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Labour MP Jess Phillips: "End Online Anonymity To Stop Rape Threats Against Women!"
Comment on Labour MP Jess Phillips: "End Online Anonymity To Stop Rape Threats Against Women!". Post away!
Of course sending threatening messages to anyone is totally wrong and there should be and are laws to deal with that. But 600 rape threats in one day does sound like it was something organised rather than 600 individuals. This should not, however, be used as an excuse to curtail the freedom of speech of the vast majority who do not send threatening messages to anyone.

As Richie said in his article the people they are really after are the whistleblowers and those who hold truth to power who they will do anything to silence, from trying to shut down Internet debate to trumped up charges often of a sexual nature being used against them. Julian Assange is a good example who has been treated absolutely appallingly by the British government. Here in Ireland there is a member of the Garda (Irish police) who has blown the whistle on the corruption in that organisation and now they are trying to pin having sex with minors on him. Funny how nothing was said about it before he blew the whistle.

The arrogance of those in powerful positions is becoming overwhelming, whether it's the British government, the Garda, the Clintons, the heads of the FBI or whoever because the media and the justice system are now so controlled that they know they can get away with it. How can we bring about change, that's the problem?

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