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107 Rapists and pedophiles: The Royal family's circle
Princess Margaret

  • 3rd Baron Montagu of Beaulieu, Lord Edward Douglas-Scott-Montagu (see also his second wife, Fiona, Lady Montagu)
  • Gore Vidal
  • John Phillips
  • Eddie Houghton
  • Bishop Peter Ball [see above]

1. and 2.
Lord Edward Montagu of Beaulieu "was a friend and escort of the Queen's sister, Princess Margaret"

Edward Montagu and film director Kenneth Hume "took two boy scouts to a beach hut [on the Beaulieu estate] ... [The] boys claimed that they had been indecently assaulted and Montagu was charged by the police with both committing an unnatural offence and an indecent assault.

"At his trial Montagu was acquitted of committing an unnatural offence but the jury disagreed on the lesser charge ..."

The retrial never took place.

At some point in or after 1997, a client of the late Dr Joan Coleman told the psychiatrist that Lord Edward Montagu of Beaulieu and his second wife, Fiona Lady Montagu, were involved in organized child sexual abuse, with crimes perpetrated in Palace House on the Beaulieu estate and in the ruined Beaulieu Abbey, as well as in the surrounding New Forest. Lord Montagu was said to be "very important in the group"

"The Beaulieu Estate [owns] the exclusive Buckler's Hard yacht harbour, perfectly positioned almost opposite Cowes"

Dame Esther Rantzen hosted an 80th birthday party which was attended by Lord Edward Montagu's son Lord Ralph Montagu and daughter-in-law Lady Ailsa Montagu
Dame Esther said: 'I was thrilled to be able to celebrate my birthday [at Furzey Gardens in the New Forest] and introduce my friends to the fantastic work being done ...'"

The Beaulieu estate has been "... a magnet for a vast assortment of luminaries from Diana Dors to Michael Jackson and Liberace (the last two of whom made the pilgrimage there together) ..."

HRH The Duke of Kent "... turned up for last night's opening of the Hungary's Heritage exhibition at Somerset House ... Among the guests were ... Lord Rothschild ... Lord and Lady Montagu of Beaulieu ..."
London Evening Standard, October 26 2004

Tim Robinson "was stabbed several times in the face and chest as he and [his girlfriend] arrived at his flat ..."
Robinson's father, Ken "had worked as managing director of Lord Montagu's museum ..."

Lord and Lady Montagu's son, Jonathan, "[was] a childhood friend ... Lady Montagu, who celebrated with the family on the day of Tim's birth, a year after Jonathan was born, said that Mr Robinson had kept in close contact with his friends and family in Beaulieu where he grew up ... Lady Montagu said: 'I remember the day Timmy was born ...'"
The Times, February 1 2002

"[Gore Vidal's] half-sister and nephew, who were very close to Vidal, have revealed they strongly suspect he was a globe-trotting paedophile who preyed on underage boys"

"... his coterie of celebrity friends such as Princess Margaret"

"... Mackenzie Phillips alleged that at 19 she was raped by [her father John Phillips] and subsequently engaged in a 10-year [incestuous relationship]."

John Phillips and his third wife "[befriended] Princess Margaret while vacationing at her holiday home on Mustique"

Concern over pervert in palace
"[The News of the World] said Mr Eddie Houghton, 43, was sneaked into Kensington Palace by Princess Margaret's butler, Mr Harold Lodge.

"Mr Lodge got in touch with Mr Houghton, said to have convictions for abusing five children just a little younger than the royal princes, through a contact magazine."

"But [Bishop Peter Ball's] royal friendships were not confined to the Prince of Wales.
"He was on close terms with the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret, and was invited to preach at Sandringham."

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