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Marks & Spencer and Jimmy Savile: a sordid Zionist partnership
Marks & Spencer and Jimmy Savile: a sordid Zionist partnership
When we think of Leeds and that city's prominent Zionist business community, Jimmy Savile's is not the only name that comes to mind. Leeds has also been home turf for the founders of Marks & Spencer, many of their descendants, and other executives who came into the orbit of Marks & Spencer's dynastic families through marriage or employment. As well as Leeds, there is a second location that connects Jimmy Savile with the dynasties of Marks & Spencer: Baker Street in London (as we shall see later in this article).

In the late 1950s and early 1960s Jimmy Savile could stand at the entrance of the Leeds dance hall he then managed (the Mecca Locarno) and "look straight down Cross Arcade to Queen Victoria Street and the very first branch of Marks & Spencer".

Michael Marks, who had co-founded Marks & Spencer in 1884, was a refugee from Russian Poland who'd arrived in Leeds in 1882. Michael and his wife Hannah had five children, including four daughters and a son, SIMON MARKS: their first born child (1888).

When Michael Marks died in 1907, it was to Simon that he left the 'penny bazaars' which became the seed of the giant retail chain we know today.

Simon Marks became Marks & Spencer's chairman in 1916 and is credited with introducing ST MICHAEL, the iconic famous label which M&S owned and used from c. 1928 to 2000. Ostensibly the label was Simon Marks' tribute to his late father and a nod to the family's Jewish identity, St Michael being popularly regarded as the patron saint of Israel.


In Jewish literature Michael the Archangel rules over the world on behalf of the God of Israel. Michael the Archangel is the nation of Israel's 'high priest' and its vigorous protector. Some describe him as its 'warrior-liberator'. Following an epic battle, Michael the Archangel ultimately will cleanse the nation of Israel from the impure, and liberate it from its enemies and oppressors. This epic battle has been represented as Michael the Archangel/St Michael jousting with Samael/Satan (the archangel who fell from grace) or a dragon-like serpent. As 'high priest', Michael the Archangel also performs sacrifices for the nation of Israel's transgressions.

Quote:"Thus, [Marks & Spencer] could, in a sense, claim to be under the protection of the Archangel Michael, and the superstitious might pause to consider the decline in the company's fortunes since it abandoned this relationship".

According to Dr Ann Rippin, the mythology created by Marks & Spencer's Zionist establishment implies that the company's success, and indeed their success as senior executives subscribing to an ultra-Zionist interpretation of the Jewish faith, has been by "divine ordination"(!)

While still at school Simon Marks met his future business partner, a fellow Zionist named ISRAEL MOSES SIEFF. Simon Marks had four sisters as previously noted. Israel Sieff married one of Simon's sisters - Rebecca, a Zionist who in 1920 would co-found the Women's International Zionist Organisation and help to run it for decades. Rebecca Sieff (otherwise known as Mrs I. M. Sieff) would also proceed to involvement with the TAVISTOCK CLINIC: initially as a Member of the Council (1934-1944) then as Vice-President (1945-1947)Simon Marks, for his part, married Israel's sister, Miriam! In this way a business partnership was elevated into a full union of two Zionist families soon to be at the helm of Marks & Spencer.

Israel Sieff went on to become the chairman of M&S (1964-1967) and subsequently company president. He became honorary president of the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland, and Chairman of the British section of the World Jewish Congress.

Apparently imbued with a sense of himself and fellow Zionists as divinely 'chosen', Israel Sieff liked to imply that he was descended "from the line of a man so great that he communed with the divine", and that "righteousness, piety and wisdom [were] in his bloodline..."(!)

Israel Sieff had a younger brother, JOSEPH 'TEDDY' SIEFF, who succeeded his older sibling as M&S chairman, serving in that role 1967-1972. Teddy Sieff thereafter became the company president (until 1979) and finally its honorary president.

Like faith in Marks & SpencerTeddy Sieff shared with his elder brother, Israel, a whole-hearted devotion to the Zionist political cause. Indeed Teddy Sieff was vice-persident of the same campaigning organisation of which his elder brother was honorary president: namely, the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and IrelandTeddy Sieff survived the attempt of an anti-Zionist gunman to assassinate him in 1973 or 1974.

Quote:"[Simon Marks and Israel Sieff] played a major role in early Zionism. In a virtual coup they ousted the anti-Zionist stalwarts of the British Jews' Board of Deputies. Acolytes of Chaim Weizman [the future first president of Israel], they set up the Palestine Office in London, which propelled the passage of the 1917 Balfour Declaration (statement of British support for a Jewish state)."

Another of Simon Marks' four sisters - Miriam - married Zionist leader HARRY SACHER, who became a director of Marks & Spencer in 1932. During the 1920s Harry Sacher had worked as a barrister in Palestine and been a member of the Zionist Executive in Jerusalem. Following his return to England in 1929 and joining Marks & Spencer, Mr Sacher's Zionist campaigning only intensified. Indeed, Harry Sacher, became - just like Simon Marks and Israel Sieff - a very close friend and adviser to Chaim Weizmann.

Particularly revealing are Harry Sacher's comments at a November 1942 meeting of the Jewish Agency Executive in London. In respect of the Arab Palestinians living on the land wanted for Zionists, Sacher reportedly stated that "he was prepared to proceed on the basis of compulsory transfer of - say - half a million people".

Harry Sacher sent his son, Michael M. Sacher, to St Paul's School in Barnes, from 1930. This is the same notorious school that subsequently educated, until c. 1940, future serial paedophile Clement Freud (as well as Clement's close friend and contemporary Nicholas Parsons in the same time period); and, from 1942, the future serial paedophile Greville Janner. 

Israel Sieff's second son, LORD MARCUS SIEFF, was another leading figure in UK Zionism.

Lord Marcus Sieff was chairman of Marks & Spencer from 1972-1984 and was appointed honorary life president in 1985 upon his retirement. Marcus Sieff was close to a large number of Zionist leaders, including Golda Meir, Shimon Peres, Henry Kissinger, and NSPCC vice-president and convicted criminal Gerald Ronson.

With the support of Marcus Sieff, Ronson founded The Group Relations Educational Trust in 1978: this was the forerunner of the Community Security Trust (CST) which Ronson went on to create in 1994. The late serial paedophile Greville Janner was on the CST's Advisory Board.

Quote:Marcus Sieff reportedly once said that "one of the fundamental objectives of M&S is to aid the economic development of Israel".

It may be significant that, during the 1960s, Jimmy Savile assaulted children as young as 12 at a hotel called The Mascot just off Baker Street - Baker Street being the location of Michael House - Mark's & Spencer's head office until 2004.

Simon Marks reportedly discovered future Marks & Spencer senior executive RICHARD GREENBURY when Greenbury was working as a departmental manager at the company's flagship Marble Arch store, a 5-minute walk from Michael House.

Marks made Richard Greenbury his protégé and transferred him to head office as a trainee merchandiser (presumably this was in the late 1950s or early 1960s, while Jimmy Savile was still managing the Mecca Locarno in Leeds). Simon Marks "died at his desk in 1964, after 48 years at the helm, but Greenbury's progress continued under the Sieffs, first Israel, Mark's brother-in-law, then Israel's son Marcus, who became chairman in 1972".

Quote:(Sir) Richard Greenbury said of himself and Derek Rayner who preceded him as chairman of Marks & Spencer: "Derek and I were brought up by the family. They took us under their wing and developed us. And although we were not family, we were the nearest thing". Incidentally, Derek Rayner, Baron Rayner, who was the first M&S chief executive to come from outside of the family, was also a director of the shady 'Sabrewatch' security firm [see below].
Jimmy Savile was closely associated both with LADY GABRIELLE GREENBURY, née McManus, and (we must presume) also with Gabrielle's Zionist late husband, SIR RICHARD GREENBURY, who became the chairman and chief executive of Marks & Spencer in 1991.
Gabrielle and Richard married in 1985 and separated in 1995.
"Sir Richard was born in Carlisle in 1936, living in Leeds for six years before the family moved to West London [Sir Richard's father had been born in Leeds]." Likewise, Jimmy Savile was born and lived in Leeds.

Sir Richard Greenbury served as Chairman of the Board of Governors (from 1995/96), and subsequently, Emeritus Governor of the OXFORD CENTRE FOR HEBREW AND JEWISH STUDIESIn addition, the State of Israel reportedly presented Richard Greenbury with a Jubilee Award, "the highest tribute ever awarded by the State of Israel", in October 1998. The award was said to recognise "those individuals and organizations that, through their investments and trade relationships, have done the most to strengthen the Israeli economy". (During the same period, Marks & Spencer reportedly was hosting meetings of the British Israel Chamber of Commerce at its Michael House head office on London's Baker Street. BARRY MORRIS, the then chairman of the British Israel Chamber of Commerce, was simultaneously sitting on the Board of Directors of Marks & Spencer. How cosy!). 

No surprise, then, that Zionist henchman, Jimmy Savile, selected Richard's wife Gabrielle to be a trustee of The Jimmy Savile Stoke Mandeville Hospital Trust.
Gabrielle's fellow trustee at the JSSM Hospital Trust was Luke Lucas, Savile's trusted sidekick. It seems the BBC's Zionist 'entertainer' trusted Gabrielle and Luke Lucas implicitly. In addition to serving as trustees of Savile's JSSM Hospital Trust, Gabrielle and 'Savile sidekick' Lucas were also operating side-by-side as fellow directors of Sabrewatch Limited, a shady firm providing security for Marks & Spencer among others. (Gabrielle and Luke Lucas also appear to have been personal friends with one another, as well as with Savile, given that the Savile-supporting duo applied for membership of a sporting organisation, the Alpine Club, at the very same time.)

Gabrielle Greenbury was a director of Sabrewatch Limited from 1999-2005. Prior to Lady Greenbury, Marks & Spencer executive DEREK RAYNER, BARON RAYNER, whom we met earlier, was a director of Sabrewatch from 1993-1998. Meanwhile, a notable employee of Sabrewatch in the 1990s was the elder brother of Jimmy Savile's famous friend, Frank Bruno: namely, MICHAEL BRUNO. Michael has since passed away, we are told; his early death ascribed to pancreatic cancer. We can observe that the 'human links' between Jimmy Savile, Marks & Spencer and Sabrewatch Limited have been very significant indeed.

(The effect of trauma on Frank Bruno's brain - physical trauma or psychological trauma - is possibly what made the sportsman suitable for his 'mind-controlled' role as a close friend of the late Jimmy Savile. In light of the fact that Michael Bruno was employed by M&S contractor Sabrewatch which remains owned by Jimmy Savile's right-hand man Luke Lucas, we can only assume that Frank's elder brother was also a controlled part of the set up.)
So it appears that Gabrielle Greenbury performed a key function in Savile's Zionist network, either in her own right and/or as a proxy for her husband, the Zionist titan of industry and political influence Sir Richard Greenbury who was busy running Marks & Spencer when he wasn't supporting "Hebrew and Jewish Studies" in Oxford or being recognised by Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu.
While Gabrielle was working alongside Savile's senior deputy, Luke Lucas, and indeed helping Lucas to administer Savile's JSSM Hospital Trust, she was also working closely with Zionist kingpin SIR HARRY SOLOMON. 
Gabrielle and Solomon served together as directors of Princedale: a "shop display and plastics company" that was Solomon’s "vehicle". Gabrielle joined the Princedale board in 1994 and remained on it until 2001. Note: Sir Harry Solomon sits at the heart of the Zionist Establishment. As well as being a patron of Norwood, a 'Jewish children's charity' that Savile supported, Solomon is co-founder and Vice Chairman of the Portland Trust, an apparent Mossad front operation masquerading as a charity, which is heavily backed by the Blairs and former Mossad chief EFRAIN HALEVY. Mr Halevy is a 'Fellow' of the Portland Trust – and he gave its first annual lecture.

Before ending this segment on the Greenburys, let's briefly turn our attention to their son, Adam R. Greenbury.

Adam Greenbury served as a non-executive director of NM Rothschild & Sons Limited from 2003-2004, then for NM Rothschild Banking Limited from 2004 until it was dissolved, then for Rothshild & Co Continuation Finance from 2008-2015.

Besides Adam Greenbury, other non-executive directors at NM Rothschild & Sons have included:

Amschel Rothschild - who took his own life or was murdered

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild (The Economist Group, Telegraph Media, and Index on Censorship/Writers & Scholars Educational Trust)

Sir Oliver Letwin (Letwin was a special adviser to alleged Paedophile Information Exchange member Keith Joseph. Letwin worked alongside Lord Victor Rothschild while in Thatcher's policy unit. Letwin's chief of staff was Robert Halfon MP, who then became Political Director of Conservative Friends of Israel)

Lord Norman Lamont (Norman Lamont, former chair of Le Cercle and Bilderberg attendee, dated Rebecca Wallersteiner, the daughter of Robert Maxwell's business partner. In Parliament, Lamont's PPS's included William Hague - associated with covering up the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal - suspected Elm Guest House paedophile Jocelyn Cadbury, and possibly Peter Wanless. Wanless is chief executive officer of the NSPCC and a close colleague of Childline's Dame Esther Rantzen. Wanless was previously PPS to the alleged paedophile MP Michael Portillo) 

The above names are very unfortunate ones with which to be associated; they reflect very badly on Adam Greenbury.

Let’s summarise.

The Greenburys were the millionaire Marks & Spencer 'power couple' with long connections to the Zionist/M&S establishment (and even Mossad) in the form of Sir Harry Solomon and Solomon's associates.

Savile was tied in to this network through Lady Gabrielle Greenbury and possibly also her late husband.
What light can Gabrielle Greenbury – and her friends at the Sabrewatch security firm, including Savile sidekick Luke Lucas – shed on Jimmy Savile's links to the Zionist elite?


JOHN LUSHER was another former Marks & Spencer director with whom Savile was well acquainted. In May 1992 John Lusher was made the Chair Elect of the Stoke Mandeville Hospital NHS Trust


The following year, 1993, Jimmy Savile was involved in a new scheme to recognise the achievements of managers in all sectors of the economy and public sector (including senior nurses). The 'Exceptional Leadership Awards' scheme was launched by then NHS chief executive, SIR DUNCAN NICHOL. Savile's involvement in the scheme involved assisting "a panel of senior managers from industry": including panel members from Marks & Spencer, Thomas Cook, Virgin Atlantic Airways, McDonalds and British Telecom.

When will we finally discover the full extent and nature of Jimmy Savile's links to the Zionist former leaders of Marks & Spencer?
M&S archive opened by intelligence chief

"A FORMER head of MI5 has officially opened the Marks & Spencer company archive's new Yorkshire home."

"Dame Stella was recruited by M & S soon after she left the security services in 1997 even though her experience of commercial life was extremely limited."

Now includes information about Adam R. Greenbury, son of Lady Gabrielle and the late Sir Richard Greenbury.

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