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Synchronicity, Symbolism and Numerology
Synchronicity, symbolism, and the meaning of numbers -
Jung was no different to all the thinkers before him, here is a snippet from the link aforementioned.

Take the number four, for example. The Native Americans believe that there are four winds and four directions.
Along a similar line, the Ancient Greeks believed that there were four elements. In Christianity, four is the number of creation (i.e. on the fourth day of the week God finished creating the material universe).

As we can see, four has a very similar meaning across three completely different time periods and cultures.

What all nations had/have in common is the four seasons, first it was animal signs/also known as Totemism where the Native indians worshipped their local staple food source like Bison.

In the Hebrew religion there is also fours and sevens also in Masonic parlance,

A poem which explains the syncronisity of global parlance

Father of all in every age
In every climb adored
By Saint by Savage or by Sage
Ioa Bull or Lord.

All of these have one common denominator

Nature and her seasons.

Then the animal mythology was slowly replaced by human figures and the rest is the biblical mess we are all in today with thousands of different memes on the theme original.
Synchronicity music: A radical psychic technology -
Synchronicity has become a household word. It’s a perceptual filter that you can put on, like goggles, to change the way you see the world. A coincidence occasionally manifests as something beyond chance; a meaningful and mysterious collection of incidents. Textbook examples include getting a phone call from someone who you were just thinking of, or alternatively, learning a new word and then hearing it three times that same day....

You will find the same numbers and sequences throughout ancient texts and beliefs. The lists of sevens in Revelation have esoteric, not literal, meanings. The Bible is packed with such numerology, which the church has taken literally. 

Thirteen, or the ‘twelve and one’, has great esoteric significance under the laws of numerology and the vibrations they represent, and for other historical reasons, too. It means transformation, new birth, a new order. Hence you find Jesus and twelve disciples and the Grand Master Himmler and twelve other ‘knights’ in the Grand Council of the SS. It is the same knowledge, used with different intent. Osiris, the god of Egypt, had twelve followers according to legend, Buddha had twelve disciples, as did the Aztec god, Quetzalcoatl. There are the twelve knights of King Arthur’s Round Table, twelve sons of Jacob, twelve princes of Ishmael, twelve tribes of Israel, twelve signs of the zodiac. The Bilderberg Group Steering Committee has 39 members (13 + 13 + 13) and it chooses its locations on esoteric principles. 

It is the same with the global institutions. Geneva, the home of the League of Nations and many other Global Elite fronts, is regarded by the secret societies as one of the planet’s most important earth energy centres. The numbers 13 and 33 can be found in the symbols and logos of many of todays institutions and companies. 

Francis Bacon’s esoteric “code” number was 33 and it is used as code in the Shakespeare plays to indicate that Bacon was the real author. The 33 represents the degrees in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. On the Great Seal of the United States and its depiction on the dollar note, you find 13 steps on the pyramid, the 13 degrees of the Illuminati. The pyramid has 33 stones. On the Great Seal the bald eagle (the phoenix until 1841) has 13 feathers on each wing, 13 arrows in the right talon and an olive branch with 13 leaves in the left. In his beak he has a scroll with the 13 letters of “E Pluribus Unum” , out of many, one. Around this are 13 stars in the shape of the Star of David. There is also a shield with 13 stripes which represent the original 13 states. 

On the United Nations logo, the map of the world is arranged in 33 segments within 13 ears of corn, and the UN building is sited over one of the most sacred springs (energy points) to the Native Americans. 

The Proctor and Gamble logo is an old masonic symbol with a bearded man in a circle alongside 13 stars. The combined Xs in the Rockefeller oil giant, Exxon (Esso), is another symbol of the Scottish Rite. The symbolism is everywhere. The ‘thinking’ and the basic beliefs from Nazi Germany are only a public manifestation of what is still going on in the secret world of the Elite today as they worship the All-Seeing Eye –the Luciferic Consciousness of the Fourth Dimension.

Cosmic numerology -
Like the ancient Pythagoreans, astronomer Johannes Kepler (1571–1630) found numbers fascinating. Imbued with the same conviction of a natural order that drove Pythagoras (c. 580–500 B.C.) and his followers to search for an underlying numerical harmony, Kepler maintained that the physical universe was laid out according to a mathematical design that was simple and accessible to human intelligence.....
A Temple for the Worship of Man
2017 Costumes and Questions
Massive New Death Symbol in London
Christo/Christos/Christ; his first outdoor public installation in the UK takes the shape of a "Mastaba, a trapezoid shape" which originated in Mesopotamia 6,000 to 7,000 years ago.
Mastaba is the Arabic word for bench, a bench mark perhaps. Then we have the word Serpentine/Latin/Anguis=Snake = Water Serpent/Maritime.
The angle of the Mastaba wall is set at 60 degrees, the tip of the ice burg lurking beneath the wave of the District of Columbia/USA. Oil Drums or beating the drums of war to come is what I see here, all Masonic undertones as usual. And the top of the pyramid still remains unseen and yet all of the cardinal colours are to be witnessed here-in. Snake oil salesmen as ever.
The vortex that you mentioned was pushing Sam back was the prevailing wind across the water itself, which you were pedelling against and not getting very far without great effort.
The Trapezoid

Symbolism is the method by which symbols are distorted to represent the Archontic distortion, which includes the distorted square or ‘trapezoid’ . Former Satanist Mark Passio says the trapezoid is known as the ‘soul trap’. 

Satanists and the El-ite distort and invert symbols to represent the imbalance they seek to impose on human consciousness to reflect the Demiurgic inversion and distortion. Inverted pentagrams and crosses are obvious examples. 

The trapezoid shape can be seen on the dollar bill and the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States, with the bricks in the trapezoid pyramid representing the density within which human consciousness is held while the all-seeing eye looks on from the top. All distorted and inverted symbols represent the frequency of ignorance, perception entrapment and control. 

They can also be identified in the street-plan of Washington DC and they add to the distorted energy that engulfs the American capital and centre of (official) government. The conspiracy is entirely founded on the distortion and inversion of energy (consciousness) to reflect and impose the Archontic distortion and inversion.
Hi Steve I have presented Bible numerics on several occasions. They were first discovered by a Russian mathematician Ivan Panin. Many of the numbers you have presented have similar meanings.
1 is God, 2 is separation.
3 is the Godhead, also Jesus three days in the tomb, Jonah 3 days in the fish, just to name a couple. 4 is the the world 4 seasons.
5 is grace of God, 5 signs in Mark 16 verses 15 - 20, David chose 5 stones to go up against Goliath who was nine feet tall (a giant).
6 is man under sin created on the sixth day, 666 is the number of a man in Revelation, Latinus man or the Pope. Who by the way has 18 titles with the numeric value of 666, also by the way 18 is 3 × 6.
7 is the seal of God which is found all through the Hebrew and Greek writings of the Bible.
8 is new beginning there were 8 people on the Ark. Jesus name has a numeric value of 888. 9 is finality the first verse in Genesis reads In the beginning God 999. Created the heavens and the earth 999. Two age old questions answered there in finality.
12 is perfect government, 12 tribes, 12 disciples and jurors.
13 is rebellion the devils name is 13×13×13, so i am not surprised that his influence carries the same numeric value.
40 is testing or trial, 40 days 40 nights for the flood, both Jesus, Moses and Elijah fasted for 40 days, the Israelites we 40 years in the widerness.
153 is the Church or saftey, that is the symbolic number of of fish caught in the disciples net, yet the net was not broken.
The 12 tribes of Israel are not the 'Jews' they are made up of mostly the British, Celtic and Norse people known collectively as Ephraim. The 13th tribe is America or Manasseh who's 13 colonies rebelled against Britain. Ephraim and Manasseh are the sons of Joseph who were born in Eygpt, they were blessed by their grandfather Jacob.
Genesis Ch 48*17* And when Joseph saw that his father laid his right hand upon the head of Ephraim, it displeased him: and he held up his father's hand, to remove it from Ephraim's head unto Manasseh's head.
*18* And Joseph said unto his father, Not so, my father: for this is the firstborn; put thy right hand upon his head.
*[[Gen 48:19]] KJV* And his father refused, and said, I know it, my son, I know it: he also shall become a people, and he also shall be great (America): but truly his younger brother shall be greater than he, and his seed shall become a multitude of nations (Britain, Scandinavia and the commonwealth).
The Russian and Slavic people are Joseph's brother Esau (which means red and he was a hairy man)
The bear is their symbol and the colour red is on their flag, they are also known as Magog in the Bible. I am just adding this information to the thread, you may find it interesting and you may not. The Golden mean or the Fibonacci sequence shows Gods fingerprints in Creation, also the Great pyramid is built as an astrological and mathematical sign post of his plan.
PS. Gnosticism is Satan's first deception and it permeates all of his deceptions through out history to the present day. Just thought I would stir the pot.

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