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108 Rapists and pedophiles: The Royal family's circle
Buckingham Palace is at the center of a vast pedophile network
The Royal family is a common factor in the Child Sexual Abuse scandals associated with:
Kincora Boys' Home; the Elm Guest House; Dolphin Square; Bryn Alyn/Bryn Estyn (North Wales abuse scandal);
the Paedophile Information Exchange; Haut de la Garenne; and Duncroft

  • KINCORA: IMPLICATED through Lord Louis Mountbatten and the Queen's art surveyor, Anthony Blunt

  • ELM GUEST HOUSE: IMPLICATED through Anthony Blunt; senior palace aide Richard Langley; and the Queen's bodyguard Commander Michael Trestrail

  • DOLPHIN SQUARE: IMPLICATED through the Tuscany holiday-companion of the Duchess of Cornwall, notorious Derek Laud; and through John Henniker-Major. Both trafficked youths to the Dolphin Square 'VIP' pedophile ring

  • NORTH WALES (JOHN ALLEN) ABUSE RING: IMPLICATED not only through Derek Laud, but through the Queen's friend and lady-in-waiting Dame Mary Anne Morrison, sister of pedophile MP Sir Peter Morrison

  • PAEDOPHILE INFORMATION EXCHANGE: IMPLICATED through the Queen's personal staff and advisors, including her cook Douglas Slade; senior diplomat Robert Coghlan; senior diplomat Sir Peter Hayman; and the late head of the Queen's Silver Jubilee Trust and P.I.E collaborator, Sir Harold Haywood

  • HAUT DE LA GARENNE and DUNCROFT: IMPLICATED through the extraordinary privileges afforded to abuser and procurer Jimmy Savile: both an adviser to, and friend of, Prince Charles, Prince Philip, Lord Mountbatten, and Princess Alexandra

  • Royal staff have reported being sexually assaulted and raped in the Crown palaces

  • Butler Paul Kidd operated a pedophile ring from inside Buckingham Palace
108 Rapists and pedophiles: The Royal family's circle

108 extraordinary friends, personal staff, relatives and business partners of the Royal family

  1. Unnamed members of the Royal Household. The late Member of Parliament, Geoffrey Dickens, has alleged that the four palace staff abused a Buckingham Palace male employee who was aged just 16 at the time
  2. Queen Mother's Senior Aides (x4)Christopher Lawler, the Queen Mother's footman, has alleged that a group of four senior aides to the Queen Mother sexually assaulted him
  3. Prince Andrew, Duke of YorkVirginia Roberts Giuffre has alleged that Prince Andrew sexually assaulted her (statutory rape) -- knowing her age, and further realizing that she was a victim of Jeffrey Epstein's sex trafficking enterprise with Ghislaine Maxwell. Further, Virginia Roberts Giuffre was below the age of consent in New York State. (See also the entries below for Epstein and Maxwell)
  4. Princess Michael of Kent. The Queen's first cousin was allegedly involved in a cult which practiced ritual sexual abuse and murder
  5. Woody Allen. While Prince Andrew was staying with Jeffrey Epstein in New York, the filmmaker accused of child sexual abuse was witnessed entering the house with "young women" of unknown ages
  6. Tony Aslett. The Buckingham Palace tour guide was arrested at the Palace and pleaded guilty to seven counts of making indecent images of children
  7. Lord Richard Attenborough. The friend of Prince Charles and Princess Diana was allegedly involved in a cult which practiced ritual sexual abuse and murder
  8. Sathya Sai BabaHe is the subject of an allegation that he sexually assaulted children for decades
  9. Sir Philip Bailhache. The Bailiff of Jersey (as he then was) is alleged to have manoeuvred to discourage victims of child sexual abuse from testifying about the historical horrors they endured at the former Haut de la Garenne children's home on Jersey
  10. Roger Benson. The senior employee at The Prince's Trust was convicted of sexually abusing a 14 year old girl
  11. Bishop Peter BallPrince Charles's close friend, now deceased, was prosecuted for child sexual abuse offences
  12. Peter Bick. Prince Philip's friend was the subject of an allegation of child sexual abuse
  13. Simon Bowes-Lyon, Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne. The Queen's relative was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman at Glamis Castle
  14. Lord Benjamin BrittenThe Queen Mother's friend reportedly had 'highly inappropriate' relationships with children
  15. Anthony Blunt. The surveyor of the Queen's art collection was the subject of allegations that he sexually assaulted minors at the Elm Guest House in London and Kincora Boys' Home in Belfast
  16. Anthony Brailsford. The headmaster of the Queen's school at Windsor Castle admitted he is a paedophile after a court heard he sexually abused boys at the school
  17. Lord Edwin Bramall. The Queen gave "extraordinary" support to the former head of the Army while he was under police investigation in connection with alleged child sexual abuse offences
  18. Connor Brayley. One of the Queen's guards was convicted of raping a woman a few hundred yards from Windsor Castle
  19. Jean-Luc Brunel. The Frenchman who reportedly supplied trafficked girls or young women to Prince Andrew is an alleged co-conspirator in Epstein's sex trafficking, pedophilia and sexual blackmail enterprise
  20. 8th Lord Carnarvon, George 'Geordie' Herbert. The Queen's godson was allegedly involved in a cult which practiced ritual sexual abuse and murder in the capacity of a '"Watcher"
  21. (David) Hubert Chesshyre. The Queen's officer of arms and member of Her Majesty's household sexually abused a teenage chorister. He is also suspected of having abused others
  22. Sir Arthur Charles Clarke. Prince Charles's friend was the subject of allegations of child sexual abuse
  23. (Scot) Robert Coghlan. The senior diplomat who accompanied Princess Diana (and Prince Charles?) on the royals' visit to Japan was convicted of importing 109 obscene tapes, of which 70 contained child pornography
  24. Michael Colvin MP. Prince Charles's friend, who has since died, is the subject of an allegation that he 'arranged' a fire that killed 5 witnesses to child sexual abuse
  25. Tom Cruise. The American co-host of a televised event celebrating the Queen's 70th jubilee and attended by the monarch in person ("Platinum Jubilee Celebration: A Gallop Through History") is the subject of an allegation that he sexually assaulted a boy
  26. David Donaldson. The Buckingham Palace guard was convicted of child sexual abuse offences
  27. Lord Paul Drayson. The buyer of Princess Michael's Gloucestershire mansion was allegedly involved -- together with Princess Michael and numerous others -- in a cult which practiced ritual sexual abuse and murder
  28. Jeffrey Epstein. The close friend and benefactor of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson was a career sex trafficker, serial pedophile and sexual blackmailer. He had a conviction for soliciting an underage girl for prostitution
  29. ::: Ghislaine Maxwell. The close friend of Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson and Jeffrey Epstein was an alleged co-conspirator in Epstein's sex trafficking, pedophilia and sexual blackmail enterprise
  30. Christopher ExleyHe was convicted of possessing images of child sexual abuse
  31. Sir (Charles) Matthew Farrer. The Queen's private solicitor has allegedly been involved in a cult which practiced ritual sexual abuse and murder
  32. Michael Fawcett. Prince Charles's senior aide and companion (as he was at the time) was the subject of a rape allegation
  33. Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild. She reportedly introduced her close friends Prince Andrew and Alan Dershowitz to her "long-standing" close friend Jeffrey Epstein. Moreover, she gave Epstein a huge discount on a Manhattan townhouse she sold him, in which he (Epstein) then installed Ghislaine Maxwell. Lynn Forester's name appears in the log of Epstein's private jet used for sex trafficking. It appears Forester de Rothschild -- along with mutual friend Lord Peter Mandelson -- was one of the prime sponsors of Epstein's sex trafficking, pedophilia and sexual blackmail operation with Ghislaine Maxwell
  34. Reginald Forester-Smith. The photographer to the Queen and Prince Philip was convicted of inflicting child sexual abuse on his two daughters over an extended period
  35. Sir David Frost.  Prince Andrew's friend was allegedly involved in a cult which practiced ritual sexual abuse and murder
  36. Lord Justice Fulford. The advisor to the Queen'was a founder member of a campaign to defend the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange, or PIE
  37. Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Prince Andrew's business contact was the subject of an allegation of child sexual abuse
  38. Patrick Gilbert. The 'friend of royalty' was convicted of child sexual abuse offences
  39. Father Keith Gleed.  Prince Andrew's friend sexually abused at least five boys
  40. Gary Goldsmith. The Duchess of Cambridge's uncle has allegedly been involved in the commercial exploitation of women (pimping)
  41. Nicholas GreavesThe royal butler was convicted of possession of child sexual abuse images
  42. Hon. William Wellesley Grosvenor. The son of a Lord-in-Waiting to Queen Elizabeth II's father King George VI may have been the same "William Wellesley of Hampstead" who was described as having been a "Commander" in a cult which practiced ritual sexual abuse and murder. N.B. It has not been been possible to verify that alleged abuser "William Wellesley of Hampstead" is, in fact, a reference to the late Hon. William Wellesley Grosvenor, although the latter can be linked to Hampstead since Hampstead is where his father married
  43. Lord Peter Hain. The then-Government Minister, with whom Prince Charles is said to be "friends", was allegedly involved in a cult which practiced ritual sexual abuse and murder. The source alleged that Hain took part in at least two meetings with other members of the ring
  44. Stuart HallHe was convicted of multiple sexual offences against children
  45. Rolf HarrisHe is a convicted child abuser
  46. Sir Peter Hayman. The recipient of a prestigious honor (the CVO) granted to him by the Queen acting in her personal capacity, Hayman was the subject of a child sexual abuse allegation
  47. John Henniker-Major. The recipient of a prestigious honor (the CVO) granted to him by the Queen acting in her personal capacity, Henniker-Major provided sanctuary on his country estate to pedophile Peter Righton
  48. Benjamin HermanPrince Philip's royal aide (as he was at the time) is the subject of an allegation of child sexual abuse
  49. Commander Tom HermanThe Queen's harbor master is the subject of an allegation that he made images of child sexual abuse
  50. Charles Nicholas HornbyPrince Charles's friend was convicted for his involvement in a male prostitution ring that preyed on runaway boys
  51. Edward HoughtonHe was convicted of sexually abusing five children
  52. Charles Howeson. The colleague of Prince Andrew, Prince Charles, the Queen and Prince Philip was found guilty of indecently assaulting eight young men in the 1980s and 1990s
  53. John Hoy. The ex Queen's guard was sentenced to nine years in prison for a series of sex attacks on children and women
  54. Ted Hughes. Prince Charles's friend was the subject of a rape allegation
  55. Sir Elton John. The close friend of Princess Diana, Prince Andrew and the Duchess of York, Prince William, and Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex reportedly appeared on an alleged list of financial contributors to a group which practiced ritual sexual abuse and murder. Sir Elton has further been accused of raping underage minors, both with pedophile music manager Billy Gaff, and separately with Sir Elton's former partner Vance Buck
  56. Paul KeffordPrince Charles's assistant private secretary is the subject of an allegation of sexual assault
  57. Paul KiddThe then royal butler was convicted of child sexual abuse offences
  58. Richard LangleyThe senior Buckingham Palace aide allegedly abused youths at the Elm Guest House, a de facto child brothel in Barnes, London
  59. Derek LaudCamilla Parker Bowles'  close friend and Tuscany holiday partner is alleged to have belonged to the Dolphin Square abuse ring involved in trafficking youths from the Bryn Alyn Community children's homes in North Wales. Further, Laud is alleged to have brutally raped a boy
  60. Anthony Lee. He was convicted of child sexual abuse offences
  61. Thomas Leopold. The tutor employed by Princess Michael of Kent to work with her son was convicted of child pornography offences
  62. Joseph Mains. The Warden of Kincora Boys' Home in Belfast who trafficked minors to Lord Mountbatten at Classiebawn Castle
  63. Lord Peter Mandelson. Prince Andrew's close friend is a close friend of Jeffrey Epstein. Indeed, Mandelson called Epstein while the convicted pedophile was in jail, discussed business of an undisclosed nature with him, and even socialized with the sex trafficker in the Caribbean. Mandelson has himself been the subject of child sexual abuse allegations. It appears Mandelson -- along with mutual friend Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild -- played a key role in Epstein's sex trafficking, pedophilia and sexual blackmail operation with Ghislaine Maxwell by expertly steering the Duke of York into the 'honeytrap'
  64. Clive McCleesterThe verger to the Queen was the subject of an allegation of child sexual abuse
  65. Richard McDonald. Prince Andrew's friend was held in a Swiss remand prison on suspicion of child sexual abuse
  66. Sir Ian McKellen. The actor, who was involved in the National Youth Theatre alongside Prince Edward, reportedly appeared on an alleged list of financial contributors to a group which practiced ritual sexual abuse and murder
  67.  3rd Baron Montagu of Beaulieu, Lord Edward Douglas-Scott-Montagu. Princess Margaret's friend and consort was allegedly a high-ranking member of a cult which practiced ritual sexual abuse and murder. Lord Montagu's second wife, Fiona (née Herbert) is also allegedly involved 
  68. ::: Fiona, Lady Montagu of Beaulieu (née Herbert).
  69. Lord Louis MountbattenPrince Charles's great nephew and 'mentor' was involved in sexually abusing boys in the 'care' of the Kincora Boys Home, Belfast. Further, Mountbatten had boys trafficked to him at Cassiebawn Castle
  70. Lance Corporal Mark NealHe was involved in an alleged conspiracy to sexually assault a child and the possession of indecent images
  71. 17th Duke of Norfolk, Miles Fitzalan-Howard. The Queen's official representative, Deputy Lieutenant for West Sussex and appointee to the Order of the Garter was allegedly involved in a cult which practiced ritual sexual abuse and murder
  72. Peter Nygard. The close friend of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson has been extradited from Canada to the U.S., where he faces charges of raping children
  73. Dr Stephen PalmerThe Queen's chaplain was convicted of sexually assaulting a teenager
  74. John PhillipsPrincess Margaret's friend was the subject of an allegation of sexual abuse (the rape of his daughter followed by years of incest)
  75. Terrence Prince.  The royal groom in the service of the Queen at Buckingham Palace was found in possession of child pornography "of the most extreme kind"
  76. Harbinder Singh RanaThe Queen's companion on the royal barge during her Diamond Jubilee pageant was a convicted rapist
  77. Jonathan Rees-WilliamsThe Queen's choirmaster was convicted of sexually abusing multiple children
  78. Sir Stephen Richards. The Queen's privy councillor was allegedly "on the fringe" of a cult which practiced ritual sexual abuse and murder. Richards has been arrested twice: in 2010 by detectives investigating a sexual assault, and before that in 2007 when no fewer than three women identified the-then judge as the man who indecently exposed his genitals to them on a train
  79. Tony Robbins. The Duchess of York's business partner is accused of sexually assaulting a minor as young as 13 and committing sexual offences against a number of women
  80. Dylan RobertsThe Buckingham Palace guardsman (as he was at the time) was convicted of raping an Italian student
  81. Jimmy Savile. The close friend of Prince Charles -- who also knew Prince Andrew -- is considered to be one of the United Kingdom's most prolific abusers of adults and children
  82. Stephen Salmon. The bodyguard to Prince Charles and Princess Diana on the Royal Yacht Britannia was convicted of child sexual abuse
  83. Douglas Slade. The Queen's cook on the Royal Yacht Britannia was convicted on multiple counts of child sexual abuse
  84. Kevin Spacey. Prince Andrew's friend allegedly abused at least 20 young actors at London's Old Vic and numerous other youths and minors in the US
  85. Earl Spencer. Princess Diana's younger brother was allegedly involved in a cult which practiced ritual sexual abuse and murder
  86. Alwyn Stockdale. The royal chauffeur, who worked for the Queen for 20 years until 1992, sexually abused two boys, including one in his Royal Household quarters at Buckingham Palace 
  87. William van Straubenzee. The friend of Princes William and Harry was the subject of an allegation of child sexual abuse
  88. William Tallon. The Buckingham Palace butler and close friend of the Queen Mother was reportedly a sexual predator who groomed teenage victims at the palace
  89. Ross Thomas. He was convicted of child sexual abuse
  90. T George Thomas, 1st Viscount Tonypandy. The Queen Mother's close friend was the subject of an allegation of child sexual abuse
  91. David Tracey. The security advisor to Buckingham Palace was charged with four counts of making indecent images of children
  92. Commander Michael Trestrail. The Queen's equerry is alleged to have sexually assaulted minors at the Elm Guest House in Barnes, London
  93. Sir Laurens van der Post. Prince Charles's friend was the subject of an allegation that he raped a child of 14
  94. Gore Vidal. Princess Margaret's friend was suspected by both his half-sister and his nephew of committing child sexual abuse offences
  95. Harvey Weinstein. The Duchess of York's longtime friend was invited by Prince Andrew to a birthday party for their daughter, Princess Beatrice. At the party Weinstein met up with his and the Yorks' mutual close friends Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein. In 2020 Weinstein was convicted of criminal sexual assault and rape and sentenced to 23 years in prison
  96. Dale Winton. The TV presenter, who hosted an event for the Duchess of York's children's charity 'Children in Crisis' and was her "date" at a charity function, reportedly appeared on an alleged list of financial contributors to a group which practiced ritual sexual abuse and murder
  97. Mark Wright. He was convicted of raping two women
  98. The Very Rev Ronald Selby Wright. The Queen's chaplain was the subject of an allegation of child sexual abuse
  99. Lance Corporal of Horse, Simon Wyn-Davies. He was convicted of raping a child under the age of 13. Wyn-Davies' wife was also convicted
  100. Queen Victoria School pedophile ring. Prince Andrew visited the school linked to a pedophile ring on one or more occasions while his father, Prince Philip, had a 64-year relationship with QVS as the school's Patron
  101. ::: Lord Cullen of Whitekirk. The recipient of a highly prestigious honor (the Order of the Thistle) granted to him by the Queen acting in her personal capacity, Lord Cullen 'inexplicably' visited the Queen Victoria School linked to a VIP pedophile ring and pedophile child-killer Thomas Hamilton "without having any status allowing [him] to do so". Furthermore, Lord Cullen 'inexplicably' banned for 100 years the release of a police report thought to include complaints about a summer camp that the pedophile Hamilton had run before he (Hamilton) committed the Dunblane Primary School massacre.
  102. Guardsmen (unspecified number) of the Queen's Household Cavalry. 1967: vice ring allegation
  103. 100 soldiers in the Queen's Household Cavalry. 1976: vice ring allegation
  104. An officer of the Grenadier guards. 1975: allegation by survivor and Playland author Anthony Daly
  105. Coldstream Guardsmen at the Buckingham Palace barracks. They were the subject of a 2004 allegation of sexual assault and rape
  106. Employee at Buckingham Palace (male unnamed). He was the subject of an allegation that he raped a male coworker
  107. Unnamed member(s) of the Royal family. James Rusbridger found 'material' linking these unnamed royals to child sexual abuse
  108. Unnamed member of the Royal family. This unnamed royal was involved in a suspected pedophile ring that came under police investigation
Queen Elizabeth II

  • Peter Hayman
  • John Henniker-Major
  • Hubert Chesshyre
  • Tom Cruise
  • Lord Justice Adrian Fulford
  • Reginald Forester-Smith
  • Harbinder Singh Rana
  • Rolf Harris
  • Sir Philip Bailhache
  • Sir Peter and Dame Mary Anne Morrison
  • Commander Michael Trestrail
  • Anthony Blunt
  • Patrick Gilbert
  • Jonathan Rees-Williams
  • The Very Rev Ronald Selby Wright
  • Douglas Slade
  • Lance corporal Simon Davies
  • Lance corporal Mark Neal
  • Anthony Brailsford
  • Commander Tom Herman
  • Coldstream guard Mark Wright
  • Welsh guard Dylan Roberts
  • Scots guard David Donaldson
  • Connor Bayley
  • John Hoy
  • Tony Aslett
  • Nicholas Greaves
  • Clive McCleester
  • Canon Dr Stephen Palmer
  • Ross Thomas
  • Sir (Charles) Matthew Farrer
  • Simon Bowes-Lyon, Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne
  • Alwyn Stockdale
  • Lord Edwin Bramall
  • 8th Lord Carnarvon, George 'Geordie' Herbert
  • 17th Duke of Norfolk, Miles Fitzalan-Howard
  • Lord William Cullen
  • Sir Stephen Richards, formerly known in professional context as (Lord) Justice Richards
  • Terrence Prince

Revealed: Peter Hayman, paedo, spy. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, PIE
"Hayman was awarded the CVO in 1965, an honour granted by the Queen personally. It is unlike most other honours which are given by the Queen on advice from the government ...
"[Police] raided a flat that [Hayman] rented in Notting Hill, central London. There, the police found 45 volumes of obscene diaries in which Hayman described paedophile fantasies. Police discovered that he was a member of
the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), which promoted sex with children."


John Henniker-Major "provided a sanctuary on his country estate at Thornham Manor in Suffolk to Peter Righton, who supplied boys to paedophile MPs at Dolphin Square and elsewhere."

The Queen "... liked [Henniker-Major] so much that she awarded [him] the CVO, an unusual honour in that it is granted by her personally. Most other honours are given by the Queen on advice from the government."

"Hubert Chesshyre was recognised for services to the Queen after holding multiple senior positions in the royal household ...
"He abused a teenage chorister in the 1990s ... The choirboy he abused believes that Chesshyre may have abused other youngsters. The victim [said]: 'I know of other boys from the choir where their parents became concerned and stopped Mr Chesshyre from having anything more to do with them.

"Among the many honours bestowed upon [Chesshyre] over more than 40 years were the Queen's Silver and Golden Jubilee Medals, and the commander of the Royal Victorian Order (CVO) – the latter for distinguished personal service to the monarch."

Lord Justice Fulford backed paedophile campaign, paper claims
"Lord Justice Fulford was named as an adviser to the Queen last year"


"[Reginald Forester-Smith] was jailed for eight years in 1999 for subjecting his two daughters - and another schoolgirl - to a sustained, systematic campaign of sexual abuse ... But to his well-heeled friends and clients, the father-of-five was a perfect gentleman, regularly called upon to take pictures of the Queen and Prince Philip whenever they visited Scotland..."


Sex attacker [Harbinder Singh Rana] was invited on to royal barge alongside Queen during Jubilee pageant


Rolf Harris guilty: Abuse victim wrote to the Queen to warn her as the presenter painted monarch's portrait
-- "The new information came to light as it was confirmed that Harris visited Broadmoor hospital with paedophile Jimmy Savile in the Seventies"

Home to something evil [Haut de la Garenne]
"The assembly ... is supervised by the bailiff [Sir Philip Bailhache], Jersey's highest officer, who is appointed by the Queen, while the task of upholding the law and keeping the hobby bobbies in check falls to the attorney general. These two key posts are currently held by brothers, Sir Philip and William Bailhache, members of one of the oldest and most powerful families on Jersey."

"In a secret memo revealed on 14 August by British newspaper The Times, the commissioner accused the local

magistrates of manoeuvring to stifle its investigation. To listen to the police, the bailiff [Sir Philip Bailhache], his brother the Attorney General and the prosecutor ... seek to discourage abuse victims from testifying against their accusers."


Sir Peter Morrison and his sister, Dame Mary Anne Morrison
"In October 2012, Rod Richards, a former MP and ex-leader of the Welsh Conservatives, implicated Morrison in the North Wales child abuse scandal"
"Hon. Dame Mary Anne Morrison, GCVO (b. 17 May 1937), Woman of the Bedchamber to HM Queen Elizabeth II since 1960"
"[Sir Peter Morrison] was a force to be reckoned with at the heart of the Establishment, close to the PM, and, throughout this period, his sister, now Dame Mary Morrison, was a friend and lady-in-waiting to the Queen"
[quote: former MP Giles Brandreth]


Timebomb at Elm Guest House: Pop stars, a bishop and a top politician appear on a list seized by police investigating child abuse at the London hotel in the 1980s
-- "The list includes a number of senior MPs, a high-ranking policeman, a leading tycoon, figures from the National Front and Sinn Fein, an official of the Royal Household [Commander Michael Trestrail - the Queen's equerry]an MI5 officer, two pop stars and the traitorous Soviet spy Anthony Blunt"

-- "It later emerged that Trestrail, 51, had protected the Queen and supervised her security for years, but had only 
been security vetted some three or four months before his resignation."


"One source is said to have suggested that Anthony Blunt, former Keeper of the Queen's Pictures and an exposed Soviet spy, used to go to sordid parties at the [Elm] Guest House"

"A former spy has described how a surveillance operation ... in Northern Ireland uncovered a paedophile ring with 
links to Westminster ... [MI6] uncovered connections to Cambridge spy Anthony Blunt, who had immunity from prosecution ..."

"... the Queen would visit the [Courtauld] Institute to take tea with [Anthony] Blunt ...",73136


"Pervert Patrick Gilbert, a friend of Royalty, molested his victim for four years, after paying for him to have ballet lessons ... [Gilbert] has a previous conviction for molesting two 13-year-old boys ..."
"Gilbert often met the Queen ... at Palace garden parties"

Jailed, the royal choirmaster who abused children
"The Queen's former choirmaster was jailed for five years yesterday for a catalogue of sex attacks on children. Jonathan Rees-Williams, 55, carried out the sickening abuse dating back 30 years, in a cathedral organ loft, a church crypt and on public transport as well as at home."

"The Very Rev Ronald Selby Wright ... was a persistent paedophile ... Selby Wright was a chaplain to the Queen."

Douglas Slade "reportedly cooked for the Queen on the royal yacht Britannia"

"Douglas Slade was founder of the Paedophile Information Exchange ... [He] has been repeatedly arrested for taking nude photos and molesting underage boys in the Philippines."

Queen's guard at Windsor Castle and his primary school teacher wife appear in court charged with 'raping pre-teenage girl'
"A soldier who guards the Queen at Windsor Castle and his primary school teacher wife have appeared in court charged with raping a pre-teenage girl. [Lance Corporal of Horse] Simon Davies, 37 and wife, Fiona, 44, were held by police after a video of the alleged incident was found during a raid on a London home. Police swooped on the house as part of an investigation into a child porn ring ... "The man who was arrested was a member of the Household Cavalry ..."

"Lance corporal Simon Davies was at the heart of a paedophile ring whose members indulged in group sex, bestiality and rape of girls as young as eight."*/


Police arrest another of the Queen's guards in Windsor Castle paedophile ring probe
"Detectives raided the home of Lance Corporal Mark Neal, 28, on the Broom Farm Estate, Windsor, yards from the home of child rape suspect Lance Corporal of Horse Simon Davies. Neal, who has guarded the Queen ..."

"A headmaster at the Queen's school at Windsor Castle has admitted he is a paedophile after a court heard he sexually abused boys ...
"... [Anthony Brailsford] had admitted two counts of making indecent images of children ... at a court hearing in 2014 ...
"Pupils who attend the school ... include the choristers of St George's chapel - a place of royal worship situated behind the school in the grounds of Windsor Castle."

"St George's School is known to be popular with royals, and former pupils include Princess Eugenie."

"A top navy officer known as the Queen's Harbour Master is being probed for alleged paedophile offences. Commander Tom Herman, 48, was arrested after his credit card was used to download kiddie porn from the internet. Cmdr Herman's historic title, personally approved by the Queen ..."

1967: "Allegations linking some of
Queen Elizabeth II's palace guardsmen [soldiers of the Household Cavalry] with a ... 'ring of organized vice' which staged homosexual incidents before audiences."

1976: "As many as
100 soldiers in the Queen's Household Cavalry were said to be involved in a ... vice ring. Eighteen soldiers were discharged, disciplinary action was taken against another 17, and Defence Minister Roy Mason ordered a security check by the Army's Special Investigation Branch."

1987: "A Coldstream Guardsman who raped two women after giving them a tour of Buckingham Palace was jailed for eight years yesterday ... [Mark Wright] denied both rapes ..."

The Times, July 18 1987

1999: "Buckingham Palace guardsman Dylan Roberts was yesterday jailed for seven years for raping an Italian student. The Old Bailey heard the attack by the Welsh Guard left his 23-year-old victim suicidal."

2001-02: "[An] allegation of male rape within the royal household was investigated last year when a junior member of staff at Buckingham Palace complained he had been attacked by a fellow worker ... 

"The matter was investigated by Scotland Yard at the same time as officers were probing allegations of a male rape at St James's Palace [the alleged rape of George Smith by Michael Fawcett]. The incidents were 'of a similar nature' but not linked, sources said ...

"A palace spokesman said: 'Within five days the individual concerned had had access to a solicitor paid for by the Queen ...'"

2003-04: "A cruel ex-Buckingham Palace guard was yesterday caged for five years for child abuse. David Donaldson, 65, thrashed two boys and a girl, aged between six and nine in the 1970s, and made them take part in indecent acts."
The Sun, June 9 2004

2004: "A former [Coldstream] guardsman is suing the MoD for £2million claiming he was beaten more than 400 times, sexually assaulted and raped at the Buckingham Palace barracks.

Steven Nixon "claims he was raped by one soldier while three pinned him down at the regiment's Wellington Barrracks next to Buckingham Palace."

Queen's Coldstream Guard held on rape charges
-- One of the Queen's guards [Connor Brayley] has appeared in court charged with raping a woman just a few hundreds yards from Windsor Castle.

John Hoy: Ex Queen's guard ... jailed for abhorrent child sex attacks
"A former Queen's guard from Edinburgh has been jailed for a series of abhorrent sex attacks on women and children. John Hoy committed a number of serious sexual offences, including rape, over a 16 year period between 1989 and 2005"

Buckingham Palace tourist guide [Tony Aslett], 52, who was caught with more than 15,000 child sex abuse pictures including some of 18-month-olds is jailed for nine months

Tony Aslett "was arrested at the Palace where he worked as a visitor services warden ..."

"A former favoured butler to the Queen has been jailed for two years for a catalogue of sick child porn charges. Pervert Nicholas Greaves, 33, worked at Buckingham Palace for two years ... The 16 charges date February, this year [2006], and April 2004, when gay former QE2 steward Greaves still worked directly for the queen ... Greaves, who is thought to have been a favourite of the Queen ..."

A verger to the Queen has been cleared of molesting a teenage choirboy 17 years ago. Clive McCleester, 57, who supervised visitors on the Queen's Mother's tomb, showed no emotion as the verdict was read out ..."

A former chaplain to the Queen was yesterday jailed for 39 months after sexually assaulting a young churchgoer. Canon Dr Stephen Palmer, 68, had promised to help the 17-year-old girl with her religious education exams but her assaulted her six times in his home."

"Ross Thomas, 76, groomed an 11-year-old boy and carried out a string of sex attacks on him 25 years ago, a court heard yesterday.
"Trusted steward Thomas has shown thousands of parents and kids around the Queen's official Berkshire home."

The Queen's private solicitor, Sir C Matthew Farrer, was the subject of allegations recorded by psychiatrist Dr Joan Coleman in 2008 and subsequently 'leaked' in circa 2011 that from 1994 and potentially earlier, he (Sir Matthew Farrer) was involved with a cult which practiced ritual sexual abuse and murder.

Queen's cousin pleads guilty to sexual assault at Queen Mother's ancestral home
"The Earl of Strathmore, Simon Bowes-Lyon, forced his way into the sleeping woman's room during a weekend event he was hosting at Glamis Castle ... He repeatedly assaulted the 26-year-old victim and tried to pull off her nightdress during the 20-minute attack"

Simon Bowes Lyon "has been jailed for 10 months ..."
"Glamis Castle is the seat of the earls of Strathmore and Kinghorne, part of the late queen mother’s family."

Alwyn Stockdale "who worked for the Queen from 1972 until 1992, abused [two boys] in the 1970s — including one in his Royal Household quarters at Buckingham Palace. He later had a cottage on the Windsor estate."

"It is alleged he attacked [a] nine-year-old at his quarters in the Royal Mews ... The other boy [aged 10 or under] was allegedly abused in West Yorkshire at the home of a relative of the boy ... The suspect has since died and therefore no prosecution can take place."

The Queen "made a point of 'warmly' welcoming [Lord Bramall] to a lunch at Windsor Castle at the height of the [investigation into allegations he abused a child] ... He attended the annual Order of the Garter event just weeks after he [was questioned] ..."

Nicholas Chadbon alleges that Bramall was a pedophile.

Nicholas and his brother Dominic were born in 1968 and 1966 respectively. Nicholas recalls an occasion from his childhood. The year was 1981 and the boys had gone to spend the night at the home of their grandmother, Viscountess Elspeth Leathers, in Kirdford, West Sussex.

Quote:"We spent the warm, sunny day with Elspeth at a local (Petworth House?) fête ... We parked up and stood near the parking area and a 1926 Vauxhall E Type car pulled up ... [A] man got out and greeted Elspeth ... It was Lord Edwin Bramall ...

"Later that night I awoke to the sound of a man's voice which I instantly recognised ... I opened my eyes a fraction to see Leon Brittan sitting on [Dominic's] bed ... 'Dominic, we’re having a little party downstairs, would you like to join us?' he said ... I waited some time before deciding to find out what was going on. Very quietly I tip-toed to the top of the stairs and lay down ...

"Dominic was naked and dancing on the table, moving down the table away from [Leon Brittan] ... "The man who was sitting halfway along the table looked at me over the top of Dominic's cowering body ... it was Edwin Bramall ..."

Nicholas Chadbon has further stated that the dinner party attended by Edwin Bramall and Leon Brittan was a PIE dinner party (Paedophile Information Exchange). "A Kincora survivor has corroborated that my grandmother trafficked care home boys, he knew her personally," adds Chadbon.

George 'Geordie' Herbert, 8th Lord Carnarvon "is the Queen's godson"

His mother, Jeanie, Countess of Carnarvon, "was a good friend of the Queen"

At some point apparently prior to or in January 2005, a client of the late Dr Joan Coleman told the psychiatrist that Lord Carnarvon had been involved in organized child sexual abuse in the capacity of a "Watcher".

17th Duke of Norfolk, Miles Fitzalan-Howard "represented the Queen at the St Lucia independence celebrations, also at the funerals of Popes Paul VI and John Paul I as well as at the enthronement of [Pope John Paul II]."
Daily Telegraph, June 22 2002

"In 1982, to his delight, the Queen asked him to officially welcome Pope John-Paul II to Britain ..."

He was made a Knight of the Garter by the Queen in 1983 and served as one of the Queen's Deputy Lieutenants for West Sussex. Meanwhile, the 17th Duke's younger brother, Lord Michael Fitzalan-Howard, "became an extra equerry to the Queen" in 1999.

A client of the late Dr Joan Coleman told the psychiatrist that the 17th Duke of Norfolk, Miles Fitzalan-Howard, who died in 2002, had at one time been involved in organized child sexual abuse. The 17th Duke's son in law, Sir David Frost, was likewise an alleged pedophile according to Dr Coleman's client(s). Dr Coleman learned from multiple clients that the 17th Duke's home, Arundel Castle, was among the locations where ritual abuse ceremonies occurred.

Lord William Cullen has been "granted the highest honour in Scotland by the Queen ..."
"Appointments to the Order of the Thistle are entirely in the personal gift of the Queen and are not made on the advice of the prime minister, as are most other honours."
Sunday Times, December 2 2007

Glen Harrison, a former housemaster at Queen Victoria School "claimed pupils were abused by a paedophile ring at the school in the 1980s and 1990s" ... "Queen Victoria School has been linked to Thomas Hamilton, who killed 16 pupils in the Dunblane Primary attack in 1996."

Lord Cullen had previously visited Queen Victoria School "without any apparent status allowing [him] to do so."

"[Complaints] about [a] summer camp run by Hamilton, in Mullarochy Bay, Loch Lomond, in July 1991 ... are believed to form the backbone of a police report, ordered by Lord Cullen to be protected from public view for a century ..."

In 2005, the Queen approved the appointment of Sir Stephen Richards as a Lord Justice of Appeal and a member of the Privy Council.

"The senior judge [Sir Stephen Richards] cleared of flashing on a train has escaped further charges - despite three women alleging similar offences ..."

"A senior judge [Sir Stephen Richards] cleared of flashing on a commuter train three years ago has been questioned over a sex attack on the same route, it has emerged.

"Sir Stephen Richards, 59, was arrested by detectives investigating a sexual assault ... [He] was questioned over claims by a woman passenger in her 30s that a man rubbed himself against her ..."

At some point apparently prior to or in June 2007, a client of Dr Joan Coleman told the psychiatrist that Sir Stephen Richards was or had been among a group of individuals involved in ritualized sexual abuse, albeit "on [the group's] fringe".

Royal groom Terrence Prince "used his computer ... to download pictures of children in sex acts ..."
Judge Roger Dutton said: "The fact that you embarked upon this scheme from the privacy of your room in the Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace whilst in the service of the Queen adds yet another dimension to your wickedness ..."
"The judge said ... Prince [had] an unhealthy and disgusting interest in child pornography of the most extreme kind."

Tom Cruise "caused confusion among Brits on Sunday with a special appearance at a Platinum Jubilee celebration for Queen Elizabeth II, where he praised the monarch's 'dignity' and 'devotion' to her country ... Cruise's involvement in the evening [caused] consternation on social media with former royal chef Darren McGrady [questioning]: 'Why was @TomCruise part of the British/Commonwealth #PlatinumJubileeCelebration Seriously, just wondering.'"

Former child star Ben Fellows has testified that his then-agent Sylvia Young offered him (Fellows) to Tom Cruise to be sexually abused. Cruise instead "picked out" another youth to abuse, according to Fellows, speaking decades later about the alleged crime(s). Fellows was convinced that Cruise had indeed perpetrated a sexual assault because he reportedly observed Cruise's alleged victim in a highly distressed state after he had exited Cruise's hotel room. Some details of Fellows' account have been contested.
Prince Philip

  • Benjamin Herman
  • Peter Bick
  • Sathya Sai Baba
  • Jimmy Savile
  • Reginald Forester-Smith [see above]

"Another clubbish scene was the Bohemian Grove retreat in California ... The rich and powerful sometimes made their way to the nearby town of Guerneville, where 10 bars were enhanced by call girls. According to Manu Kanaki, who operated one such establishment, Northwood Lodge, [Prince] Philip was a visitor and was seen in the company of the girls."
'The Royal Philanderer', The Sun Herald, January 28 1996

"According to 'The Franklin Cover-up', by former Congressman John DeCamp, Hunter S. Thompson [was] part of an elaborate child pornography ring linked to the Bohemian Grove during the 80's. The book describes how Hunter S. Thompson was offered $100,000 to make snuff films during ritualized child sex abuse at the Bohemian Grove."

Prince Philip's former royal aide accused of three sex attacks on girl aged 12
-- Benjamin Herman, 79, has been charged with three counts of indecent assault and one of attempted indecent assault on the child while working at Buckingham Palace

"[He] later went on to become Princess Anne's private secretary"

[Christopher] Hunnisett had 'paedophile hit list', court told

"[Peter Bick] believed to have been a friend of Prince Philip ... Police found Peter Bick, 57, dead in his flat on January 11 2011 after Hunnisett handed himself in at Hastings Police Station, admitting the crime ... [Bick] had previously boasted to neighbours that he had driven for the Duke of Edinburgh ..."

"For decades male former devotees have alleged that [Sathya Sai Baba] molested them during so-called 'interviews' ... [Participants] in a BBC programme, The Secret Swami, two years ago, accuse him of abuse, claiming he massaged their testicles with oil and coerced them into oral sex."

"Prince Philip showed a very keen interest in our youth ...

"I also had the opportunity to mention ... that we drew our inspiration and motivation from our founder Sri Sathya Sai Baba; [Prince Philip] paused for a few seconds and then said: 'Very good'."

Jimmy Savile takes young girl to Prince Philip - Michael Parkinson tv interview:
Jimmy Savile: "I was at a reception at Buckingham Palace ... There was a very nice lady and gentleman said to me,
'My daughter would be so pleased to know that I've met you ... We've sneaked her in the back of the car so she can say she's been in the palace courtyard.'
" ... So I went out into the car park, which is a courtyard inside the palace, and I shouted the young lady's name. Next minute, she's holding my arm, and next minute we're marching up the steps right into the palace ... And we walked up the steps and into the room where the reception was, in a room called the Bow Room. And fantastic luck, Prince Philip ... happened to be just standing inside the door.
" ... So he sees me, and I do the nod for the kid ... He [Prince Philip] has given a beautiful smile. And she's gone [at this point Savile makes a sound and gesture suggestive of the young girl recoiling in fear or alarm]."

William Combes alleged that in 1964 Prince Philip and the Queen abducted 10 First Nations and Métis children from the Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia, Canada. Reports have since verified that the Queen officially visited the City of Kamloops in 1959 and 1983. William Combes' allegation can no longer be verified since, with the exception of the Queen herself, the other individuals who could shed light on what happened are by now either deceased (William Combes, George Adolph, Prince Philip) or missing, presumed dead.
Quote:William Combes' signed and witnessed declaration made on February 3 2010:
"[I] am 58 years old ... In October 1964, when I was 12 years old, I was an inmate at the Kamloops school and we were visited by the Queen of England and Prince PhillipI remember it was strange because they came by themselves, no big fanfare or nothing. But I recognized them and the school principal told us it was the Queen and we all got given new clothes and good food for the first time in months the day before she arrived.

"The day the Queen got to the school, I was part of a group of kids that went on a picnic with her and her husband and some of the priests, down to a meadow near Dead Man's Creek. I remember it was weird because we all had to bend down and kiss her foot, a white laced boot

"After a while, I saw the Queen leave that picnic with ten children from the school, and those kids never returned ...

"They were all from around there but they all vanished. The group that disappeared was seven boys and three girls [from] six to 14 years old. Two of the boys were brothers and they were Métis from Quesnel. Their last name was Arnuse or Arnold. I don’t remember the others, just an occasional first name like Cecilia and there was an Edward. What happened was also witnessed by my friend George Adolph, who was 11 years old at the time and a student there too. But he's dead now."
Prince Charles

  • Michael Fawcett
  • Peter Hain MP
  • Paul Kefford
  • Jimmy Savile
  • Bishop Peter Ball
  • Sir Laurens van der Post
  • Stephen Salmon
  • Michael Colvin
  • Charles Hornby
  • Arthur C. Clarke
  • Robert Coghlan
  • Roger Benson
  • Sir Harold Haywood
  • Lord Richard Attenborough
  • Ted Hughes

'Prince Charles's aide had raped George Smith'
"Newspapers from Scotland and Italy to Australia reported the central allegations: that George Smith, a former valet to Prince Charles, says he saw the prince having sex with another male aide, Michael Fawcett; and that [
the Prince's aide Michael Fawcett raped George Smith]."

During a police inquiry "detectives were told that a tape recorded by Princess Diana of the supposed rape victim describing his ordeal had gone missing ... [Paul Burrell] confirmed he had seen the tape ...

"'This account was taped by the princess as proof of evidence. She thought this person had a right to document it so it could never be covered up ...'"

Peter Hain MP "[became] a friend of Prince Charles -- the two of them being united by a bizarre belief in the efficacy of homeopathy."

In July 2007, a client of Dr Joan Coleman told the psychiatrist that Peter Hain was among a group of individuals involved in ritualized sexual abuse.

The late Dr Coleman's entry on the Labour politician includes her client's assertion that Mr Hain is "in cult records as having satanic meetings in masonic hall twice this year. Unlikely could attend without being members of the cult".

e] Day ... told the tribunal earlier that her problems began when ... she was assigned as PA to
Paul Kefford[Prince Charles'] assistant private secretary
She said that despite being told that Mr Kefford, 32, was homosexual, she felt that he still posed a sexual threat to her. She has accused the former civil servant of 'inappropriately touching' her."

Inside the paedophile's lair: Chilling pics of bunk beds at [Jimmy] Savile's Highlands cottage raided by police where 'up to 20 suffered abuse'
-- The DJ bought remote home in 1998 and
entertained guests including Prince Charles

Jimmy Savile sex scandal: 'He liked licking Prince Charles' young royal staff'

"[Bill] Oddie, 71, said no-one spoke out because the DJ [Jimmy Savile] was friends with Prince Charles"

"A spokesman for the Prince of Wales previously confirmed he and Savile formed a friendship in the late 1970s"

Former Church of England Bishop [Peter Ball] who describes Prince Charles as a 'loyal friend' charged with sex offences dating back to 1977

[During his time in Lewes] "[Bishop Peter Ball] got to know [Jimmy] Savile well and he was the bishop's principal entree into the Waleses' household.
"But Ball's royal friendships were not confined to the Prince of Wales. He was on close terms with the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret, and was invited to preach at Sandringham."

[Sir Laurens van der Post] was a knight of the realm, a friend of both Margaret Thatcher and the Prince of Wales, and a man known to have sexually abused a girl of 14"

"Ex-Petty Officer Stephen Salmon, 66, subjected his victim to a catalogue of abuse in the 1980s - when she was between seven and 12-years old ... Salmon [was] a bodyguard on the Royal Yacht Britannia for the newlywed Prince and Princess of Wales' honeymoon."

Five witnesses to sexual abuse at the Bryn Alyn Community children's homes run by John Allen died in a fire allegedly 'arranged' by
 Conservative MP Michael Colvin
"He was a friend of the Prince of Wales ..."

Charles Hornby "... enjoyed the graceful life of the country squire who on occasion had Prince Charles among his dinner guests at Tetbury, Glos.

"... Hornby [pleaded] guilty at the outset to conspiracy to procure the commission of acts of gross indecency with persons under the age of 21, committing acts of gross indecency, and attempting to pervert justice."

Sir Arthur Charles Clarke: "I am convinced that this is nothing more than a cheap attempt to embarrass my friend Prince Charles."

Smirk of a pervert and a liar; police probe links [Arthur C. Clarke] to international child sex ring
"[The Daily Mirror] have a copy of a secret document which names Clarke as a paedophile known to members of the North American Boy Lovers Association, one of the world's most notorious child sex networks. US detectives, who arrested leaders of the association 10 years ago, say Clarke was named by other paedophiles they quizzed during an FBI investigation."

"Told one of them [the boys] was just 13, he said: 'If he really was 13 he will be a very mature 13.' Asked if he thought that was morally wrong he replied 'No.'
... The Sunday Mirror spoke to three boys who claim to have had sex encounters with Clarke."

"[Senior British diplomat] Robert Coghlan, 54, will be sentenced today after a jury at Southwark Crown Court found him guilty of importing 109 obscene tapes, 70 containing child pornography, in March this year. Customs investigators said he was part of a secret international paedophile network.

... Coghlan, a fluent linguist with 33 years in the Diplomatic Service, accompanied Diana, Princess of Wales [and, presumably, the Prince of Wales] on her visit to Japan ..."

"A retired lecturer [Roger Benson] has been jailed for five years for sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl

... Judge Rose said Benson had been involved in very important work with the Princes Trust [i.e. Director of Public Sector Operations]. He told him: 'I wonder if that work would have continued a day longer if the trust, if the Prince of Wales, had known you were a paedophile?'"

Sir Harold Haywood worked closely with Prince Charles to establish the Queen's Silver Jubilee Trust and the Prince's Trust.

Previously, as chairman of the Albany Trust in the mid 1970s, Haywood commissioned and touted a booklet that sought to normalize sex between adults and children.

"Though he was a fervent Labour supporter, [Richard Attenborough's] friends included Prince Charles ..." 
"Attenborough was close to Princess Diana and taught her (at her husband's request) how to make speeches ... He and his wife often had the Princess to lunch, and became confidantes ..."
The Independent, August 26 2014

Richard Attenborough "admits that Diana's frankness about her marital problems put him in a terrible position with his friend Prince Charles ..."

At some point in or after 1997, a client of the late Dr Joan Coleman told the psychiatrist that Lord Richard Attenborough was involved in organized child sexual abuse.

Ted Hughes "was accused of serious physical abuse (and even, by [Assia] Wevill, of rape) too many times to doubt."

Ted Hughes ..."shared his interest in spiritualism with Prince Charles, who often invited Hughes to Highgroveand treated him as his 'spiritual advisor and friend'. After Hughes' death Prince Charles ordered two stained glass windows to be placed in his private shrine ..."

"The Sanctuary is a Harry Potter-esque temple built by Charles deep in a glade in Highgroves grounds ... Constructed to a sacred geometry design ... Inside, there is an oak table with a rush cross hanging above it, as well as the wood-burning stove in front of which Charles and [Bishop Peter Ball] would sit.

"Two stained glass windows are dedicated to the memory of Ted Hughes [and] the writer Sir Laurens van der Post, Charles's philosopher guru.

"One former member of the Highgrove staff told me that Ball himself had consecrated the building, although it was later reported that the Bishop of London, Richard Chartres, had been invited to perform a blessing."

"Roy Davids, former head of the books department at Sotheby's auction house, who knew Hughes well ... [said] 'Ted's relationship with the royals was much closer than anybody has so far known'

... "According to Davids, Hughes wrote private poems for the Queen Mother ... Hughes would regularly spend time at [the Queen Mother's] home at Birkhall on the Balmoral estate."
Literature and the Monarchy
The Queen Mother

  • Paul Kidd
  • William 'Billy' Tallon
  • Lord Tonypandy
  • Lord Benjamin Britten
  • Ted Hughes [see above]
  • Bishop Peter Ball [see above]

Buckingham Palace butler [Paul Kidd] 'ran paedophile sex ring while working for the Royal Family'
"Bachelor Paul Kidd, 55, groomed at least one of his teenage victims for sex by taking him for tea with the Queen Mother at Clarence House, it has emerged"

Will Backstairs Billy [William Tallon], the Queen Mother's eccentric retainer, spill his royal secrets from the grave?
"... [William Tallon] was the only male to be allowed into [the Queen Mother's] bedroom and he could do so without knocking.
"He even had an underground passageway and would sometimes smuggle controversial guests in to see her [the Queen Mother] without the knowledge of the rest of the staff."

"a forthcoming TV documentary ... will portray him as ... predator"

"a picture builds up of a royal household in which some gay men expect to be immune from the processes of the law, their crimes covered up, their victims silenced, or paid off"

Police investigating child rape allegation against ex-Labour peer and Commons speaker Viscount Tonypandy
"A claim that Labour peer Viscount Tonypandy raped a nine-year-old boy is being investigated by detectives."

"Queen Mother's good friend Lord Tonypandy"

"... [Lord Benjamin] Britten hobnobbed with the Queen Mother ..."

"... [What] is unclear is whether [BBC] executives will also acknowledge Lord Britten's obsession with young boys, many of whom he invited to stay at his Suffolk home."

"Police have probed claims that a royal footman [Christopher Lawler] fled the Queen Mother's home in tears after four senior Palace aides tried to force him into a sex orgy on his first day in the job."

"But [Bishop Peter Ball's] royal friendships were not confined to the Prince of Wales.
"He was on close terms with the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret, and was invited to preach at Sandringham."
Lord Louis Mountbatten

  • Jimmy Savile
  • Joseph Mains
  • Anthony Blunt [see above]

"[Jimmy Savile] was first introduced to the Royal Family, he reveals, by Lord Mountbatten. In 1966, Jimmy became the first civilian to be awarded a Royal Marines’ green beret. Mountbatten was commandant general at the time and realised that Savile could be a useful contact.

'Coming from Lord Louis, who was the favourite uncle of Prince Philip, that was quite something,' [Savile] says. 'So obviously I hooked up with the Prince – what was good enough for Lord Louis was good enough for him.'"

Lord Louis Mountbatten "was a 'boy lover' who dressed his young victims in baby clothing before sexually molesting them ...

"Lord Mountbatten used brandy and lemonade to help seduce his young victims, Nield claims ...

"'On several occasions I had to take it to him in his room at the house when he was with a boy,' he said ... On one occasion I walked in on him and he had a semi-naked boy sitting on his knees.'"

"In 2019 Andrew Lownie's published 'The Mountbattens: their Lives and Loves', which drew the attention of the world to Mountbatten's sexual abuse of teenage boys at [Classiebawn castle] ... Village revealed further details: namely that Joseph Mains, the warden of Kincora, was responsible for trafficking boys to Mountbatten at Classiebawn.

... Mountbatten "was a member of a large Anglo-Irish abuse network ... Peter Montgomery, the Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Tyrone, was also part of the network which procured boys for Mountbatten. He lured some of them from Portora Royal School ... It is also believed that Mountbatten’s assistant, Peter Murphy, procured boys for him from Portora ...

"Robin Bryans, the Kincora whistleblower ... revealed that Alan Price was part of Mountbatten’s circle in Ireland, as was Sir Anthony Blunt, the Keeper of the Queen’s Pictures ...

"The abuse at Birr Castle came to the attention of Colin Wallace and the military intelligence department at Lisburn in the 1970s."
Princess Margaret

  • 3rd Baron Montagu of Beaulieu, Lord Edward Douglas-Scott-Montagu (see also his second wife, Fiona, Lady Montagu)
  • Gore Vidal
  • John Phillips
  • Eddie Houghton
  • Bishop Peter Ball [see above]

1. and 2.
Lord Edward Montagu of Beaulieu "was a friend and escort of the Queen's sister, Princess Margaret"

Edward Montagu and film director Kenneth Hume "took two boy scouts to a beach hut [on the Beaulieu estate] ... [The] boys claimed that they had been indecently assaulted and Montagu was charged by the police with both committing an unnatural offence and an indecent assault.

"At his trial Montagu was acquitted of committing an unnatural offence but the jury disagreed on the lesser charge ..."

The retrial never took place.

At some point in or after 1997, a client of the late Dr Joan Coleman told the psychiatrist that Lord Edward Montagu of Beaulieu and his second wife, Fiona Lady Montagu, were involved in organized child sexual abuse, with crimes perpetrated in Palace House on the Beaulieu estate and in the ruined Beaulieu Abbey, as well as in the surrounding New Forest. Lord Montagu was said to be "very important in the group"

"The Beaulieu Estate [owns] the exclusive Buckler's Hard yacht harbour, perfectly positioned almost opposite Cowes"

Dame Esther Rantzen hosted an 80th birthday party which was attended by Lord Edward Montagu's son Lord Ralph Montagu and daughter-in-law Lady Ailsa Montagu
Dame Esther said: 'I was thrilled to be able to celebrate my birthday [at Furzey Gardens in the New Forest] and introduce my friends to the fantastic work being done ...'"

The Beaulieu estate has been "... a magnet for a vast assortment of luminaries from Diana Dors to Michael Jackson and Liberace (the last two of whom made the pilgrimage there together) ..."

HRH The Duke of Kent "... turned up for last night's opening of the Hungary's Heritage exhibition at Somerset House ... Among the guests were ... Lord Rothschild ... Lord and Lady Montagu of Beaulieu ..."
London Evening Standard, October 26 2004

Tim Robinson "was stabbed several times in the face and chest as he and [his girlfriend] arrived at his flat ..."
Robinson's father, Ken "had worked as managing director of Lord Montagu's museum ..."

Lord and Lady Montagu's son, Jonathan, "[was] a childhood friend ... Lady Montagu, who celebrated with the family on the day of Tim's birth, a year after Jonathan was born, said that Mr Robinson had kept in close contact with his friends and family in Beaulieu where he grew up ... Lady Montagu said: 'I remember the day Timmy was born ...'"
The Times, February 1 2002

"[Gore Vidal's] half-sister and nephew, who were very close to Vidal, have revealed they strongly suspect he was a globe-trotting paedophile who preyed on underage boys"

"... his coterie of celebrity friends such as Princess Margaret"

"... Mackenzie Phillips alleged that at 19 she was raped by [her father John Phillips] and subsequently engaged in a 10-year [incestuous relationship]."

John Phillips and his third wife "[befriended] Princess Margaret while vacationing at her holiday home on Mustique"

Concern over pervert in palace
"[The News of the World] said Mr Eddie Houghton, 43, was sneaked into Kensington Palace by Princess Margaret's butler, Mr Harold Lodge.

"Mr Lodge got in touch with Mr Houghton, said to have convictions for abusing five children just a little younger than the royal princes, through a contact magazine."

"But [Bishop Peter Ball's] royal friendships were not confined to the Prince of Wales.
"He was on close terms with the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret, and was invited to preach at Sandringham."
Princess Alexandra

  • Jimmy Savile

Police cover up Savile's claims to be friends with Queen's cousin [Princess Alexandra]
Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles

  • Derek Laud

"The Tory lobbyist [Derek Laud] went on holiday to Italy with the Duchess of Cornwall last year.

"Derek, a former speechwriter for Margaret Thatcher, went riding in the Tuscan hills with the Duchess and Penny Mortimer - wife of Rumpole of the Bailey creator Sir John ...

"The vacation was without security guards or a Royal entourage. Instead the three pals and a local guide rode on backwoods trails in the beautiful Tuscan countryside, also a favourite with PM Tony Blair. They made overnight stays in small lodges but also spent several nights in a Poppiano castle as guests of a rich wine-making family.

"Camilla, Derek and Penny met through their shared interest in fox-hunting ...

"Camilla's friend said: 'They got on very well in Tuscany from what I have heard. A lot of good Italian food was eaten and red wine drunk ...

"'Camilla regards Derek and Penny as among her very best friends - which is why she went on holiday with them ...'"

"We have evidence that Derek Laud, close friend of Michael Brown MP, sodomised an underage boy at one children's home so savagely that the child received hospital treatment for a ruptured anus ..."

"[John Allen] also had a ready supply of boys to use in his burgeoning film business. Through a company owned by his niece in Copenhagen, paedophile material was transported to London for private showings in Dolphin Square and nearby in Winchester Street, Pimlico, where Derek Laud, Michael Brown MP's boyfriend, had set up home.

"... Laud is a consultant with Ludgate Communications ... In his public relations capacity he is a frequent visitor to Conservative Central Officer where he meets Alistair Cooke [Lord Lexden] ...

"Stephen Hasshim was only 13 when he was introduced to Laud. He was living in care at Greystones Heath children's home in Merseyside.

"Gary Cooke [aka Mark Grainger], an associate of [John Allen], who is now in prison for child abuse, brought Laud in on the recommendation of [Allen]. He gave him Stephen for the night.

"The child was repeatedly brutally buggered by Laud ... [The] next day Stephen Hasshim had to go to hospital and receive treatment for a ruptured anus. He never met Laud again, but has positively identified him and remembers his name."

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