd
  39. Volex Plc [exec chair]
  40. 31SJP Investments Ltd [not a non-exec director but the 'ultimate beneficial owner']

does serve or has served as a director, partner, associate, advisor, member, or trustee of these UNITED STATES & INTERNATIONAL companies and organizations: 

  1. Attara Capital LP [co-chair & partner] - USA
  2. Attara Ltd - Cayman Islands, previously Atticus European Ltd
  3. Atticus Capital LLC/LP [co-chair]
  4. Atticus Global Advisors Ltd [based in NYC with a branch in London] [vice chair]
  5. Atticus Global Ltd - British Virgin Islands
  6. Atticus Holdings LLC
  7. Atticus Management (Bermuda) Ltd [general partner]
  8. Atticus Partners LP
  9. Barrick Energy Inc
  10. Barrick Gold Corp - Canada [Nat is a non-exec director, plus also sits on the International Advisory Board]
  11. Berma Foundation - Switzerland
  12. Berma Trust SA - Switzerland
  13. International Advisory Council of The Brookings Institute
  14. Champps Entertainment Inc
  15. Doder Trust - Bermuda Ltd
  16. EN+ Group Ltd - Russia [chair, co-chair] [EN+ Group Ltd is the parent company of UC Rusal Plc]
  17. ::: EN+ Management LLC
  18. ::: International Advisory Board of UC RUSAL Plc [chair] [a/k/a United Company RUSAL Plc, a/k/a OK Russian Aluminum, a/k/a OK RUSAL]
  19. ::: UC RUSAL LLC
  20. Group Andre SA [chair & director]
  21. ::: subsequently became Vivarte SA - France [chair]
  22. Grupo Brasilinvest
  23. InfoNow Corp [Nat has been an investor only, through NR Ventures Ltd of which he is chairman]
  24. Jamaica Dairy Development Board [member]
  25. The Belfer Center's International Council at John F Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University
  26. Life Science Capital Fund LP - Cayman Islands
  27. Octel Communications Corp
  28. Porto Montenegro [co-investor but not a non-exec director]
  29. Scout Aviation LLC
  30. Scout Aviation II LLC
  31. Scout Aviation III LLC
  32. T & M Protection Resources LLC - USA [co-owner]
  33. TriGranit Development Corp - Hungary [co-investor]
  34. World Economic Forum, Davos 2005; 2007; 2009; 2010; 2015; 2016 [attendee] ['each year the Forum is led by Prof Klaus Schwab']

In some cases (for example, when the number of individuals might otherwise run into hundreds), only those directors, board members, trustees, council members (etc) whom we believe to have served contemporaneously with the applicable member of the Rothschild clan are listed.

So, for example, if Mr. X Rothschild was on the board of Company Z from 20002005, the individuals listed might be exclusively those who were at Company Z on the same board at some point during the same period that Mr. X Rothschild served (i.e. in this case, 2000–2005).

In some cases, when it has been possible to include board members whose period of service preceded or came after that of a member of the Rothschild clan, we have included those individuals, too, for informational purposes.

So, before drawing a conclusion about whether a given individual served at an organization at the same time as a member of the Rothschild clan, you will need to verify the applicable dates of tenure to confirm whether (or not) they do indeed coincide / overlap.

Other points:

- To reiterate: What follows is not a directory of Rothschild employees, but rather a directory of men and women who served on the same corporate or NGO Board(s) of Directors, Trustees, or similar as the applicable Rothschild.

- If you notice from searching these listings that a certain individual is associated with one member of the Rothschild clan, make sure to look at listings for all the other members of the Rothschild clan, as well. Because it may well be the case that the individual in question is associated with more than one member of the extended Rothschild clan.

- The number of commercial companies, NGOs, trusts, foundations, and other institutions that have Rothschild board representation extends to hundreds. They are sited all over the world, and some may not be known to us. Certain countries only reveal the names of company directors upon application and payment of a significant fee.

- Moreover, the composition of boards can frequently change.

 As such, we cannot guarantee that no Rothschild associates will be missing from the directory.

If you discover that a name is missing, be assured that this is unintentional.

With respect to Lynn Forester de Rothschild's membership of the Council on Foreign Relations, it has not been possible to include all members of that organization in this directory. Simply, there are too many members. Instead, we have sought to include the names of the most 'interesting' and 'influential' CFR members — most especially those CFR members known to also have other, additional professional associations with Lynn de Rothschild or other members of the Rothschild clan.

We apologize if the name(s) of any CFR member(s) relevant to the Rothschilds have been inadvertently omitted.
Associations of possible particular interest:

We were particularly perturbed by the appearance of the names below. But they are not the only names of interest by any means. Further details in the listings that begin on page 2.

David Mayer de Rothschild has been associated with:

(N.B. The following excludes David Mayer de Rothschild's associates at the Clinton Global Initiative):

  • Alice Bamford
  • Scott Borgerson
  • Ghislaine Maxwell
  • Christine Maxwell
  • Yuri Maxwell Molina
  • Lucy Clive [a stylist or 'art director' who is, or was, the girlfriend of Ghislaine Maxwell's brother, Kevin Maxwell]
  • Ariadne Calvo-Platero
  • Jemma Kidd
  • Jodie Kidd
  • Shelley Lewis
  • Catherine Vaughan-Edwards
  • Dr Arlo Brady
  • Sir Richard Branson
  • Bill Clinton
  • Richard Curtis
  • Johan Eliasch
  • Ben Elliott
  • Corinne Flick
  • Baroness Maya Flick
  • Sir David Frost
  • Zac Goldsmith
  • Richard Rockefeller
  • Lisa Ronson
  • Sir Evelyn de Rothschild [father]
  • Lynn Forester de Rothschild [stepmother]
  • Jessica de Rothschild [sister]
  • Victoria Lou de Rothschild née Schott [biological mother]
  • Klaus Schwab
  • Jonathan Soros
  • Erik Wachtmeister
Associations of possible particular interest:

We were particularly perturbed by the appearance of the names below. But they are not the only names of interest by any means. Further details in the listings that begin on page 3.

Hannah Mary Rothschild has been associated with:

  • Saffron Aldridge
  • Nicholas Berggruen [sic] [unverified as to whether this is the same man as 'Nicolas Berggruen' - without the 'h' - listed in the Black Book of Ghislaine Maxwell]
  • Johan Eliasch
  • Mark Getty
  • Geordie Greig
  • Hugo Guinness
  • Sabrina Guinness
  • Nicky Haslam
  • Lord Peter Mandelson
  • Ghislaine Maxwell [unverified as to whether Hannah Rothschild & Ghislaine knew one another while at Marlborough College - see entry]
  • Laura Maxwell [unverified as to whether this is the same Laura Maxwell who was married to Ghislaine Maxwell's brother, Ian]
  • Hamish McAlpine [he is the cousin of the alleged late child trafficker linked to Bryn Alyn, Lord Alistair McAlpine]
  • Neil Mendoza
  • Elisabeth Murdoch
  • Lord David Ogilvy
  • Lord Jacob Rothschild [father]
  • Nat Rothschild [brother]
  • Charles Sebag Montefiore
  • Simon Sebag Montefiore
  • Sir Mark Weinberg
  • Alan Yentob

See also: Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book Is Full of Collectors
Associations of possible particular interest:

We were particularly perturbed by the appearance of the names below. But they are not the only names of interest by any means. Further details in the listings that begin on page 4.

Nat Rothschild (Nathaniel Philip Victor James Rothschild) has been associated with:

  • Christopher 'Chris' Coleridge
  • Johan Eliasch
  • Dr Mario Garnero
  • Bill Gates
  • James Goodwin
  • Vernon Jordan
  • Lord Peter Mandelson
  • Cindy and John McCain
  • Hannah Rothschild [sister]
  • Lord Jacob Rothschild [father]
  • Lord John Sainsbury
  • Sir Mark Weinberg

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