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Polish Holocaust Denial Bill
US Jews demand USA cuts all ties with Poland until they repeal the Holocaust Denial bill
(03-09-2018, 02:33 PM)I justinthyme Wrote: US Jews demand USA cuts all ties with Poland until they repeal the Holocaust Denial bill

Propaganda Fodder

The Global Elite use Jewish people as mere propaganda fodder in the upper reaches of their own hierarchy, especially the Rothschilds and others like the Habsburgs. Jewish people are not seeking to take over the world. The opposite is true. They just want to get on peacefully and joyfully with their lives, like all of us. Instead, they are being used mercilessly by their own privileged, manipulating cliques to be the ‘fall guy’, to protect the few from legitimate investigation and exposure. 

So much of their history is kept from them to ensure they remain under the mental and emotional control of the few. Major Alojzy Dziurski, of the wartime Polish underground movement, was no apologist for the Nazis and nor was he anti-Jewish. He had a wide circle of Jewish friends and expressed a deep gratitude to the Jew he said had saved his life. 

In his book, Freedom Fighter, Dziurski told how he heard that the German attitude to Jews had changed quite dramatically after they realised the Zionist influence in Stalin’s Soviet Union. This prompted Major Dziurski to meet with Polish Jewish leaders in March 1942, to warn them that they must disperse the Jews living in the ghettos, move them to homes among Polish farmers in remote areas, and establish settlements in forested areas. 

He said the leaders refused, with terrible consequences. The major said he became a close friend of a Jewish captain, who had been a Political Commissar in the Red Army. Dziurski said in his book: “Because of my interest in Jewish affairs, he [the Captain] would share with me a well-guarded secret. Accepted as a devoted Zionist, he would attend a secret meeting for initiated Zionists only. It was conducted in Hebrew, not in Yiddish, as most meetings were. The majority of the speakers were foreign Zionist leaders, but he recognised only one, Moshe Sneh, a Polish Jewish leader, who had left for Palestine before the war and returned in 1945 as Berihah leader to organise the mass emigration of Polish Jews. 

Every speaker emphasised the unique opportunity that had come to snatch Palestine and the Middle East from the Arabs and the British… The whole non-Jewish world had to be made to feel guilty for The Holocaust together with the Nazis. The Holocaust must be shown to be the greatest Christian crime against the Jewish people. Intensive propaganda would be launched, and all publishing houses and the press under Jewish influence had already been instructed to propagate the story of Jewish sufferings.

“Moshe Sneh had demanded that the maximum number of Polish Jews must be forced to leave Poland for Palestine or any country of their choice. Instructions had been issued to Western European Jewry to prepare for the reception of Polish immigrants… to filter later into the United States. The USA must be made the great reservoir of Jewry to influence American politics because the USA would become the decisive world power.”
My wife is Polish and is from Gdansk (Danzig).  This whole issue is not only for her as a Pole but for me too, really shows the Zionist control. Its also extremely offensive and the video is so historically incorrect. It beggars belief that the people on the video/creator can be so misguided.

I have spoken to many Poles who lived through WW2. Either through the occupation of Poland, and those who fought with the Allies. Her late grandfather lived in farming community in an area under Nazi occupation. He recounted how before the war Jews lived side by side in peace with the rest of the village population. During the occupation, some people in the village helped Jews escape and he told of one Nazi collaborator, who was responsible for the deaths of many.

When I first learnt of the holocaust in school.  It was never taught as the 'Polish'.  This law in Poland is from a right wing leaning party, and many in Poland are against them.  But its also IMO a middle finger to the Zionists.  After all when a holocaust museum was opened in Warsaw, the Israeli Zionist representative referred to Poland as a conundrum.  As you said Steve, Europe and especially Poland must bear the shame and guilt of the horrors that took place under the Nazi's.  Its good many moderate voices in Poland have shown great disgust against this vile Zionist bullshit propaganda video.
Zionists (not Jews) are responsible for so much death, destruction and misery that we face today, as has been the case throughout history. Looking at the conflicts around the world today it isn’t too hard to trace back to Zionists, especially bankers.

Here is a speech from 1961 by Benjamin Freedman who knew many of the Zionists in the early part of the 20th Century -
The Open Letter Spielberg Couldn't Reply To

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