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Beasts and Strange Creatures
Podcast from June 26, 2018, with  Andrew McGrath, a London-based cryptozoology researcher on accounts of strange creatures in the British Isles …
Dogman encounter reported in Arkansas -

Ark. — A woman in Cleburne County says she saw a bipedal creature with a wolf head.

The 30-year-old dental worker, who provided a full name, contact information and specific location of the sighting but asked to remain anonymous, told Cryptozoology News she encountered the unusual being on June 15....

Dogman’s literal run-in with a truck -

Illustration Update: On July 2, this witness sent me a sketch by her artist son, Marc, and I’ve added it below. He did a great job, and her only notes on it were that it needed the “mane” around the neck and shoulders and also more varying lengths of fur. She said both his drawing and mine looked much like what she and her friend had seen. Here is what she described:

White monster from the fifth dimension -

One of the most fascinating aspects in the research of paranormal phenomena is how strange things can really get. Most perplexing is when different types of phenomena overlap. This is sometimes the case with the Bigfoot phenomenon .....
Terror of the Mississippi Tusked Ape -

Legends of giant, human-like creatures are surprisingly common in the United States. It was deep in the heart of the south, that one of the most unusual types of these creatures was first sighted: a tusked ape-man. The residual impact of that strange encounter still lingers in the Mississippi woods to this day ...
A list of mythical creatures -
Sasquatch declared 'official animal' of village in NY -
(07-08-2018, 11:45 AM)Steve Wrote: Sasquatch declared 'official animal' of village in NY -

There was a pamphlet produced, in the nineties I think, that was issued to Military Personnel regarding animals to be wary of when training and on missions. It was a regional creature list and it listed Bigfoot as a known creature in the area around the Appellation Mountains. It apparently cost $200k to produce so the thought process is that it was a serious production.
I will see if I can find the name of it......
Huge winged being observed in Prince Edward County, Ontario -

I was recently made aware of the following incident:
Two night fishermen have scary encounter with two individuals west of Edgar Springs -

Summer, 16 July 2013. MissouriPulaski County

Wisconsin driver sees Bigfoot -

HAYWARD, Wis. — A motorist in Sawyer County says she saw a biped she believes could be a Bigfoot.

Three times Bigfoot chased humans -

Depictions of Bigfoot in pop culture vary greatly: from mindless aggressor to gentle giant. But what are real Bigfoot like in the wild? While many encounters are simple observations or sightings, a rare few experienced close interactions with these creatures. Some witnesses were even chased. These stories could provide some insight to the creatures’ motivations. Whether these three tales are of narrow escapes or instances of cross-species miscommunication, their harrowing nature can’t be denied ....
Podcast from July 12, 2018. This time Australian bigfoot researcher Tony Healy is on the trail of “Yowie”… »

Does science benefit from the search for Sasquatch? 

Last week, we published a two-part profile on UC Berkeley grad and anthropologist Grover Krantz, known to many as the original “Bigfoot scientist.” (You can find the first part of the profile here and the second half here.) Today, we examine the question of whether mythological creatures like Bigfoot are worthy of scientific analysis. The answers we discovered might surprise you....

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